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This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

The episode starts at the party, the Luthra family are surprised to see Sherlin coming to the party and they ask her to sit, Shrishti asks Preeta why their mother is so caring towards Sherlin. Preeta says that she is a mother and must have not been able to bear the quarrel and fight going on, they all look after sherlin, Rishab asks her why she came, she says that she has an important work to take care of, Preeta tries to questions her more, she yells at her that she got hurt because of her, Karina asks her what she meant by that, sherlin says that she is certain that Preeta hurt on her intentionally so that she will be able to do impress the family, sherlin goes to use the restroom and leaves refusing anyone’s help.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Manisha hugs Sherlin and praise her for coming to her engagement even in this condition, they all share a happy moment, and Sherlin leaves for the washroom, Manisha tells Rishab that he has a beautiful wife. Rishab says that she is still his finance, not his wife, Manisha agrees with him.

Sherlin tells Prithvi that Preeta has seen her pregnancy report, he is angry and blames her for the mistake, she says that it is because he did not pick her call, she says that Preeta will tell Rishab then they both will be thrown out of their lives, prithvi becomes really sacred. Preeta looks worried.

Karan comes and asks her if Sherlin came back from the washroom, she says that she has not come, he asks what is the reason for her worries, she says that she is only worried because of him, she says that she must think of how to take back her ring from Manisha, she gets really annoyed from his talk and he is continuously teasing her by saying that her engagement with Prithvi is now broken, she does not give any importance to anything that he is saying, he requests her to let him give her a ring, he takes out a box.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta thinks of a good idea, she makes him go away. He leaves, she thinks of what she will do now because she is not able to find the reports of Sherlin and also will have to take the ring back from Manisha, she looks nervous. Sherlin tells to Prithvi that she also has something else to tell him, she says that the hospital people have sent her reports to the Luthra mansion, he again asks her what she said, he then thank god and says that it means that the reports have not reached the mansion.

She asks him how sure he is, he says that it is because if the reports had reached the mansion then they would not be here, and that the Luthra’s would have never welcomed her the way they did. She says that she is not sure because Preeta knows that she is pregnant and what will they do, he says that nothing will happen, requesting her to think positive even though they are doing something that is not acceptable however she must think that everything will be in their favor.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

Preeta passes by Manisha. She tells Manisha she has no ill feelings for Manisha anymore, she is now engaged to Karan and Karan is her dear friend. She hugs Manisha warmly. Manisha asks Preeta what’s going on in her mind, there must surely be something going on. She asks if Preeta wants to steal her ring. Preeta asks how she come to know… then says she might be middle class but she isn’t a thief. Is there something Karan said to her?

Manisha says Karan doesn’t need to tell him what’s going on between them, it’s visible. She says taking off one’s engagement ring breaks the engagement itself. Preeta recalls Karan also said the same. Shrishti hear this conversation and comes to warn Manisha and says she won’t spare her if she doesn’t stop insulting her sister. Preeta holds Shrishti back.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Shrishti tells Manisha once in their older city there was a girl who tried to talk back at Preeta, she pulled her hair and that girl still wears a fake hair wig. They leave. Manisha comes to Sarla and tells her to put warn Shrishti. Sarla was sure Manisha must have said something to Preeta. Manisha says mother and daughter are alike. Sarla accepts that her daughters are like her. Manisha asks Sarla to control Shrishti and turns to leave.

Sarla holds her back and tells Manisha to control herself in front of Preeta, Shrishti must not have done what she deterred Manisha for. It’s the last time they have spared Manisha. When Sarla has left, Manisha was irritated. Sherlin called the courier and tells Prithvi her reports have already been delivered at Luthra house.

Manisha comes there to ask them if this engagement drama is over. They turn to see Ritwik enter the party. The three are tensed why he came over and what if they get caught. Rishab and Karan come to greet Ritwik. Sherlin says this is what she wanted to tell them that day, there is something cooking between Ritwik and Karan as she spotted them together.

Manisha is surprised. Mahesh stops a waiter and gives him the report of Sherlin instead of his balance receipt. The waiter leaves the reports on table. Shrishti brings Preeta near the table with the report to speak to her. She tells Preeta to concentrate on Sherlin and find her report. Preeta tells Sherlin there is a reason she spoke nicely to Manisha. She was trying to take off Manisha’s engagement ring. Shrishti was at once dubious over Preeta’s intentions. Preeta tells Shrishti Manisha is wearing her engagement ring.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan took it from her hand and gave it to Manisha. Shrishti cheers that this means Prithvi is now engaged to Manisha, and Karan is engaged to Preeta. Preeta doesn’t agree with her idea.

Rishab brings Ritwik on stage and says there has been an addition of two members in their Luthra family. Karan takes the mike, he says he has been engaged today. He brings Manisha to stage and says he got the freedom to love Manisha today. Manisha nods curtly. Rishab says even he got a new relation in business life, he introduces Ritwik as his new business partner.

Ritwik doesn’t meet Manisha’s staring looks. Karan introduces Ritwik to Manisha. Rishab announces that Ritwik would handle their new hotel venture. Ritwik takes his turn to the stage and says that this deal is the biggest achievement of his life, he had never dreamed of a partnership with Luthra’s. This deal would bring the best opportunity for him and his family. Prithvi comes to the room and behaves hysterically as everything had finished. Sherlin comes to console him.

Prithvi tells Sherlin that it was very difficult for him to arrange all of this and to make Manisha gets engaged with Karan, but now Rithwik has joined the Luthra’s and everything that he worked for is coming back to him, first it was her pregnancy reports and now Rithwik, he will be destroyed, Sherlin is thinking that her Baby is for the first time acting like he has lost and if he goes like this then they will fail.

Preeta is walking and her dupatta gets stuck in the door she feels that it is Karan and starts calling him without even looking that it is not him, he comes and makes her realize that it is not him, he asks her to say sorry but she say that she will not say it as it is not her fault, they start to argue, he says that when Rishab was announcing Rithwik then

Manisha and Prithvi were both shocked, she request him to stop, she is about to leave, he stops her and says that she is not even engaged with Prithvi anymore they are having fight, Shrishti sees them both arguing and comes to stop them, she asks them to stop this Argument and asks if they have seen Manisha, she then says that Rishab sent her to look for Manisha and asks Karan to take care of Preeta as she is going to look for Manisha.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update - Zee World

Preeta asks Karan what Shrishti meant, he says that her sister is more clever then her, he says that she must keep an eye on Prithvi, she says that she will not look into it and he must not judge Prithvi like this, she leaves. Karan says that Preeta does not trust him even when he wants to keep her safe.

Rithwik is confused, Manisha is looking thoroughly around the room, he asks her what she is doing she says that she is looking for cameras, she inquires him about when he cracked the deal with Rishab and when this happened, she starts to yell, he holds her mouth just then Rakhi comes in and sees them together.

Sherlin makes Prithvi feel confident by saying that he must not lose hope, he says that there is nothing left and the plan is failed, she says that it will be, when they give up otherwise everything is fine, he gets up and hugs her saying that she made him feel confident and is the reason for his success.

Preeta is walking and thinking of what Karan said, she then says that she will not go and check because she trust Prithvi, coming back she decides to have a peek just to prove that Karan is not always right about everyone.

Karan asks for a drink Rishab comes saying that after a long time he feels that everything will be alright, Karan asks him what he has to do to break an engagement, Rishab is shocked, and ask him to talk in a low tone, he says that he was talking of Preeta and Prithvi, Rishab asks what the matter is and he says that he feels the no one is made for her, Rishab asks if he looks closely then he will find someone who is suitable for her, he says that he is the one who is emerged with Preeta.

Rishab asks him what he did, he says that he made Manisha wear the ring which Prithvi gave to Preeta, Rishab is very shocked to hear this, Karan asks him to come and he will tell him while they are walking.

This is Fate 20 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Rithwik tries to explain to Rakhi that nothing is going on, he says that Manisha was coughing and had something stuck in her throat so he came and tried to help her, he asks Manisha to back her up on it, Rakhi says that she gave him the title which suits him and he is going on the right track and must keep following it, she will leave because she has to look for Karan.

Rakhi is walking in the Hallway and thinking that she knows what is going on between the both of them and they are playing a game with Manisha and Rithwik because they all know that they’re against the Luthras and no matter what happens they will win the game.

Manisha says to Rithwik that Rakhi feels that they both have some sort of chemistry, He is constantly denying everything and says that Prithvi has nothing compared to the Luthras and if they want to get rich then they will have to join hands with them in order to grow.

Preeta is walking towards the room, Prithvi thanks Sherlin for putting some sense into him, he says that now they will make everyone pay, he says that he fears the Manisha will leave them and go back to Rithwik, Preeta is walking and steps in the hall thinking that if she trusts Prithvi then why is she secretly looking for him, she remembers what Karan said and moves forward.

Prithvi says that he will make everyone pay and the first thing they have to look for to is to find her Pregnancy reports, Preeta moves closer toward the room, Pritvhi hugs Sherlin and sees someone standing beside the door, he pushes Sherlin on the bed, Preeta is surprised to see Sherlin and Prithvi together.

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