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This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update - Zee World

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta tries to explain to Rakhi that this is all just a plan and Karan will not marry Manisha, they say that what will happen if she really agree and then he leaves, Rishab and Karan try to reassure her, Preeta is standing worried Karan asks her the reason, she says that she also feels worried that what will happen if he does not marry any girl and leaves Manisha, the society will think that he is the culprit and the one to blame, he also gets worried and then standing says that what happens if no other girl will marry him then he has her and will marry her.

She gets tensed and he starts to laugh, she says that she knew that he is just kidding and will not marry her, she leaves when he pulls her, asking what will she do, she says that she will slap him if he does something like this, he says that he is ready and will any punishment that she gives, she pretends that she will slap him but leaves saying that she has to go somewhere important and leaves.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Karina also agrees that she is satisfied with the plan, and what more can they want that Karan be released, Rakhi and everyone else is relieved, she asks Mahesh to call their decorator wo is coming for the Ganapati.

Sherlin asks Prithvi to be calm ,he says that how can he remain calm and if she does not agree then the police will interrogate and will reach them which will result in their capture, she asks him to talk with Manisha with and polite manner and she is sure that she will agree, HE says that he will not talk.

Manisha comes out and asks If he has another phone, Prithvi says that he will call him when he lands, he then tries tro convince her saying that he has no more money to give to anyone and so she must agree, she says that she will do what he says but only because she wants to save her boyfriend and that he must do all that he can to save her.

Shrishti asks Dadi to turn the TV as she wants to hear the news, Sarla asks her to com e and help, Dadi says that she feels that there is something wrong with this plan, Sarla also agrees with this, Preeta thinks of what he said, Shrishti says that she really wants to hurt Manisha so bad and will do what no one has ever thought, Manisha comes and is hearing what she says, she says that she will talk now, Shrishti also makes fun of her, she says that she wants to marry Karan and will become his wife, when she leaves Preeta says that this will be their win.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

In the Luthra mansion their bring Ganapati and call the decorator, their bring him and he says that he will make it a lot better and decorate it, they show him the place, Rishab asks Karan to o and get read as he has to leave.
Prithvi is waiting when Manisha comes, he ask where she was and she says that she went to Preeta house as she is doing what he wants her to do and nothing should happen to her boyfriend, Prithvi says that they will win and nothing will come between their plan.

Karan is with the host and the sponsors who all greet him warmly, the reporter is a thief and thanks Karan for granting him the pass, he gets ready, Karan inaugurates the exhibition and they all enter.
The reporters what Manisha said, he says that he is still waiting and they start to ask him questions and the host say that they must not get personal, he says that he has invited them all to his Roka and they can come, he moves forward.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

The thief moves and beats any guard that come s in the way, he gets to the diamond, checking foe the security he comes to know of the lasers and also overcomes them all without any hurdle, he moves forward.

Karan is surprised to hear of the diamond and says that he must see it without any delay, he even asks them to delay the photo-shoot, they agree and move towards the diamond, the thief is trying to lift the diamond but sees the alarm, he very carefully lifts it, Karan and everyone head there, he throws the ribbon and just as they all enter he makes it out with the Diamond, they start to shout but he escapes and the guards are also not able to do anything, when he reaches the Parking lot he changes and moves away from the compound, he throws the diamond in Karan car and then go to pretend as if he just came there.

Karan falls for it and asks them to release him. He asks if Karan can take him to the hospital, he agrees and they reach the hospital, he takes the diamond from his car.

Preeta reaches after that Rakhi asks where Shrishti is, she replies she is coming, Karan comes and gives all that he was told to the decorator, He asks what Preeta is wondering why Manisha came and sad that’s eh wil marry Karan, Rakhi prays for his wellbeing.

The thief goes to his boss and hands then the diamond but it is a fake one and he is about to be killed but makes out with some time.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Sameer with the news of the Diamond being Stolen, Shrishti comes and scares him, she starts to give an argument with him, he says that Karan was the chief guest, she then gets angry and when they are arguing, Rakhi watch this and comes in making fun of both of them that they will get married and will be the perfect Husband and Wife, Rakhi sees the diamond and wonders that she really wants it, The decorator comes and says that he is done and that she must pay him now, she agrees.

Shrishti is trying to look at Ganapati when Preeta stops her and starts to scold her, Rakhi comes and Shrishti asks her why Preeta is not letting her see Ganapati, she says that he is just like their own and that she feels that everything that she has is because of them both because they took their sons out from the Jail, she hugs them when Sherlin sees this and gets jealous.

The celebrations begin and everyone want to open the cover, they welcome their guests and the chief guest comes and opens the cover revealing the Ganapati, they all pray, then the celebrations begin everyone is praising the Ganapati, Dadi is looking for her crush and looking for their chief guest, Rakhi stops her but she doesn’t listen, Mahesh comes and she says that she wants to see him, their mother starts to tell them both of her love stories but they do not listen, she says that she wants to go on a date with jeeto and she will ask Rishab, Mahesh leaves in a hurry but after that Dadi says that she is his mother and knows what he feels.

Karan is answering media questions when Rishab comes to take him for an event forward and that they can keep their questions in their bag.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Sameer answers the reporters’ questions, he sees the diamond on the top and wonders that he will tell Karan about it, he stops Shrishti and says that he feels that the diamond is the real one, she does not listen to him and start to make fun, he wonders what he can do to make her realize.

The dacoit are waiting when the thief comes he says that they will kill him if he does not bring the diamond, he says that it is with Karan but they do not listen and say that they have got the order, he beats the both of them and plans to show Karan after what he did to him.

Kabir and Zara come to the house and look for Karan, they see the reporters and from among the Karan comes and they both start tio have a chat, Preeta sees them and comes to greet them, they are happy to see Zara take care of Kabir, Preeta says that she is happy to see how Zara and Kabir have both fallen in love.

Preeta and Karan start to have an argument about who was wrong, Zara says that they both got married after their fights just like this and if they continue it then they will also get married.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan and Preeta are in the room, he picks his clothes saying that she will help but he starts to make fun, he asks for his shirt, she gets angry and throws a pillow, he holds his head saying that he is her favorite and she will do nothing that will harm him, he hits her and says that when the heads of two people hit their friendship ends and she does not want to lose him, he asks what he means to her, as she has done a lot more for him then his own family and what name will she give to their relation.

Manisha is walking when the reporters go and ask question, Rishab greets her and she wonders that she has come to destroy both of them, Shrishti calls Rakhi and asks her to go and greet Manisha, she supports her and they talk, Shrishti says that she wants to know what she is doing here and that she really wants Manisha to be behind bears, she says that she wants to do the same with Karan.

The thief comes to the Luthra mansion where the reporters go away for some reason, a Pandit comes asking for the directions, the thief thinks that it is the best time to steal the diamond, he takes him away making excuses.

Manisha was confused and asks why would Karan marry her, she liked Preeta for Karan as well. Shrishti curtly thinks against Manisha.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta and Karan hear them talk. Karan insists on Preeta to stay back with him, he won’t meet Manisha alone. Preeta hides behind the door. Karan greets Manisha politely and says he is happy she agreed to marry him. Manisha was straightforward, and says she is sure Preeta has forced him to propose her.

Karan holds Manisha’s hand and convince that he wish to spend his whole life with her, he doesn’t believe a girl can love him so much and let him be so intimate with her. Then even in the court he claimed her love for him. Manisha was worried that Karan has turned into a trouble for her, Prithvi promised that he won’t let Karan marry her but Karan seems really serious.

Karan was smiling towards Preeta victoriously, Manisha was conscious and turns to look behind but Karan hugs Manisha tightly. He expresses her love again, and tells her to wait for him downstairs. Manisha leaves the room tensed.

In the room, Preeta jumps from behind the door and hugs Karan tightly. She was cheerful of their victorious plan. Karan was lost and tells Preeta he just sensed something different when she hugged him. He wish she hugs him again. Kritika watch them close to each other and comes in teasing both. She asks what they have done to Manisha, she walked outside like a Zombie.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Karan and Preeta explain how they got her trapped in their plan. Preeta finds a way to go and look for Shrishti. Karan sends Kritika outside as well.

Shrishti and Manisha hit each other and fell down in the hall. They begin an argument when Shrishti disgraces her. There, the robber breaks into the house and spots the diamond over the crown of Bappa. He analyzes there isn’t any security around, he can easily steal the diamond like he did from the museum before. Rakhi comes there and gives him a plate to take into the kitchen.

There, Rakhi comes to Manisha and asks her to call her parents here. They have no time and have to arrange the marriage. She sends Manisha to guest room where she must call her parents and invite them to function. Rakhi and Kareena share a victorious smile finding Manisha nervous.

Giresh brings Manisha to a room. Manisha bolts the room and was tensed how she can stay in this house till Roka. She decides to call Prithvi. She tells Prithvi that Luthra house is suffocating. Karan is few steps ahead of them, she knows he is lying and she is still helpless. She panics and clarifies to Prithvi that she can’t marry Karan. She was suspicious that Preeta and Karan surely have something going on between them.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Prithvi was offensive and sure that his Preeta’s level is really high, she can’t be involved with Karan at any cost. He promises to be there with Sherlin, they can boost her confidence till Roka event. After the call, Rakhi’s words of a hurried marriage still echo Manisha’s ears.

Rishab greets AJ. Guddan comes to point out that Rishab is late, and AJ isn’t quite normal and has to be punctual. Guddan goes inside for darshan. Rishab and AJ walk inside. Kalyani also comes in and greets Rakhi. Rakhi complements that Kalyani looks exactly like Madhuri. She introduces Kalyani to Shrishti. Shrishti was excited to meet her and asks about Madhuri. Rakhi explains Madhuri is no more in the world, Kalyani now lives with Anupriya.

Kalyani clarifies she is only her guardian. Shrishti tries to convince Kalyani that she must give some space to Anupriya. Shrishti takes Anupriya.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

He requests Preeta not to tell the Pandit ji, he may otherwise lose his job. Preeta agrees
In the room, Rishab, Karan and Sameer were together. Rishab takes promise from everyone to be cautious.

Preeta walks towards the hall, still feeling strange about the Pandit. She thinks Pandit’s are true to their principles. She wonders if this man was the real Pandit or not. She decides keeping an eye over him.

In the kitchen, the robber decides to finish his task as soon as possible. She spots the robber walking hastily towards the hall and follows him. He turns around cautiously but Preeta hides herself behind the curtains. She was sure he isn’t the right man, and appears to be over conscious. As the robber walks ahead, she continue following him but gets a call from Prithvi.

Prithvi requests to meet Preeta urgently, he called home but it seems she wasn’t here. Preeta says they are at Luthra house. Prithvi asks if Rakhi is angry with him, because Rakhi didn’t invite him this time. He really wish to be there. He asks if he can come there. Preeta says ok. Prithvi hurriedly cuts the call and says he would soon be there.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta was tensed about Karan’s reaction, she is no one to invite him here and even Prithvi would question her about Manisha and Karan’s plan. Prithvi plans with Sherlin to reach Luthra house. Rakhi apologizes Preeta for not being able to invite Prithvi because of Manisha’s case, its good she invited him. Preeta thinks it was the same day last year when she met Abhi and Pragya. Shrishti comes to share the same thoughts with Preeta. Both dream about Abhi and Pragya’s dance with each other.

Shrishti finds herself alone in the corridor. She says she wish to see how someone is affected by Jamal Gota. She takes the medicine and mix a few drops in the Prasad of Manisha. Karina comes from behind and asks Shrishti if she was speaking to herself. Shrishti explains herself to Karina. Karina says she likes Preeta a lot for helping and saving her sons, but doesn’t care for Shrishti. She notices the Prasad there and takes the plate. Sameer comes from behind and with a Boo he saves her from eating the Prasad. When Karina has left, Shrishti says it was for Manisha with Jamal Gota. Both cheer about the idea. Shrishti hits Sameer, they feel awkward. Sameer stops her complementing that she looks beautiful.

The Pandit held a smoke bomb and decides to burn it, and when there is smoke all around the house he can get hold of the diamond.This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update - Zee World

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

The robbers get into their jeep and check the bullets. There was police check post ahead. The lead robber was determined to handle the situation. An inspector comes to inquire them but they race the car and flee. The police follow them.

Shrishti was excited that Sameer complemented her. She wish she could give the Prasad of Jamal Gota to Manisha. It would have been easier to keep an eye on her that way. She was enjoying the situation when Sherlin appears from the front.

Sherlin says she knows Shrishti must be thinking something wrong about her. Shrishti calls her a witch and warns she won’t spare her another time if she tries and hurts Preeta again. Shrishti just brought Janki’s wheel chair from the front. Sherlin was tensed and turns around to meet Rakhi.

Dadi comes to Karina asking about Akshay and his parents. Karina says they won’t come, there is an event in their family as well. Dadi was tensed and shares with Karina about her worries for Karan. Karina assures Dadi that Karan will never marry Karan, they only need to disclose Manisha’s reality.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

Dadi suggests about inviting her friends and then treat Manisha as a servant in front of them. Karina was sure Manisha won’t be trapped. Sherlin heard the conversation and wonders when they learnt such games. Manisha comes from front, Dadi tightly hugs Manisha. Manisha was upset and says she is suffocating. Sherlin decides to tell the plan to Prithvi. When alone, Manisha wonders why Prithvi never makes her contact to Ritik. Only Ritik cares for her.

Rishab and Karan were discussing about someone. Preeta comes between and says she only looks innocent by face, else she is a shrewd cat. Karan and Rishab were confused, Karan asks if aunty is cunning? They point they were talking about Sarla. Preeta says it’s acceptable that Karan was crazy, when did Rishab join the gang. Rishab was speechless. Preeta walks away.

Prithvi arrive at the Luthra house. Manisha stares at him angrily and tries to approach him. Prithvi goes to another side where he come across Karan and Rishab. Karan and Rishab recall Prithvi’s accusations over them, they were disgusted. Prithvi tries to reconcile. Rishab was inflexible. Prithvi explains he is a genuine well-wisher of both of them. They have a fight with each other.

Preeta comes there and explains she invited Prithvi. She takes Prithvi for Darshan. 4Prithvi hits the thief Samar who drops his aarti thaal. Prithvi shouts at him for a while, but soon gets apologetic. Sarla comes to take Preeta aside. Prithvi requests Sarla to forgive him, Preeta and her family has become his life and he can’t consider living without them anymore. He gets to Sarla’s feet. Sarla takes Preeta with her. Prithvi smirks.

Prithvi comes to Manisha and says it’s because of her that he came here. He had to bear a lot of disgrace for being an uninvited guest here. Samar, the thief hear their conversation and wonders what’s this game. Prithvi promises Manisha that she will not marry Karan. Manisha deters not to do the Roka until she speaks to Ritik. Prithvi was equally irked with Manisha.

Samar was about to lit the smoke bomb. Prithvi comes behind and asks him where he would use this bomb? He is the first Pandit who wish to celebrate Diwali on Ganesh Utsav.

This is Fate 30 April 2019 Update – Zee World

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