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This Is Fate 6 May 2019 Update – Zee World

This Is Fate 6 May 2019 Update - Zee World

This Is Fate 6 May 2019 Update: The episode starts with Manisha telling then that her parents cannot attend the engagement because they reside abroad, Karina stands up and asks Manisha “are you scared, please don’t be scared because we are like a family to you” the family also ask Manisha if she wants to go home and she replies that she does not want to go. This Is Fate 6 May 2019 Update

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In the car Rakhi asks Karina what she has done with Manisha because Manisha trusts her so much, Karina says that she has not done anything, but soon she will do something and they will be shocked. Few minutes later, the car stops, they all look for a solution, Rakhi comes down. Prithvi notices their car is faulty and asks if they would like to come with him in his car. The Luthra’s entered Prithvi’s car, Prithvi wonders why he allowed them into his car because they will treat him like a driver. This Is Fate 6 May 2019 Update

Dadi says that it is Rakhi’s birthday and they are inviting him(prithvi). Karina says that she thinks that he doesn’t wants to come but he says that prithvi says that he wants to and if he does not go then Manisha will be left alone.

This Is Fate 6 May 2019 Update

Sarla is very worried, Dadi asks why is she so stressed, Sarla says that she knows that Rishab and Karan are in a very bad position, she also knows that her daughter will do everything that she can to protect them both but she is afraid, Sarla says that she must come with her to the doctor as they have to take care of Janki, Bi Jee asks Sarla about Rishab, she asks why is she talking of him, Bi jee says that she will tell her when she is sure herself and leaves.

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