This Is Fate

This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

Sherlin calls Prithvi, he puts the call on hold, Manisha is yelling at him, he picks up her calls, she says that she thinks that she is not so important in his life anymore and who is he talking with, Manisha says that she is very worried because she cannot do anything and has been humiliated. This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

Manisha and Sherlin are both yelling after that he gets confused and he says what he has to Sherlin with Manisha, they both yell at him and says what he is saying, he says that he said all of that by mistake but they both argue with him, they ask him to come and solve their problem’s he thinks that both of them are like cats always fighting and that they are not like Preeta who is always worrying about everyone. This Is Fate 7 May 2019

Shrishti is looking for Manisha, Preeta comes and asks her what the matter is she says that she is not able to find Manisha, and she spots her coming and then instructs her to get it work.

Rakhi’s friend is admiring Preeta, Rakhi comes and introduces Rishab and Karan come and they both start to talk with them all, they ask them if Preeta is about to become their daughter in law but they decline and then make them meet with Manisha and Sherlin, Karina says a lot of bad things regarding Preeta which Karan and Rishab do not like at all. Sherlin is coming when she slips and a waiter save her, Karan starts to laugh.

This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

Rakhi introduces Preeta to her friend after that she leaves, Shrishti thinks of a plan to humiliate Manisha and Sameer also notices this he follows but she stays that he must leave, Sameer picks her up and sees that she has a plan and will make her fill with white paint, Sameer also likes it and then they both go to execute it.

Shrishti thinks of what her Dadi said that she thinks them both are interested, Sameer sees this and asks her to come with him for hiding.

They both rejoin the party, they start to look for Manisha, Shrishti asks him to spot Manisha, and he asks if she likes Prithvi, she says that he has nothing worth admiring and that they both must concentrate on Manisha. Prithvi comes and Karan says that he has come to eat free food, Prithvi comes and says that he has listened to what he said, Karan says that he said this to make him jealousy.

This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

He asks Rishab if he feels the same, they both start to make fun of him and then he says that he has a gift for Rakhi, he ask the person to bring it in, Karan asks if it Is coming on a big trailer, Rishab says that t maybe coming om an animal pulled cart, they start to joke, Rakhi comes and he gives her a xeroyphone saying that she can listen to old music on it with family, she also likes the idea.

Preeta thinks that it is a plan worth executing. She decides that she will organize a contest between families at the event and so this will make Manisha fall into her trap.

Manisha is walking towards the Kitchen, Sameer follows her and when she enters the kitchen, he and Shrishti hide beside the kitchen, she says that she will get mad and he must take her from this house, she thinks that she will get mad if she stay away from her boyfriend.

This Is Fate 7 May 2019 Tuesday Update

Shrishti says that he must pull the string otherwise Manisha will get away but Sameer says that this will not be the case and that he made a mistake to help her, Shrishti gets mad and says that he is an idiot and always does things that make him look like fool, they start top fight, Shrishti gets loud and is about to go ahead at which point Sameer stops her by holding her mouth with his hands.

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