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This Is Fate June 5th 2019 Update On Zee World Series

This Is Fate June 5th 2019 Update On Zee World Series

This is Fate 5 June 2019 Update – Zee World 

Today’s episode starts with Preeta running out of the Luthra’s house and crying, Karan comes and playfully tease her asking her why she is crying, she says that Karina hurt her feelings, he tells her that she looks ugly when she cries, so she should wipe her tears.

Preeta smiles and says that she knows that she is good, he says that she is not bad but she’s a little bad girl because she annoys him and always fights with him, he should be given money to be friends with her, she says that he is still joking when she is crying, he says that they are friends and he can tease her, she say that she does not want to talk with him and he must leave, she says that she will leave because they are standing in front of his house, he says that he is only teasing her to make her happy and not leave their house, she understands and realizing his motive, she cries again saying that Katrina is right and whenever she comes near their family they get into trouble.

This Is Fate June 5th 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Karan says that she must take it as that Karina was just angry and has said bad things but she is good and cares for everyone, he says that she is trying to make Rishab come out of jail and so this means that she is blessed and not bad for them, she says that she now feels relieved as before thought that she was the one behind all the mess in the lives of the Luthras.

He says that she cares so much for them and loves them even after Karina said a lot of bad things to her, meaning that she wants good for them and that is why she is still standing with him, he thanks for being there for them in such hard times, Preeta hugs him and after a while realize that it is not good and gets away.

This is Fate 5 June 2019 Update - Zee World

This is Fate June 5th 2019 Update

Karan says that they must go downstairs as they will otherwise catch a cold, he tries to pull her but stops and start to stare in each other eyes, he leaves her hand moving forward.

Preeta is left standing not realizing the events, she is still nervous and moves away. Manisha is looking at Rithwik photo and thinks of all the plans that they both made for their future.

She thinks of what Rishab said regarding the mastermind and also what Preeta said to her, she questions her decision of going against Rishab and then thinks of Prithvi, she decides to question the murderer and then she will come to a conclusion.

Prithvi says that he is the real killer but Billa will never say anything, which will mean that he will never get caught because it is impossible to catch him, Sherlin asks him to remain alert, he says that she must not stop him for celebrating, he says that he has only enemies, he has killed Rithwik and Janki has lost her memory meaning that he has no worries.

This is Fate June 5th 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Janki is sleeping on her bed she remembers some past event and starts to scream, Sarla and Bi jee come and are worried about what happened, Janki sits up saying that they will kill them, Sarla says that they will not let anything happen to her she says that they came and Prithvi was also with them.

Both of them make her go back to bed and leave her room, when they walk outside, Sarla asks Bi Jee what the matter is, she says that Janki said that someone was trying to kill her and Prithvi was also with them.

Sarla says that she must not worry and it was just a bad dream. Bi jee says that she is sure that Janki is saying the truth, also has a hunch that there is something which they are missing.

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Janki thinks the reason she saw Prithvi in her dream and she was scared while he was laughing, she thinks that Dreams do not come like this and there is something which she knows that no one else knows, she decides to look into his personal life.

Mahesh asks his lawyer to come quickly, Preeta brings tea and ask Dadi to have it but she says that she does not want to, Preeta tries to force her, Rakhi stops her, she sits with her and says that she must remember that they have to fight this situation and come out of it, she says that if Rishab knows that they are not eating then he will also get worried.

Dadi seeing this asks her to come and says that she will do it for Rishab and so decides to have the breakfast.

Karan comes and meets the lawyer, he apologizes for being late saying that he was studying Rishab’s file to make the case strong, they all say that Rishab is innocent.

This is Fate June 5th 2019 Update on Zee World

Kara gets angry demanding that he must bring Rishab home after winning the case, Rakhi also says that she only wants him to bring back his son and win the case.

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