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This Week On Mehek: Shaurya falls in love with Mehek

Shaurya falls in love with Mehek

Shaurya falls in love with Mehek

Your Favorite Zee World Series “Mehek” has a beautiful episode where Shaurya begs Mehek to sleep in his house.

In the upcoming episodes, Shaurya hugs mehek tightly and tells her how much he loves her and asked her to spend a night at his house but she nods her head and he asked her if it was a yes or no?

Then she said she didn’t take permission from her family before coming to his place, he said he has a plan and calls kanta and tells her that mehek is not feeling fine that she will stay over in his house, kanta asked mehek if she’s ok with it then mehek said yes.

Zee World: Shaurya falls in love with Mehek

Shaurya told mehek to come sleep next to him on the bed but mehek shyly looks away and sits on the couch, shaurya jokingly told her that she should come sleep next to him that he won’t have s*x with her (he laughs).

Mehek throws a pillow at him they had a pillow fight and mehek fell in his arms he caress her hair they share an eyelock shaurya pushes her down to the bed but she shyly gives a distance in the bed but shaurya ask her to come closer and she did so they became too close that they could feel each others breath.

Wow! interesting right? so beautiful, Mehek and Shaurya’s love blossoms.

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