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This Week On The Heir 10th – 16th June 2019 & Thriller

This Week On The Heir 10th - 16th June 2019 & Thriller

This Week On The Heir 10th – 16th June 2019 & Thriller

Another Hot and Exciting series from popukar Zee World comes this June. Its going to be interesting and exciting for #ZeeWorld lovers.

The first episode begins with a man asking Charan is he giving them lecture by entering their fields. Charan looks at his rival’s son. Lala ji’s son stop Charan in his fields. Amba gets tensed. Harjeet says you came wrong way Charan, if you came, you should have not got caught this way. Charan says you don’t take ahead, we decided we will celebrate Baisakhi together.

Harjeet says the matter has gone ahead now. Charan stops and looks on. Harjeet says I get peace seeing fear on Pavaniya’s face, I get fun in fighting with your brother, not you, you could not make your wife give birth to a son, what to talk about manhood to you. Amba says real man is the one who stops the fight and initiates friendly talks. Harjeet says your wife is proud of your manhood, what do you do with her. Charan gets angry and holds his neck.

The men catch Charan, Amba and their daughters. Amba says leave them. Harjeet beats Charan. Charan says you are very weak to attack on children. Harjeet says you mean you are strong, from today you can’t show your manhood to anyone. He asks Amba to make her husband wear her jewelry and also dupatta. Amba refuses and cries. Harjeet asks Amba to do this fast, else …. She cries and asks them to leave her daughters. Read Complete Update of The Heir 10 June 2019

Monday 10 June 2019 – Episode 2
Harjeet, an enemy of the Pawanias, sets the Pawania fields on fire. This sets anger in Jagan, leading to a fight between the Bajwas and the Pawanias. Charan ends up paying a hefty price for his brother’s sins.

Tuesday 11 June 2019 – Episode 3
While fighting to keep her husband’s legacy, Amba goes into labour. It is announced to the village that she has given birth to a boy.

Wednesday 12 June 2019 – Episode 4
Jagan questions the gender of the baby. He sets out to expose Amba in her actions.

Thursday 13 June 2019 – Episode 5
Jagan is sure that Amba gave birth to a girl and he is set on finding out the truth. Amba tries to escape but her mother-in-law keeps a close eye on her.

Zee World: This Week On The Heir 10th – 16th June 2019 & Thriller

Friday 14 June 2019 – Episode 6
Amba is extremely nervous about the reveal of the leader, her secret will be out. Jagan is convinced that Amba’s brother is helping her to deceive the family.

Saturday 15 June 2019 – Episode 7
Mannu is presented to the village as the new head. Deema finds out that Amba has been feeding Mannu goats milk instead of nursing him. Deema then gets a wet nurse to feed Mannu. Jagan and Raavi take extreme measures to get rid of Mannu.

Sunday 16 June 2019 – Episode 8
Jagan disagrees with the way Amba leads the village. Her thoughtful ways do not match up to his sinister expectations.

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