Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update - Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya walking past each other and feels their presence. Dhadak song plays…They turn to look back, but couldn’t see each other because a hospital staff is standing on their way. She comes to Operation Theatre and sees Kiara through the window glass. Sunny calls her and tells that it was his mistake that he didn’t take care of her.

Pragya says it is not your mistake, and thinks that if she had gone to pick her then this wouldn’t have happen. Sunny tells Pragya that Abhi went to pray for Kiara and take his help. Pragya recalls telling Abhi that God will help him when others don’t help him. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will go to hospital. Aaliya stops her and asks why she is going?

Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update

Tanu says Abhi and Pragya can meet. Aaliya says they might be doing the paper work as she is his daughter. She says if Kiara is safe then we are safe and says we have to wait for a miracle. She says I am sure nothing will happen to her. She asks her to think positive. Tanu is about to call Abhi to ask about Kiara.

Aaliya takes the mobile from her hand and says Abhi will ask you how did you know about Kiara. She asks her to sit quietly and play game in mobile.
Abhi prays to God in the temple and says someone said that you help those who are in much need, and asks how she can bear surgery and treatment as she is young.

Abhi prays to God to save Kiara and give him happiness, Pragya pleads to God. Pragya thinks she did a mistake by hiding the truth, it will be a sin if she hides from him more and thinks he is a good father, and she shall tell him. She is about to keep her hand on his shoulder, but just then they hear announcement asking Abhi to come to meet Doctor. Abhi comes there.

Doctor tells him that his daughter is a fighter and the operation is successful. She tells that Kiara has a major blood loss and tells that she needs 3 units blood. Abhi says I will bring and then realizes that even his blood is B positive. Doctor says good. Abhi goes to give blood. Pragya asks Doctor what happened? Doctor tells that Abhi went to give blood. Pragya cries.

Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update

Disha asks Pragya if Kiara is Abhi and her daughter and says she knows about this, and was waiting for her to tell. She asks until when she will hide from all, and asks her to tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter. She asks why your heart have become a stone and says when I can see his love for her then why can’t you see.

She asks why you don’t want to give him happiness, and says their facial similarities and behavior are same and now even blood is the proof. She says when Kiara grows up and questions you, then she will think you wrong and go away from you.

She says let your family unite and asks her not to hide from Abhi. She says if Abhi comes to know about this from someone else then. Pragya says she is helpless and asks her not to tell. Disha asks her not to hide from Abhi. Pragya goes to meet Kiara.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s room and asks her to come out of bathroom. She says miracle didn’t happen and thinks Disha went to hospital. She calls Disha and asks where are you? Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update

Disha says I have no time to listen to your nonsense. Tanu asks why are you giving me attitude, I know you think Kiara will unite Abhi and Pragya but this is not going to happen because of her accident. Disha asks how did you know about her accident? Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update

Tanu says my friend called me and told that Abhi took a girl to a hospital. Disha asks what do you mean that Kiara will unite Abhi and Pragya? Tanu says we know that Kiara is their daughter. Disha says so you know.

Tanu says but they will not unite. Disha says their daughter will unite them and says she is in pain right now, but her pain will go when she comes to know that her superman is her own father. She says Abhi went to give blood to Kiara and tells that very soon he will come to know that he gave his blood to his own blood.

Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update

Aaliya comes out and asks what happened? Tanu says even Disha knows about it. Aaliya says if Abhi had known then he would have called Dadi. Tanu asks Aaliya to call him and tell that she died or meet with an accident. Aaliya says if he returns then also he will go back, seeing you fine. Tanu says she will do something and goes out of room.

Pragya is at Kiara’s side. Kiara gains consciousness and feels pain. She asks about Superman, Dada and Sunny. Pragya says Superman went to do your work and Dada is out of Delhi, and Sunny is with his mummy. Nurse comes and gives her medicine. Pragya asks when will the blood transfusion will start. Nurse says in sometime. Kiara asks her to meet her Superman and says he is my superhero. Twist of Fate 12 May 2019 Update

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