Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Disha calls Pragya and asks if she knows about Abhi, and asks where he is? Pragya asks if everything is fine? Disha says I thought he came there. Pragya asks did you tell him about Kiara? Disha says I didn’t tell him anything. Pragya thanks her and asks her to call her when he returns. Pragya says okay.

Purab tells Granny that Abhi’s phone is switched off. Tanu tells Granny that you have sent Abhi to meet Kiara. She says we have no relation with her! Purab says you know better. Aaliya thinks nobody should know the truth about Kiara. Disha comes and says Abhi is not at Pragya’s home. Aaliya thanks God. Tanu says I will not leave anyone, if something happens to Abhi! Dasi asks her not to show off as if She’s more concerned for Abhi than them! Tanu blames Pragya for the happenings and calls her inauspicious! Dasi asks her not to utter any word!

Mitali thinks she can expose them right away, but will take full advantage of the secret and kick them out of the house! Purab gets a call and he’ shocked.

Disha asks whose call it was? Purab tells that he seeks the Police help to search for Abhi and now, he is found in a drunkard state. He says the Police called someone from the family. Disha says we should go there and check. She thinks nothing can happen to him when he’s going to get his life’s biggest happiness!

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Pragya also calls Abhi and thinks he is careless by not charging his phone! She then worries thinking if something has happened to him, and thinks he might have gone home. She calls Disha.

Purab, Disha, Tanu and Aaliya sit in the car to go to the Police Station. Pragya calls Disha. Disha tells her that they are going to the Station, as the Police found an unconscious Man and called us for identification. Tanu asks Disha to tell Pragya that this is happening because of her! She takes the call and warns Pragya. She says you don’t know what I will do to you! Purab says enough! Aaliya takes the call and says we will talk later. Pragya comes to Kiara and tells that she is going to search for her Papa.

Aaliya says you guys are unbelievable to be fighting each other, and says who might that Man be, if he isn’t Abhi or if he’s truly the one! She asks Disha why she picked the call! Disha says Pragya has more right on Abhi, than Tanu. Tanu gets angry. Aaliya asks her to calm down and asks Purab to drive fast. Tanu asks Disha what she was saying, that Abhi will get his life’s biggest happiness? Tanu says whenever you lie, you are not confident.

Disha says she thought Abhi will be happy as Kiara got happy. Disha sees Aaliya crying and gives her tissue papers. Tanu thinks she won’t let Disha and Aaliya become friends as Aaliya is her strength! Disha also cries and thinks Abhi must be fine, as his family has to unite!

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Pragya searches for Abhi and thinks he must be worried about Kiara. She thinks where to search for him? Purab, Disha and others come to the Police station and ask about Abhi? The Constable says he doesn’t know why people drink do much, and one more has died. They look at the dead body tensedly. A Man comes and asks them to move! He removes the cloth from his face and says Ballu, my brother!

Purab, Disha, Aaliya and Tanu are relieved. Aaliya scolds the Inspector for not knowing Abhi. The Inspector tells Purab that he tried calling him to inform him about it. Purab says its okay. Tanu thinks where is Abhi?

Abhi is walking on the road while Naina song plays… She thinks nothing should happen to him, he should know about Kiara and me. She thinks of Kiara telling her that Superman’s blood is in her now! Abhi is drinking and walking on the road.

Pragya sees Abhi walking on the road and stops her car. She comes to him. Abhi says Pragya? Pragya says yes and asks why you drink when you can’t handle it! Abhi says you have only one question, but I have many questions! He asks her to answer his own why, and he will answer her many questions! He says you have my happiness with you. Pragya says you are not in your senses and asks him to come home! She makes him sit in her car and takes him to her house.

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Abhi talks to her about Kiara. Pragya thinks if he comes to know about Kiara and thinks it’s not possible as Disha hasn’t told him about it. She asks him to stand there till she makes the guest room ready. She goes to the guest room and sees King’s Aunt sleeping there. King’s Aunt wakes up and thinks if someone came here?

Pragya comes to Abhi and makes him get up. King’s Aunt comes out of her room and thinks there is nobody here. She switches off the lights and goes to bed. Pragya brings Abhi to her room with teary eyes. She closes the door. She takes him to Kiara. Abhi hugs her and then Pragya. He sleeps hugging Kiara. Pragya cries. Abhi thodi baqi… song plays… Pragya cries badly and gets up. Abhi pulls her hand. She rests on him and cries. Flowers from the vase falls down. Pragya cries.

King’s Aunt knocks on the door calling Pragya and asks if everything is fine? Pragya covers Abhi with the blanket. King’s Aunt asks if everything is fine? Pragya says yes. King’s Aunt says she heard some noise and asks if Kiara is fine? Pragya says Kiara was crying. King’s Aunt asks her to call her if Kiara wakes up. Pragya asks her not to worry and says she is sleeping already. She closes the door and sits there and cries.

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Tanu tells Aaliya where Abhi must have gone to and tells about the probabilities. Aaliya asks her not to talk bad. Tanu says Pragya must have taken Abhi to her house! Aaliya says why will she do this? Tanu says to take revenge and tells that she couldn’t bear it when Abhi was with me on her first night with him, and she must have taken revenge now! Aaliya says Pragya is not like that and she would have informed us first. Tanu says you are thinking more good of her and says if pragya does what she is thinking, then she will kill her! Aaliya asks her not to make such plans as they had to kill John because of that!

Pragya sleeps beside Abhi. She recalls Abhi asking her to choose between his hands. Pragya chooses one. Abhi says they will have a daughter and tells about Dadi’s blessings. Pragya says is your name is written on it? Abhi says yes, because the daughter will be like me, with face, behaviour, attitude, and so on. She says we will all sleep on the same bed and will do breakfast together. Pragya asks him to go to school with her. Abhi says what will she call me? Pragya says Mungeri Lal (A fantasy) and says there is no chance of a daughter.

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019

Abhi says let’s do chance pe dance (What it basically implies is that, whenever you get a chance in life, grab it, because you never know where it might take you). Fb ends. Pragya says your dream is fulfilled, your daughter is like you, I know I am doing the wrong thing, but we have this moment, we are on the same bed.

Tanu and Aaliya comes to King’s house. Tanu rings the bell and then knocks on the door. King’s Aunt opens the door and asks them why did she hit the door like that and asks if they want to break the door! Tanu insults her and says this house is of Mr. King and asks her to move from her way! King’s Aunt stops her from getting inside. Aaliya asks her to tell Abhi that they came to pick him up. Tanu asks her to ask Pragya!

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019 Update – Zee World

King’s Aunt says he is not here. Aaliya politely asks her to check for once. King’s Aunt says when I went to Pragya’s room, I saw only Pragya and Kiara there. Tanu says we will see with our eyes and says I came to take Abhi and we will take him with us! She pushes King’s Aunt and goes inside.

Tanu knocks on the door. Pragya is sleeping with Abhi and Kiara. Pragya opens the door. Tanu asks where is Abhi! King’s Aunt says I told them, but they didn’t listen. Pragya says he is inside. Aaliya says I am disgusted by you, I didn’t believe when Tanu told me that Abhi might be here. They see Abhi sleeping with Kiara.

Twist of Fate 14 May 2019

Tanu tries to wake Abhi up and tells that she won’t let him get trapped by Pragya! She scolds Pragya and asks her if she wants to mentally torture her and took revenge! She says she is Abhi’s wife and will her husband and family in front of her. She says I will enter your life next time and settle the scores!

Pragya says she has the answer to all her questions. She tells that Disha called her and told her about Abhi. She tells that she left her phone at home and brought him to her own house thinking they are all outside in search of him.

Tanu asks King’s Aunt to keep an eye on Pragya and stop her from coming to meet her family! King’s Aunt thinks why is Tanu upset? If she knows about their affair? Aaliya and Tanu lift Abhi and takes him from there.

Twist of Fate 13 May 2019 Update – Zee World

King’s Aunt tells Pragya that she was insulted by that Woman because of her! Pragya cries and hugs Kiara.

King’s Aunt thinks this girl has crossed all limits and thinks she should have thought of King’s respect at least! She thinks to call King and inform him. She says I have to make King believe this when he comes home! He thinks tomorrow is Tarun’s Sangeet (a pre-wedding celebration) and thinks King will break off the alliance hearing about Pragya’s affair!

Disha is worried about Abhi. Purab comes home and tells that Abhi is not with his friends. Disha says then where is he! Purab says if he came to know about Kiara and drinking in a bar? Disha says this shouldn’t happen or else, he will think wrongly of Pragya. Twist of Fate 14 May 2019

Aaliya and Tanu brings him home. Purab asks Tanu to let him take Abhi to hid room. Tanu says she will manage! Aaliya asks her to let him take him. Aaliya and Purab takes Abhi to his room. Tanu tells Disha that Abhi was in Pragya’s room. She then scolds Disha and tells that Pragya was fooling them and then asked you about him? She blames Pragya for giving him some medicine!

Disha says maybe she found him after I talked to him. Tanu says Pragya wants to take revenge. Disha says Pragya can’t think of this ever. Tanu threatens Disha and tells that she won’t go far away from Abhi! She asks her to ask Pragya! Twist of Fate 14 May 2019

Purab asks Disha to end the matter! Tanu tells Aaliya that she will ask Pragya herself! Aaliya says we should hope that Abhi gains consciousness in the morning.

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