Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 4th June 2019 Update Between King and Aaliya

Twist of Fate 4th June 2019 Update Between King and Aaliya

Twist of Fate 4th June 2019 begins with King appearing so sad as he thinks about Aaliyah and Abhi’s words to him. On the other hand, Dadi is so happy and says that she has two Bahus now which is Abhi and Tarun. Dasi says there are two saas too which is Pragya and Neha. Purab says that everyone is happy to see Pragya back. Abhi says forever.

Aaliyah looks on. Dadi asks Pragya if she is fine. Pragya says yes. Abhi says I was with her. King looks at them and is angry that he wasn’t aware of about Pragya’s relation with Abhi before. Dadi is about to fall. Everyone held her. Disha says lets go home and gets our clothes changed, we will take nice pictures. Pragya and Abhi looks at each other with love in their eyes.

Zee World Series: Twist of Fate 4th June 2019

Disha and Purab tease them. Dadi asks them to come home and talk. King silently excuses himself without Pragya noticing him. Aaliya goes to him and tells him that she noticed seeing him looking sad. King says I know you have come to sprinkle salt on my wounds.

Aaliya says she came to console him, like he did. She says I told you to talk to Pragya, but you scolded me. Aaliya says you should show this anger to Pragya and not me. She should have told you that she is married to Abhi and says there is a big thing, she might want both options, if she couldn’t get Abhi then King will be there for you.
She says I am sorry to say this, you have anger on pragya and may be hatred. King says there is only love for now. He tells that Pragya is not right, and gets angry.

He controls his anger and tells her that he had planned to propose to Pragya after Neha and Tarun’s marriage, and shows the mangalsutra. He tells that few mins back, he was loving her and now having hatred for her, infact with the whole world. Aaliya thinks you shall hate Pragya as your hatred will stop her from marrying Abhi. She thinks I don’t want her to marry Bhai again and ruin my life.

Twist of Fate 4th June 2019 Update Between King and Aaliya

Pragya is in Abhi’s room and wears his kurta. She smiles. Song plays tenu hai yeh chunya…Abhi comes to her and teases her for hugging his kurta. Pragya asks if he don’t feel shame. Abhi says why shall I feel shame and says if I tell everyone then you will be embarrassed. He says if you don’t want this then give me a hug. Pragya says no. Abhi says I am planning for Kiara and tells that he don’t mind if their other daughter will be like her.

Pragya says Kiara is like me same to same. Abhi says she is like me. He asks her not to fly high else he will take out his kurta. She asks what are you doing. Pragya slips. Abhi holds her….Sanam Re plays…..Abhi says I stopped you from falling many times, but today I have saved myself. He says if you had refused then I would have fallen for forever. He asks her to be with him for forever and says they will start afresh. He says I will take my kurta back and…..Pragya smiles. She then thinks of King.

King comes home devastated and takes out Pragya’s photo frame and throws on ground. He cries and throws her pics recalling their moments. Halla song plays…..He sits down on the ground and tears Pragya’s pic. He thinks how to forgive you, you have changed my love into hatred. Twist of Fate 4th June 2019 Update

Abhi says I was talking about us, and you brought King between us. Pragya says I was his manager since many years and he has taken care of Kiara and me. Abhi says we will send him thank you card. He says I understand your feelings but. Pragya says he has taken care of us and gave name to Kiara. Abhi thinks of King’s challenge that he will marry Pragya.

Pragya tells him that she will go there and tell him, and then return soon. She asks him not to worry. Abhi says I am not worried, but remembered something. He says I will also come with you as I think you can’t convinced him. Pragya says if I make him understand then he will agree. We were good friends. Abhi asks do you know that he likes her. Pragya says you are getting jealous and tells that he thinks of her talks as irritating and annoying. Abhi says even I used to think same first and then I fell in love with you. Pragya says you are complicating the things between two friends.
Abhi says I have a condition and asks her to choose his clothes after marriage.

Pragya says ok and asks him to tell everything to Tanu as well. Abhi says done. Pragya says I will come soon. King lights the match sticks and puts on Pragya’s pic. He says why did you come in my life when you had to return, and why did you teach me love? Tanu telling Aaliya that Abhi sticks to his promise and will not go against his promise, and tells that he had promised my mum that he will marry me. Abhi comes there. Aaliya goes.

Tanu asks him not to talk about Pragya. Abhi says I have to talk about Pragya only as she said. Tanu asks who is she to order you and refuses to talk about her. Abhi says I want to remarry her again. Tanu says I would have digested about your affair, but can’t about marriage. Abhi says you know that I always love Pragya.

Tanu says I was with you since 7 years and you had only said that you don’t want to hear Pragya’s wife. Abhi says you are over reacting. Tanu says I am your wife and asks why she shall not act. Abhi says Pragya is my first and last wife and asks her not to call her second

Pragya tells King that they shall go as she is marrying Abhi. King thinks of hitting Pragya’s head on the wall and asks can I correct your pallu. He takes out pin from the drawer. Pragya sits on the table. King says I will not let you go.
Tanu tells Abhi that she never left him and was against him as he left her for pragya.

Abhi says you don’t want to marry me as you wanted to become a model. He thanks her for not marrying him and says that’s why I married Pragya thankfully. He tells that he has decided to remarry Pragya and says if you are not happy with my decision then can leave. Tanu says if you remarry Pragya then I will get you arrested. Abhi asks her to do as she thinks right. King says I will not let you go alone as you are a bride. He says he will take her to mandap. Pragya says she will be happy. King looks on.

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya has brainwashed him. Abhi says not her, but you have brainwashed me always. Tanu tells that she will go to court and put molestation charges on him. Abhi asks how you will proof that we sleep in same room, and asks if she has any proofs that we are married, and asks if she has any certificate of marriage etc. He says people calls you as my wife as I let them call you. He says I agreed to let you stay here for your mum as I thought you might be pained after her death.

He says I let you stay here, but didn’t give you my wife’s rights. He says we were not married, but had a deal. He says I cancel that deal. He advices her not to go to police or court else he will do something after that she will not be in a position even to think. Twist of Fate 4th June 2019 Update Between King and Aaliya

Tanu is shocked and hugs him. She says I got angry when you said that you will leave me. She says I don’t want to lose a friend and asks him to marry Pragya and says she will not file any complaint. Abhi says its ok. Tanu looks at him revengeful and then says you can tell her that I have no objection with your marriage. Abhi smiles happy.

Tanu wipes her fake tears. Tarun asks Neha if she is happy. Neha says she is very happy and tells that their love is true else Abhi and Pragya haven’t accepted our love. Chachi tells Mitali that she has no problem with Neha, but had problem with pragya. She tells that Pragya was always right and I was thinking wrong about him.

She says I am happy that our kids are taking inspiration from Abhi and pragya and will be happy like them. Mitali says we shall start new relation forgetting the past. She says we shall be good samdhans. Dasi asks them to dance. Tanu thinks of Abhi and her fake anniversary celebration. She shouts and cries. Aaliya sees her crying and takes her with her. Everyone is happy.

Dhol is played for the celebration before the marriage. Raj and Mitali dance. They do bhangra. Disha shows Abhi and pragya’s pic to Dadi. Dadi gets happy and gives money to the dhol guys. She asks Abhi to get ready as Pragya is about to come. Abhi says ok. Disha takes him. Dadi thinks my Pragya is coming home, all the happiness will come back. King thinks of Abhi and Pragya’s dance and all the past happenings.

Zee World Update: Twist of Fate 4th June 2019

Pragya is smiling thinking about Abhi. King drives the car rashly. Pragya stops the car and asks where is your concentration. King says sorry.

Aaliya takes Tanu to the room and asks her not to cry. She gives her water. Tanu tells her that Abhi said what he shouldn’t have told. Aaliyah asks her to tell clearly. Tanu says what he might have told me. Aaliya says I am not an astrologer to know. Tanu says this all is happening because of you and says even you want Abhi to leave me.

Aaliyah asks if she is mad and asks what did he tell her. Tanu says he said that he is marrying Pragya, when I refused then I asked me to prove that she is married to him and if I can’t accept Pragya then she shall leave the house.


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