Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 episode starts with Tanu telling Aaliya that Abhi sticks to his promise and will not go against his promise, and tells that he had promised my Mum to marry me, which he did.
Abhi comes there. Aaliya goes.

Tanu asks him not to talk about Pragya! Abhi says I have to talk about Pragya as she has instructed! Tanu asks who is she to order you atound, and refuses to talk about her! Abhi says I want to remarry her again. Tanu says I would have digested your affairs with her, but not Marriage! Abhi says you know that I have always loved Pragya. Tanu says I was with you since 7 years and you had only said that you don’t want to hear Pragya’s name?

Abhi says you are over reacting. Tanu says I am your wife and asks why she should not act! Abhi says Pragya is my first and last wife and asks her not to ever call her the second woman!

Pragya tells King that they should go as she is marrying Abhi. King thinks of hitting Pragya’s head on the wall, and asks can I correct the end of your saree? He takes out a pin from the drawer. Pragya sits on the table. King says I will not let you go.

Zee World Series: Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update

Tanu tells Abhi that she never left him and was against him as he left her for Pragya! Abhi says you don’t want to marry me as you wanted to become a model! He thanks her for not marrying him and says that’s why I married Pragya thankfully. He tells that he has decided to remarry Pragya and says if you are not happy with my decision, then you can leave! Tanu says if you remarry Pragya, then I will get you arrested! Abhi asks her to do as she thinks fit!

King says I will not let you go alone as you are a bride. He says he will take her to the mandap. Pragya says she will be happy. King looks on.

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya has brainwashed him! Abhi says not her, but you, Tanu has always brainwashed me! Tanu tells that she will go to Court and put molestation charges on him! Abhi asks how will you proof that we sleep in the same room, and asks if she has any proofs that we are married, and asks if she has any certificate of marriage, and so on? He says people call you my wife as I let them call you that! He says I agreed to let you stay here for your Mum, as I thought you might be pained after her death! He says I let you stay here, but didn’t give you any wifely rights!

He says we were not married, but had a deal! He says I cancel that deal. He advices her not to go to the Police Station or Court, else he will do something to her that she won’t even be in a position to even think! Tanu is shocked and hugs him. She says I got angry when you said that you will leave me. She says I don’t want to lose a friend and asks him to marry Pragya and says she will not file any complaint! Abhi says it’s okay. Tanu looks at him revengeful, and then says you can tell her that I have no objection with your Marriage! Abhi smiles happily. Tanu wipes her fake tears.

Tarun asks Neha if she is happy? Neha says she is very happy and tells that their love is true, else Abhi and Pragya wouldn’t have accepted their love.

King’s Aunt tells Mitali that she has no problem with Neha, but with Pragya! She tells that Pragya was always right and I was thinking so wrong about him. She says I am happy that our kids are taking inspiration from Abhi and Pragya and will be happy like them. Mitali says we should start a new relationship forgetting the past. She says we should be good samdhans (Mother-in-laws). Dasi asks them to dance.

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Tanu thinks of Abhi and her fake anniversary celebration. She shouts and cries. Aaliya sees her crying and takes her with her.
Everyone is happy. Dhol is played for the celebration before the Marriage. Raj and Mitali dance. They do bhangra. Disha shows Abhi and Pragya’s pic to Granny. Granny gets happy and gives money to the dhol guys. She asks Abhi to get ready as Pragya is about to come. Abhi says okay. Disha takes him. Granny thinks my Pragya is coming home, all the happiness will come back!

King thinks of Abhi and Pragya’s dance and all the past happenings. Pragya is smiling thinking about Abhi. King drives the car rashly. Pragya stops the car and asks where is your concentration! King says sorry.

Aaliya takes Tanu to the room and asks her not to cry. She gives her water. Tanu tells her that Abhi said what he shouldn’t have! Aaliya asks her to say it clearly. Tanu says what he had told me! Aaliya says I am not an astrologer to know?

Tanu says this is all happening because of her, and says even you, want Abhi to leave me! Aaliya asks if she is mad, and asks what did he say to her? Tanu says he said that he is marrying Pragya, and when I refused, he asked me to proof that she is married to him, and if she can’t accept Pragya, then she should leave the house!

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update: Aaliyah says how can Abhi back off from his promise and says we… I can’t let this happen! Tanu asks her what she will do, and says you have failed! Aaliya says I came to support you and share your pain, but you are accusing me? She says my plans failed because of you! Tanu asks her to mind her words! Aaliya says you brought them together and locked them in the Schoolroom! Tanu asks whose idea was of the Chandelier?

Aaliya says Pragya was about to die then, and asks her not to tell her that her plan failed! Tanu says all my friends and family are leaving me! She apologizes to her and says sorry. Aaliya hugs her and asks her to stop crying. She says I shouldn’t have said this and says I am there with you, and Mr. King will help us indirectly! Tanu says even he can’t do as Kiara is Abhi’s daughter as Disha hid the real report and showed her the fake report.

Purab is about to make Abhi wear turban. Disha says she will make him wear it! Abhi gets worried for Pragya and tells that King told him that he will marry Pragya and gets worried. Disha says Pragya told me that she is on the way and Mr. King is bringing her here. Abhi says you should have told me that before! Purab asks him to wear his turban.

Kiara and Sunny comes there. Abhi says you came so early! Disha says she spoke with the Principal and sent Bahadur to bring them home. Kiara asks Abhi if he is wearing turban, and says today is Tarun Uncle’s Marriage, and asks if he is getting married? Disha and Purab takes Sunny from there.

Pragya asks King where is his mind? King says you are looking beautiful today. Pragya says she is happy today as she is uniting with Abhi! She tells that she doesn’t want to die today! King thinks Pragya is not thinking about him and thinks he can’t see her with Abhi and can’t let her become his. He thinks to die with her and tells Pragya that the car brakes failed. He holds her hand and tells that her entry into his life was the most beautiful moment/memory of his life, and now, they will have to end it together. Pragya is shocked.

Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Abhi tells Kiara that he had told her about her doll. Kiara says I know. He tells her story of Pragya and him like a fairy tale story. Kiara hears everything. Abhi tells that he wants to stay with Cinderella and the little Princess. He asks what she would have done if she was the little Princess? Kiara says I think the bad boy and Cinderella should marry and the little Princess should stay with them. She says this should be the end of the story, and says all of them should live happily ever after! She asks if the bad guy is him, and her Mamma is the Cinderella, and says I am the little Princess and Daddy is the King?
Abhi says sorry and says I was not with you when you were born. Kiara hugs him. Abhi says I love you. Kiara says I love you too! She wipes his tears and says you are my real dad as from today hence forth!

Purab, Disha and Granny happily meet Kiara. Granny says you are Kiara Mehra as from today and hugs her. They have a family union.

King and Pragya’s car meet with an accident. Some passer bys stop to see who the injured persons in the car is.
Neha tells that Pragya must be on her way. Dasi asks Raj to go to the temple and do some prayers. Taya ji says I am also coming with you and your Mum. Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update

Kiara and Abhi come there.
Abhi says ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce my daughter to everyone and says she is Kiara! He says I will make you meet everyone one after the other. Kiara says I know everyone. He introduces his family again. Abhi asks the Men to play dhol. They play dhol and do bhangra. Just then, Abhi’s phone rings. He picks the call and gets shocked.

Abhi tells Disha about Pragya’s accident. Disha asks Bahadur to take Kiara to the room. He collides with Tanu. She scolds him. Bahadur tells her about Pragya’s accident. Tanu goes to Aaliya and informs her about it. Aaliya says King must have done this because of my provocation and killed her. Tanu thanks her for returning her Abhi and says I will go there and give my shoulder to Abhi for crying. Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Abhi is leaving. Granny says she will also come; Abhi asks her to take care of everyone.! Kiara comes and calls him daddy, and asks where is mumma? Aaliya calls her and tells that she is Aunt Aaliya. Kiara says your face resembles that of Daddy! Aaliya says even you look like him! Kiara says Mamma always says the same thing and asks where is she?

Tanu thinks Aaliya is acting and left her behind in her act! Aaliya asks her
to come to her room. Kiara asks where is my Mum? Aaliya says your dad will bring her and asks her to come. Tanu says I love you, my would be daughter. She tells Abhi that she felt bad hearing about Pragya’s accident and says God should rest her soul in peace. Disha shouts Tanu!!

Granny sees Pragya coming and smiles. Abhi relaxes, seeing her.
Pragya hugs Granny and Disha and says she is fine. Abhi asks her to kill him at once instead! Pragya says you didn’t let me die as I remember you. He hugs her. Allah Wariyan plays… King comes and he’s shocked!

Aaliya thinks she can’t think bad of her niece as she’s her brother’s daughter.
Kiara comes and greets King. She introduces Aaliya as her Aunt. Pragya tells Abhi that King saved her today and she reached here because of him! Abhi hugs King. A fb is shown, after the accident, King thinks how will I live without Pragya? He says sorry. Pragya asks him to take her to Abhi and says he might be worried. King says of course, we will go there. He insists taking her to the hospital first before going to the Mehra mansion. Fb ends.

King tells Abhi that if anything had happened to Pragya, then he wouldn’t have forgiven himself. Tanu thinks King is like her and acting innocent. King tells Abhi that he is very lucky! Dasi tells that they should dance.
Kiara tells Pragya that she is very upset with them! Abhi says I told her about our past. They go to convince Kiara.

Zee World Series: Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update

Aaliya thinks where is Tanu and King, and thinks if she went to talk to King? King feels guilty of his actions and tells himself of it. Tanu hears him and asks him to say why he loves her! She calls him a roadside lover, and a loser, and says you tried to kill Pragya! King asks her not to provoke him to fulfill her wish, and says I know you are jealous of Pragya. Tanu says you are a fool, and says I never attacked my love Abhi, but you tried to kill her, but failed! King says you will not understand, but Aaliya will. He says your problem is that you are thinking of your stubbornness as your love! Tanu goes upset.

King’s Aunt comes there and tells King that if he is behind the accident, then she is feeling ashamed of having a Nephew like him! She says I hope I am wrong?

Abhi and Pragya talk to Kiara. Kiara says you should have told me at least! Pragya and Abhi convince her.
Sunny comes there. Abhi asks Kiara to do their tying of the knot together. Kiara asks what is that? Abhi tells her about it and asks Sunny to take Kiara downstairs. Kiara says I have a condition and says I want chocolates, pizza and cold drink! Pragya refuses. Abhi says I will get it. Pragya asks if she is okay that they can’t stay with King now? Kiara says we will meet him sometimes! Twist of Fate 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Purab tells that they are taking too much time to convince a baby! Tanu thinks nobody is thinking or asking about me! Raj asks Mitali if she said anything to Kiara? Mitali says she is changed and happy now. She says even Aaliya has changed.
Sunny comes and says Kiara wants everyone to give her attention. Abhi says she is upset and wants us to give her chocolates, burgers and so on, and says she asked why did we hide it from her? He thanks King for doing so much for Kiara. Abhi dances. King claps.
Kiara and Pragya comes there. jab tak sanson ki… song plays. Everyone is dancing. Abhi lifts Pragya and dances. King looks on upset.

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