Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update

Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update

Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update: Tanu tells that Pragya promised to get Neha and Tarun engaged and says it was her responsibility and not of Abhi. Abhi says Tanu. Aaliya says Tanu is right and asks where is the rings. She says if the engagement don’t happen now, then it can happens in 7 months. Disha says nobody is doing anything to search the ring and blaming Pragya. Dadi says she kept the rings and now it is missing. She coughs. Abhi makes her sit. Disha sends Purab to buy ring.

Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update

Mitali sees Pragya wearing the ring which Abhi gifted her on karwachauth and looking at the moon through it. A fb is shown, Abhi makes her wear the ring and asks her never to take it off. He asks for his ring. Pragya says I didn’t bring. Abhi says I thought we both will wear and was getting excited and romantic. Pragya shows the ring which she brought. Abhi asks why she didn’t tell him. Pragya says you looks cute when gets upset. Abhi says I may get upset forever.

Pragya keeps hand on his mouth and then makes him wear the ring, says she will always love him. Sanam re plays…Abhi kisses her hand. Fb ends. She says I will not take it off. Abhi also promises her to wear the ring always. She tells him that they shall go. Abhi says if you take out this ring then….Pragya says then love will end. Abhi says how love will end. Aaliya, Tanu and Mitali hear them and asks if love happens like that. Fb ends.

Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update

Mitali gets an idea. She thinks they are wearing the ring even now. She tells Tanu and Aaliya. Aaliya signs at Tanu. She says I am not playing blame game, but rings are missing. She asks Abhi and pragya to get them engaged, Tanu thinks what is she saying? She tells Disha that Neha is closer to her more than her and that’s why she wants Pragya to get them engaged.

Pandit ji says mahurat is ending, just 3 mins left. Disha says he will bring. Dasi asks can we give our ring. Pandit ji says no couple will give their rings and single person ring is inauspicious. Dasi says we don’t believe this. Aaliya says no couple will give their rings.

Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update

Pragya looks on. Tanu looks at her ring and says Pragya will give her ring. She says if you really want Tarun and Neha’s happiness then give your ring. Mitali says Tanu is right and asks Abhi to give his ring to Tarun. Abhi recalls Pragya making him wear the ring and their promise. Pragya also thinks the same. Song plays…tere bin jee na pawunga…Tanu asks Pragya to hurry up and give the ring. She thinks just as this ring comes out of your hand, your love will end.

King talks to Kiara and she says she is coughing. King asks her to ask Servant to make her drink ginger and honey juice. He says I will check. Kiara asks if you are Dadda or Mumma. King laughs and says I will come and check. Chachi tells King that they shall leave. King says I am talking to Kiara. Chachi says mahurat is almost ended. King says just 2 mins. He asks her to drink it. Kiara promises him. Twist of Fate 6 May 2019 Monday Update

Tanu tells that Abhi and Pragya will make the engagement happen. Chachi comes and asks why this tamasha is happening when there are no rings. She asks Tarun to come. Neha asks her not to do this. Chachi says nobody wants this engagement to happen. Mitali says now this engagement can’t happen. Pragya says this engagement will happen.

Chachi tries to take Tarun from there. Abhi stops Tarun and asks if he wants to marry Neha. Tarun says yes. Abhi asks him to leave his mum’s hand and holds Neha’s hand. Tarun holds Neha’s hand. Abhi says we will fulfill the responsibility so that nobody doubts on our intention or their love, we will give our rings. Aaliya and Tanu smiles. Twist of Fate 6 May 2019

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