Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update

Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update

Aaliya asks her to calm down and says I am with you. Tanu says you can just give me sympathy and says you said that you will handle, but what did you handle? She says this was the last chance to get Abhi, but Pragya snatched it from me.

She says I will snatch her everything. She says Pragya came to get Abhi. She says Abhi is my everything, and not money, Nikhil etc. She says I will do everything to save him from Pragya and says he is just mine. Aaliya says Bhai is just yours and pacifies her with a hug. Tanu cries.

King thanks everyone for inviting them and says they will leave now. He thanks Abhi and says they will throw Diwali Party this year. Taya ji asks them to come over to their place as they celebrate Diwali nicely. Tarun says we shall come.

Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update

Abhi says we shall celebrate together. Dadi and Dasi ask them to come. King says we will reach. Abhi looks at Pragya as she is leaving. Pragya also looks at him. He thinks Pragya is still wearing my ring and thinks she told everything with her silence.

Sunny calls Kiara and tells that our parents are friends, and we shall celebrate Diwali with them. Kiara says yes. Sunny says we will wear similar color dress and says it will be best diwali. Disha and Purab hear her. She thinks to tell Abhi about Kiara being his daughter.

Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update

Sunny ends the call. Aaliya asks Tanu to calm down and sleep. Tanu says I will not leave her, will kill her. She says my Abhi is just mine, sleeps. Aaliya thinks Tanu is very angry and the evening will not end without she do something. She thinks to keep eye on her.

Pragya wakes up after seeing Abhi’s dream. She wakes up calling him maskhaara. Kiara says good morning and asks what did she say? Pragya tells that maskhaara is naughty like you. Kiara says she will call her superman maskhaara.

Pragya thinks if that day will come when she comes to know that our superman is same. Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update

Abhi is dreaming about Pragya when Disha comes to room and says good morning. Abhi takes coffee and drinks. Disha says you didn’t refuse today. Abhi says there is no use. He says I have to go to Kiara’s house with Sunny. Disha says very good and says Kiara is coming to our house in the evening for Diwali.

Abhi asks her to invite her parents. Disha says she has already invited them. Abhi says I always thought to meet her mum. Disha says you will meet her for forever. She thinks vanvas is finished. Purab, Disha and Neha are doing Diwali arrangements.

Dadi scolds the decorator and asks him to decorate more flowers as Pragya likes it. She asks Mitali to decorate the house. Dasi asks Servant if Pragya’s favorite food is ready. Bahadur says yes. Tanu hears her.

Aaliya comes and asks her how are you feeling now. Tanu goes angrily. Aaliya thinks I shall not leave her alone. Disha tells Neha that they shall finish the rangoli later. Neha asks if Pragya di likes it. Disha asks Tarun will like it. Aaliya asks her to come to room. They hear Dasi and Dadi talking about Pragya’s liking.

Tanu scolds the Servant angrily. Disha says today is auspicious day and asks her to behave nicely with everyone. Tanu says everyone is of Pragya’s choice and says nothing is auspicious here. She says she will not celebrate and asks her not to talk to her. Aaliya asks Disha not to feel bad and says Tanu is unwell.

Kiara calls Abhi. Abhi says hello my fake daughter. Kiara asks if he didn’t miss her. She says she came to meet him with Sunny, but he was not at home. She asks about Mitali and Neha. Abhi says he went to bring Neha. Kiara says you don’t love me. Abhi says I love you the most.

Kiara asks what about the girl who shares space with me. Abhi says more than her and says I called you, but your phone was not connecting. Kiara says my phone was not working then. She says Sunny told that he has invited her parents and says we all will be together.

Pragya hears them and thinks they don’t know that they are related. Kiara says she likes bomb (cracker) and tells that her mum is afraid of it. She tells about the incident. Pragya smiles. Abhi also smiles.

Pragya thinks last time in school, I have hidden Kiara’s truth from him, how to stop now. She thinks I can’t tell her that I can’t take there. Twist of Fate 8 May 2019 Update.

Twist Of Fate 8 May 2019 Update



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