Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019 on Zee World

Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019 on Zee World

Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019 on Zee World

Disha asking Tai ji about Pragya. Tai ji says she has come long back. Aaliya comes and says King made her fall and says both Pragya and King are same. Disha says how can Pragya di have such a husband? Aaliya says I didn’t mean that. Tai ji asks them not to argue and says Neha is getting engaged without Mitali’s consent and says they shall not do anything to make people gossip.

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Disha tells that she is happy with the engagement and says Neha loves Tarun a lot. She says those who love shall unite. Tai ji asks her not to say that infront of Mitali. Disha says Mitali will agree when she sees Neha happy. Aaliya thinks if Pragya is in Abhi’s room. Disha says she will meet Pragya.

Pragya checks the clothes for Abhi. Abhi asks what are you doing tomorrow. Pragya asks why?

She says she is free after 2 pm. Abhi asks will you do shopping for me. Pragya says don’t you think that you are taking advantage of my goodness. Abhi says it is your duty to help us being from girl’s side. Pragya says I am from Tarun’s side. Abhi says you know Neha since her childhood and reminds her of everyone’s saying. Pragya says I am doing ghatbandhan and will be from groom’s side. Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019 on Zee World

Abhi asks do you want my nose to get cut and convinces her to shop for him. Pragya agrees and gives him clothes to wear for Neha and Tarun’s engagement. Abhi says I like it and says I misses you for everything. They get emotional. Abhi asks for brooch. Song plays…Main bhatakta ek musafir……Pragya gives him brooch. Abhi takes it. Pragya goes. Abhi checks the phone. Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019

Disha collides with Tanu. Tanu sees Disha and Aaliya and asks where are they going? Aaliya says she is going to meet Bhai. Disha thinks they will do something wrong and follows them. Abhi comes to his bedroom and calls Pragya. He tells her that she forgot her phone in the changing room. Pragya asks him to give mobile. Abhi teases her and holds her hand while she tries to catch her phone.

They strike a pose…Allah Wariyan plays while they have an eye lock. Aaliya asks Tanu to come with her and tells that she thinks Pragya is with Bhai. Disha asks Aaliya and Tanu loudly if they are going to jiju’s room. Abhi gets alert and understands Disha is alerting him. He asks Pragya to hide and takes her to changing room. He says what Aaliya and Tanu will think.

Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019

Pragya asks if he is scared of them. Abhi says no and tells that he is thinking for her. Pragya asks him to hide her. Abhi asks her to request him. Pragya requests him. Abhi hides her in cupboard. Aaliya asks Disha why did she say loudly. They go to the changing room and see Abhi. Abhi feels shy and asks what happened? Aaliya says she needs D Company’s file and says she will look for it. She couldn’t find Pragya there and thinks to ask Tanu if she saw her.

Abhi asks Tanu if she wants B company’s file. Tanu says she lost her ring. Abhi says you are wearing your rings. Tanu says not rings, but earrings. Disha sings him that they are searching Pragya. Tanu tells that she will check cupboard. Abhi asks how she can be so careless and says things can be bought with money.

Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019

Tanu says it was artificial. Abhi says he is upset with both and asks them to leave. Disha checks in the cupboard and sees Pragya. Pragya requests her not to tell. Disha says in the cupboard. Tanu and Aaliya ask what is in it? Disha says clothes which he will wear in the engagement function and says they shall go out, so that he can change. Once they leave, Tanu asks Disha where is Pragya?

Disha says you know where she is. Tanu thinks she means to say Pragya is with Abhi, but we have checked everywhere. Abhi takes Pragya out of the cupboard. Pragya says I was going, but you have stopped me. She says don’t know what people will say. Abhi teases her and says what was happening here. Pragya says you asked for towel and I gave it. She says whoever is with you, falls in problem.

She says if I had died then..Abhi keeps hand on her mouth and says do you know that your eyes remind me of someone. Pragya thinks Kiara. Abhi thinks of kiara. Pragya says you can’t suffocate my voice by doing this and bites on his hand. Abhi shouts. Aaliya and Tanu are outside. Aaliya asks what happened? Abhi says he was in tension and was singing song. He asks them to go. Aaliya says ok.

Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019 Twist of Fate Update 4 May 2019

Abhi calls her bhootni. Pragya asks him not to call her bhootni again. Abhi says he will get ready. Pragya says infront of me. Abhi asks her to go and says Aaliya and Tanu are waiting out. He says they will ask you, did you see me changing etc. Pragya says I will go. Abhi says then I will follow you and will give bathrobe in your hand. Pragya says she will turn and asks him to change. Abhi says you agreed so soon and says I will be back. He takes the suit.

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