Zara's Nikah

Zara’s Nikah 19th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah 19th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah 19th January 2021 Zee World Update

You are reading Today’s Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 19th January 2021 Zee World Update.

Kabir was lost in deep thoughts of Zara. He gets a call. Later, Kabir had reached Zara’s house and asks why he called him here. Zain appears from behind the car and takes Kabir together inside. Zara’s family was ready for the meal. Kabir was shocked to see Zara ready. Zara’s parents were furious. Zeenat talks on phone that she was not feeling well and over looked this matter, she promises to be careful. She speaks to Aman that her teacher complained that he doesn’t wear the uniform rightly.

Aman says its all Zeenat’s mistake, she did everything perfectly. But since Rukhsar has been doing all this, she doesn’t do anything perfectly. Qazi Sahib stops Salma and says she shouldn’t have left the gathering. Salma was annoyed. Shaina speaks to Zain why he invited Kabir, he is Zara’s ex-husband. Zain tries to convince her that he is his friend, and he is well-aware what he is up to. Salma takes Shaina towards the meal. Shaina leaves. Salma tells Zain to abide by his sister’s desire, she is his elder and mother alike.

Zara’s Nikah 19th January 2021 Zee World Update

Kabir sits for the food, he complements Zara to be looking good and eats fondly. Azra wonders if he Is really concerned with food. Kabir smiles that he was talking about her proposal in the morning, and here it’s fixed. Zara replies it had to, this was her father’s decision and his decisions are generally right. God knows how he selected Kabir for her. Kabir says he now understands, Zara hasn’t been able to forget what happened between them. Its time they correct their mistakes and move forward in life. He has realized it and is leaving for Dubai. Zara leaves the place. Kabir was thoughtful, then follows her to the room.

He notices Zara’s face then gets serious and says he prays Zara moves on in her life. He wish even the shadow of past can’t touch her. Zain comes there and asks what kind of shadow. Kabir turns around. Zain gets casual and asks who is being left behind. Kabir explains that he and Zara are starting a new life, they must forget their past. He prays they live happily together. He thanks Zain for the invitation and takes the glass of water from Zain.

Zain says Zara asked him to invite Kabir here. Kabir was taken aback. Zara says she consulted a doctor to come out of the past, the doctor told her a few tricks. The trick worked for Kabir. And even this proposal was fixed because of Kabir. She thanks Kabir for freeing her from the shackles of their past relationship and wish he becomes a witness to their Nikah. Zain was happy with Zara’s request. Kabir promises to be one.

Zara stops Kabir on his way back. She says she and Zain are going to Singapore after wedding. Kabir looks shocked. Zara says she isn’t dying, only going to Singapore. Kabir fakes a smile. Zara says she also wish for his happiness, why not Kabir marry Rukhsar on the same day she and Zain are getting married. Kabir replies he is going to Dubai right now, he will marry sometime later and will surely invite Zara. Both bid a farewell to each other.

Zara thanks Zain for inviting Kabir without any further questions. Zain says one could bring stars for a bride as pretty as Zara. And Zara appointed Kabir as a witness in their Nikah.Kashan comes home to find Zeenat help Amaan with homework. Zeenat says she feels better now. Kashaan takes Aman outside leaving Zeenat for rest. Zeenat reads the ultrasound reports Kashan had brought. She calls the doctor. The doctor says her child’s growth is arrested, and the child is infected. She must take a decision as soon as possible. Zeenat cries and requests the doctor to do anything, she wants this child in her life. The doctor feels helpless.

Shaina takes leave happily and offers Salma any kind of help in the wedding preparations. After they had left, Salma prays that Zara stays happy now.Kabir returns home. His brother notices his devastated condition and asks what happened. Kabir cries hugging him tightly. He says he can’t do it anymore.

Azra opens the gifts from Zain’s family. She hangs the new cloth on the wall. Zara comes to the room and asks Azra what she is up to. Azra says the time is changing, why not change the clock as well. It’s time for new relationships and routines. Zara opens the old cloth and thinks about all her times with Kabir. Tears fell off her eyes silently. Zara’s Nikah 19th January 2021 Zee World Update

Kabir was crying at his place. Zara sat in her room, upset and crying as she thinks about Kabir’s mood and prayers for her second marriage. The next morning, Kabir and Zara pray in their respective rooms. Kabir comes to wake Amaan who was sleeping in his room. Aman cries. Kabir was concerned. Aman says doctor told Abbu that his mother will die if a new guests come to their place. Kabir hugs Aman and assures his mother will be fine.

It was Zara’s Haldi function. The bride and groom enter the hall. Shaina says she didn’t support the idea of a hotel, and decided to hold both Zain and Zara’s Haldi together in this place. Azra seconds her idea. Kabir gets a call from Zara. Everyone had dinner. Kabir cuts the call. Salma and Qazi Sahib calls Zara to her seat for the ritual. Shahbaz turns to leave home. Kabir stops Shahbaz and speaks to him about Zeenat’s case. He says they must take the consultation of a second doctor before reaching any conclusion. Shahbaz forbids Kabir to take Zara’s language.

Kabir says Aman came to him, he had heard his conversation with the doctor and had been crying. Shahbaz was assertive that Aman is a child, they must explain to Aman that everything happens at Allah’s will. He announces only his decisions will prevail in the house. Zeenat was upset and comes to her room. She loses her balance near the bed, then consoles herself. Zara’s Nikah 19th January 2021 Zee World Update

Salma kiss Zara’s forehead after applying Haldi. Azra and Shaina take their turns. Zara sends a text message to Kabir. Kabir receives Zara’s photos from the Haldi. She had questioned why Kabir wasn’t with her in moments of immense happiness. Kabir fell on the bed.

In the function, Zara receives a call from Zeenat. Everyone turn around. Zara was at once tensed. Zeenat tells Zara that Abu is not ready to listen to doctor’s advice. She tells Zara about her reports, and Kabir’s conversation with Shahbaz. Zara forbids her to cry, she will soon be there. Shaina tells Zara she can’t leave home after Haldi. Zara says it’s extremely important for her to go. Zain walks towards Zara.

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