Zara's Nikah

Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update

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Zara tells Kabir that Rizwan was behind the blast. Rizwan meets the owner. Imran calls him and says Sheikh wants to meet your boss. Rizwan says we will meet him in the evening.Kabir and Zara dress up as Arabic Sheikhs. Rizwan and the owner come to meet them. Rizwan says I am giving you my word that I will get this case off, money is ready? Kabir says money is in my godown.

He throws money out of the bag and says this is a commission, I can get this work done by someone else too but you can do it. Rizwan says I will get this work done in a day. Kabir says we will talk once work is done. Rizwan nods and leaves. The owner tells Rizwan that I had to leave that money, I had to leave that factory because you wanted to take revenge from Zara and Kabir.

Rizwan tries to attack him but the police come there and ask him to stop. Zara and Kabir come there with Imran. Inspector searches Rizwan and takes out the jacket from his car. Kabir says this is the same jacket that the person was wearing when he attacked me. Rizwan says this is not mine. The inspector arrests Rizwan and leaves. Imran tells Kabir that see your promise had nothing to do with this blast. He leaves.

Kabir is in shock and recalls how he promised to stay away from Zara. He tells Zara that I thought this was a natural disaster but it was planned by a human. Zara says sometimes we get scared. Kabir says we got divorced, my mother left me because of all that. Zara says your eye could never lie, if you had told me then I would have never left you.

Kabir caresses her face and says I am a fool, tell me what you think? Zara says when you said to break this relationship, I was hurt but then I looked in your eyes and saw your love, I knew that I was of Kabir only. Kabir says how can you trust me so much? Zara says trust is trust, I can’t lose it. Kabir says you are crying? Zara laughs while shedding tears. Kabir holds her hand.

Zara says how did you make a heart of stone? Kabir says it hurt me a lot, it broke me to send you away. Kabir says come with me. He takes her from there. Kabir and Zara in a car. Zara says please sing a song. Kabir says I can never do it. Zara says I would die but you wouldn’t sing. Kabir says don’t say that. Kabir brings Zara to his house and says we have to meet my dad.

Zara says I want to go home. Kabir smiles and says home.Ruksaar imagines Kabir sitting in front of her and says some poetry.Kabir pulls Zara in his house and calls out to Shahbaz. Shahbaz and Ruksaar come there and see Kabir holding Zara’s hand.

Kabir tells Shahbaz that I was so lost in my promise that I didn’t think about anything else but you know that blast was a planned thing, it was not because of me going near Zara. He hugs Shahbaz and says you understood my pain. He tells that you were wrong about that promise thing, I was just scared to lose Zara. Shahbaz says you took a promise on Quran and you are disrespecting that?

Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara says I am sorry but we can break promises if we were wrong and it is hurting others. Shahbaz says now she will teach me a lesson? He asks who was behind that blast after filling the tank? Kabir says Rizwan. Shahbaz says he is Zara’s sister and you brought her here? Kabir says he is of no one’s brother, I did a mistake and I am going to rectify it.

Zara says I should leave. Kabir stops her and says I am going to rectify my mistake, I want to spend my remaining time here with you only, please for Ayesha. Zara smiles. Kabir holds her hand and leaves. All look on.Kabir and Zara are in the car. Zara says let’s sing a song. She plays a radio, Kaise Hua plays. They sing to it and enjoy.

Shahbaz is angry over Kabir’s words.Kabir and Zara arrive at her house. Zara says why are you going to Dubai? I mean it’s a good thing. He drops her off and says I should leave. Zara holds his hand but then washes it. He pulls her closer. Kabir says bye. Zara leaves. Kabir dances around.Ruksaar is angry and burns Kabir’s baggage. She says if Zara comes back in house then she will take my love, if he is not mine then Kabir has to die also.

Zara comes home and tells that Rizwan was behind that factory blast, he wanted to kill us. She tells Salma that Kabir was going away from me because he was scared for it, he did all this for me. Salma says can I tell you that I asked Kabir to make you agree to marry Zain but what God wants should happen. She tells Irfan that if everything is fine then Kabir and Zara can’t remarry? Irfan smiles and says yes. Zara blushes and says he is going to Dubai. Azra says we just need one day for a nikkah. Irfan says we are happy with our kids’ happiness. Zara hugs her family and smiles. Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update

Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz and says I got to know that Kabir is going to remarry Zara, you know that Kashan is helping him. Shahbaz sees his baggage burning. Ruksaar says he won’t go to Dubai, we have to kill Zara before they become one, I need your help in that. Shahbaz says I won’t let that girl enter my house again.Zara comes into her room and sees Kabir there. She says what if Salma sees you here? Kabir says I wanted to say sorry to you… it turns out to be her dream. Zara looks at the papers.

Shahbaz says that who is Zara’s enemy is also Kabir’s enemy, he stopped believing in me, it means I will have to kill him also. I am his enemy too.Zara looks at the papers which say that Rizwan’s man was not behind putting the patrol in the tank of that factory. She recalls how Shahbaz specifically asked Kabir who had put petrol in the tank? She realizes that Shahbaz was behind it. She says I can’t tell Kabir.

Zara’s Nikah 26th January 2021 Zee World Update

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