Zara's Nikah

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 31st January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 31st January 2021 Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 31st January 2021 Zee World Update

You are reading Today’s Zee World Update for Sunday 31st January 2021; Zara’s Nikah. Enjoy and share your thoughts.

Kabir comes out of the graveyard. The new Zara hides from Abid. Abid talks to his goon and says find out about Shahbaz’s past. Goon says that his daughter in law Zara Siddiqui died in a car accident and his son left. Abid says this name Zara is a pain for me find that Zara and kill her. Salma tries to sit but suddenly she falls down. All rush to her.

The new Zara recalls how Abid had killed people in front of her. She says he will find me soon. She hides on a street and sees Irfan coming there. Irfan gives food to poor kids. He looks at Zara but she looks away. He comes to her and asks if she will have food? He says daughter you look hungry, the new Zara says I am not wearing this burqa because I am a muslim. Irfan says you look hungry and you can have the food. She cries and says I don’t have anywhere to go, I am worried.

He says from where did you come? you can come to my house. there is a girl in my house, she can be your good friend. Salma is unconscious in the car. Kabir sees from his jeep and goes to her house behind her. Salma is lying in the bed. Kabir comes there and asks if she is fine? Salma hugs him and says now I will become fine, please take me from here, please. He says okay.

Azra gives her water. Irfan comes there and is shocked to see Kabir. Kabir greets him. Irfan hugs him and says you came? Where were you? Kabir says I am here. The new Zara comes there with tea. Kabir is shocked to see her. Irfan says this girl was sitting outside the mosque and didn’t have a place to go to so I brought her here. Salma asks her name. She says my name is Zara. All are shocked.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 31st January 2021 Zee World Update

Irfan says Zara? Salma says my daughter Zara. They point at Zara’s picture. Salma calls her closer.The new Zara says thank you for making a relation with me. Salma says today is Zara’s anniversary, you came here as God’s will, you are welcome here. Kabir sits with her and says don’t be so emotional. Salma says I am so happy, my Zara is here, I am alive because Zara was in this world, I feel like Zara is back in this house. She makes her meet Imran and Azra. She says this is Kabir.

Salma introduces everyone to the new Zara.  Azra asks what’s her full name? Zara says they call me Zara badtameez, someone yesterday called ma danger, she glares at Kabir. Salma says you are so pretty and innocent, you are just our Zara. The new Zara says I can’t handle this much love, I will leave from here soon. Salma says no.

Irfansays let God decide what will happen. The new Zara says you are all nice but it’s a Muslim house so I can’t stay here for longer. Irfan says live with us for a few days and then decide. Azra asks Salma to rest. The new Zara says I will take care of you from now on, she takes her from there.Kabir tells Azra and Imran that we can’t trust this girl. The new Zara comes there and says Jhonny.

Azra says what? he is Kabir and Zara’s husband. Kabir asks the new Zara why she is here? I know you are a danger, goons were finding you there, you could put others in danger, this house is my duty so I am requesting you to leave tomorrow. Irfan comes there and says Kabir I know you care for us but don’t worry, I feel a connection with this girl, he tells Zara to come with him she leaves with him. Zara’s Nikah Sunday 31st January 2021 Zee World Update

Irfan praises the new Zara’s tea and says you can make for Salma too as you are going to stay here. Imran gets Kashan’s call and tells him that Kabir is here. Kashan says what? He gives the call to Kabir but Kabir cuts the call and says I don’t want them to know.

Kashan tells Shahbaz and Ruksaar that Kabir is in Irfan’s house. Shahbaz says he went there. Kashan says it’s Zara’s anniversary today. Salma tells Irfan that my heart feels a connection with this girl. Irfan says we will leave fate to God. All prepared to pray a namaz. Salma says we are praying for Zara so you will stay here? The new Zara says I will stand nearby. They all offer a namaz.

Thenew Zara cries and thinks that Zara must be lucky to get such a loving family.The new Zara calls her woman and says I am trying, give me some time, the woman says we don’t have much time. Kabir comes there so she ends the call. He asks what is going on? She says I just came to get water, don’t doubt too much, she leaves.

Shahbaz, Ruksaar, and Kashan come to Irfan’s house. Kabir comes there. Kashan hugs him and says I want to slap you for leaving us. Shahbaz smiles ang hugs Kabir, he says you didn’t come to meet us? Kabir says it’s Zara’s anniversary so I came here. Ruksaar says we kept prayers for Zara at our house too, it’s good that Kabir is here. Kabir says you kept a prayer for Zara?

Shahbaz says yes, that’s why we came to invite Irfan. The new Zara brings Salma there. All look on. Ruksaar asks Salma how is she? Irfan introduces the new Zara and says she is my daughter Zara. All are shocked.

Salma tells Shahbaz that this is Zara, our Zara. He is shocked and says she was my daughter in law and was a special girl in my life. He gets a call and says Abid is at my house? I am coming. The new Zara hears it and recalls how Abid killed people in front of her. Shahbaz says I have to leave, come Kabir. Kabir says I am staying here with Salma.The new Zara calls her woman and says where are they?

The woman says they will be given soon. The new Zara says please find out where they are kept, she ends the call and turns to see Kabir. She says now you will question me? What about your father? He says is a politician too? Kabir says I am not a liar, I didn’t come to question you, I just want to tell that this is my Zara’s room so don’t change anything and don’t you dare plan anything against Irfan and Salma. The new Zara says that I would never hurt them, I didn’t know about this life and love, I was scared of it but now I know they love of parents and will never want to be away from it, she leaves. Kabir thinks don’t know what kind of a girl is she.

Salma and Irfan are living for Shahnaz’s prayer ceremony for Zara. Azra says I can stay with the new Zara here. The new Zara thinks I have to go there, she says I will get scared here so can I come with you all? Irfan says why not. Kabir thinks she was not scared of running the jungle so what she is upto now?

The new Zara and Azra come to Shahbaz’s house. Ruksaar asks Zara to pray with them, Zara says you can pray and that is fine. Ruksaar says what kind of an answer is that? The new Zara says you can pray. Kabir meets Amaan and hugs. The new Zara leaves from there.

Zara sees Abid and Shahbaz in a room. Abid offers him 1 crore. Zara thinks that they are dealing to get those people? Kabir comes there and asks what are you doing here? Come with me. The new Zara takes her phone and runs from there. Kabir goes behind her but she leaves the house. Kabir tells Imran that she was listening to Shahbaz, she took my phone, he goes behind her.

Ruksaar says that Zara can be a thief. Salma says no, she is a good girl. Irfan says she might be in trouble. Ruksaar says she took Kabir’s phone and ranaway so don’t trust her much.Abid asks Shahbaz to make a deal with him but Shahbaz throws the money away and says you don’t know me well that’s why you are glaring. Abid says I will never forget this insult. Zara’s Nikah Sunday 31st January 2021 Zee World Update

Kabir tells Irfan and Salma that I think someone is behind Zara’s life. He tells them all the incidents and says maybe she is involved with goons, she is not our Zara. Salma and Irfan sadly look at them. Kabir says I have to go. Ruksaar stops him and says where are you going? This is your house. Kabir says I don’t have anything here, I just came to pray for Zara and I should leave. Zeenat says please stay back, Kashan says you are not going anywhere. Amaan says please don’t leave, nobody talks to me. Kabir looks on.The new Zara is in a rickshaw and says I am going there, maybe it will be solved there.

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