Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Update

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Update

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Kabir asks Zara where are the kids? Zara looks at Ruksaar and says kids are with me. I didn’t tell them, I will bring them, you go to rest. They are here only. Kabir leaves. Zara comes to Ruksaar and grabs her with a knife, she says to call the kids back otherwise I won’t spare you. Ruksaar says you want to kill me? You can’t do it. Zara cuts her hand and says give me the phone.

Zara takes it and calls her driver, she says to bring the kids back otherwise I won’t spare anyone. Zara tells Ruksaar that I don’t have a heart and I have been to a lot in my life, those kids are my life so think before you try to harm them, I don’t have anything to lose so I am more powerful than a Ravan. She leaves.

Zara is waiting. The driver brings the kids back. They hug Zara. Zara cries hugging them. Kabir comes there too. They hug him. Kids ask about their parents. One kid says that we used to sit on the floor to eat but here we eat on the table. Kabir sits with them and says your parents might not be here but we are with you. Zara says always. A kid asks where are their parents? Kabir says your parents are with God now, they died in an accident.

Kids are shocked and start crying. Kabir and Zara hug them. Zara says I am sorry and says I never wanted to hurt them. Ruksaar glares at them. Shahbaz comes there and asks what is all this? Ruksaar says we have to break this family, I have to send these kids and that Zara away then Kabir will be with us.

Scene 2: Kabir and Zara tuck the kids in bed. Kabir says to Zara that no kid should live without their parents. They can’t stay here. Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Update

The head priest tells everyone that these kids’ parents died but someone called us today and said that they are kids’ aunt and uncle and they want to take their niece and nephew away so we are here to talk about it. Ruksaar hides and sends her people in the board. They come inside as kids’ uncle and aunt. A man says I am Abdullah and their uncle. Kids deny seeing him before. Zara says they are not recognizing him.

The head priest asks her to let them talk. The man shows their pictures with their parents. Aunt says that we used to stay abroad but we got to know about the kids so came here. A kid says that my mother told me that our uncle lives in Dubai. The head priest asks Imran to interview them. Shahbaz says this man looks pious, I think kids can go with them. Kids say we don’t want to go. Zara asks Kabir to say something. Kabir says I have a question. All look on.

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