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Zee News: Decoding Hina Khan’s fitness secret

Zee News: Decoding Hina Khan’s fitness secret

Zee News: Decoding Hina Khan’s fitness secret

Hina Khan is the epitome of perfection and looking at her dedication towards fitness, we are totally motivated as well!

lot of actresses in the television industry are always working out and constantly aiming to get in shape, but no one would have transformed the way our very own Komolika aka Hina Khan did! Hina Khan has a jaw-dropping figure and is deeply committed to fitness and we love that about her.
This has attracted her lot of fan following and women who are dying to know what her fitness routine is, decode those gym secrets! Hina Khan is extremely serious about her fitness routine and she doesn’t skip her workout routine even when she is super busy.

She shared in a interview, “After quitting my show, I took my fitness really seriously. I consciously took this decision of changing my image from a bahu.” And we can see that! The Hina Khan now is so much more fit and has a perfectly tuned body and a look that women would die to have themselves. It’s certain that Hina Khan took her fitness regime seriously and the result is just perfect.

Decoding Hina Khan's fitness secret

She then added, “I got a stereotyped image and people started looking at me that way. I have also played mother to a 20-year-old on the show, so for me, it was a task. But luckily my fitness journey went so well, so smooth. I started exercising, I started going to the gym. I will say that I am thankful to Almighty that I am blessed with a body that supported me back.”

Some of her routine exercises are somersaults, leg-raise, TRX band exercise and knee squats. She has definitely laid out some amazing fitness routines for all the aspiring girls out there to follow and believes that consistency in exercising is the key to having a well-toned and fit body!

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