Kindred Hearts

Zee World Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Zee World Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Zee World Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Jhanvi comes in Adi’s office. Adi is standing by door.

Jhanvi pushes door and adi knocks down, Jhanvi says sorry, i knocked on door but you got knocked our of way. Jhanvi says i wanted discuss about colors of walls.

Adi thinks how to ask her if she was in police station, Adi says do you know about sunday colors? Jhanvi says no, Adi says its like how we plan sundays, how do you plan sundays?

Jhanvi says i spend time with family, Adi says some unexpected can happen too, Jhanvi says you tell me what kind of colors you want.

Adi says make is colorful, not only office but make society colorful, like police station colors are not good, Jhanvi thinks why he is acting like PK? Jhanvi says yes railways, police stations all should be colorful.

Zee World Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Adi says you must have gone to police station, you must have seen it, Jhanvi who else will see it other than me, Adi says when did you go there last time? Jhanvi says i went to jail last time i murdered someone, now discuss colors, Adi says you talk a lot, i am busy, now leave, Jhanvi says you were talking about irrelevant stuff, Adi says i am busy, leave, she huffs and leaves. Adi thinks how to ask her if she was in police station. Jhanvi says Adi has so many mood swings.

She asks workers to bring color palettes and show light colors. Survi comes there, Jhanvi says you in my office? tell me what happened? Survi says you are my angel, Jhanvi says you cant see devil horn’s on my head?

Survi says they were for people who hurt me, i couldnt stop so i came to say sorry, i know you were rude to me in morning so i become confident and go alone to college and i know you were following me to college, dont understand my power, Jhanvi says we will eat gol gappas, Survi says i want to thank your boss, Jhanvi says he will scold us both, dont try to talk to him.

Adi comes there and asks Survi how is she? she says i am cute, i mean i am fine, Jhanvi was saying that you wouldnt like me coming here. Adi says nothing like that, Kaka believes that we are all family, all employees are my family, Survi says we are family now so i want to thank you in my style. Jhanvi says you are getting late, Survi says no i have time, she says to Adi that my mom is awesome cook so come for tea to my house, Adi says i wouldn’t be able to come.

Adi says to Jhanvi says place ganpati in office, he asks Survi what she does on sundays? Survi says this sunday my mom’s purse got stolen but Jhanvi went to police station and filed FIR and that thief was caught. Adi recalls how he saw her that day, Adi recalls how Kaka told that girl saved Kaki’s life, Adi smiles at Jhanvi. Adi asks Survi what you did on last sunday? Survi says thief stole my mother’s purse but Jhanvi went to police station and assured that thief got caught, Adi recalls how Kaka said that some girl gave kaki medicine. Jhanvi smiles at Survi and says go home now.

Adi asks Survi when i can come to your house? she says you can come at any time, he says i will come for short time, she says okay and leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi that you dont have to come if you dont want, Adi says i want to come, he smiles at leave, Jhanvi says sometimes he is angry man and sometimes so sweet, he is weird. Kaki shows gold necklace to Nisha and says i made it for my kids but you are like my daughter so i want you to take it. Nisha says i dont need all these worldly things, i don’t want any diamonds, i just need your blessings and love, Kaki says i know i am in safe hands, you will always take care of me, i just want you to keep it.

  • Zee World: Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Nisha says you are stubborn, okay i will keep it, she takes necklace but keeps it in Kaki’s locker only, and hugs Kaki but rolls her eyes, Kaki smiles and leaves. Nisha’s mom comes there and says why didn’t you accept gift?

Nisha says its worth is nothing in front of this family’s wealth, they have crores of property and i want that, these small necklaces are nothing, Adi wanted to throw me out of house but i will make him outsider in his house, i will show him what i can do. Survi asks Jhanvi why Adi didnt come till now? Jhanvi says we invited him for tea but we wont wait for him, its his loss that he didnt come, just stop waiting. She turns and sees Adi standing on door, she gets embarrassed and says i will go to check tea, she leaves. Adi comes in house and greets her family.

Jhanvi comes there, Jhanvi says to him that you came here first time so i brought you gift, she shows him Ganpati idol, Adi says i brought gift too, he shows Ganpati idol he brought, Survi says you both have similar choice, awesome beginning, Adi says sorry what?

Maa says she means to say you have come here for first and now relation will grow stronger only, Jhanvi stares her, Maa asks where do you live? he tells some posh area. Mother gives him tea but he says i drink black coffee, she says i will make it, she goes. Survi and Jhanvi sits with him. Maa brings black coffee for Adi. Adi drinks it and puts cup down beside Jhanvi’s tea’s cup, he lifts cup again but mistakenly takes.

Jhanvi’s cup and is about to drink but Jhanvi says its mine, he says sorry, he is about to put cup down but tea falls from his hand. Maa says i will make another. Maa comes in kitchen and starts making another coffee for Adi but she mistakenly pours hot water on her hand, she screams.

Jhanvi and Survi runs to her side, They bring ice pack, they both sit with her and apply ointment on her hand, they bicker about being careless, they blame each other for being careless and bicker like sweet family. Adi sees all this and recalls how Nisha said that she hates his family, she wants them to leave, how she challenged him to snatch everything.

Adi sees Jhanvi’s family and thinks that family means love and care but for Nisha family is nothing. Jhanvi sees him looking sad and gloomy, Adi looks away. Survi says to Adi that Jhanvi’s old boss was not good but you are good and cute too. Adi says i should leave now, Maa says keep coming, he says yes. Jhanvi goes to see him off, Adi says thank you, he thinks i want to say thank you for saving my mother’s life but thats not possible, he stares her and leaves.

Maa says guy is good but very reserved, Survi says he is uptight but cute, Maa says yes very cute. Its night, Survi comes to Jhanvi and asks what are you thinking? Jhanvi says remember i told you about people half happy in life.

Otherside Adi is on road and thinks that wish Nisha was family girl and didnt try to destroy lives. Jhanvi says to Survi that i want to help someone but i dont want them to know that i helped them, Survi says why complicate things? Jhanvi says i am talking about Adi.

Jhanvi says to Survi that there is something terribly wrong with him, he is constantly in stress like something is shaken inside him and he wants to fix it, i feel like he wants to lessen burden and live life again and i am going to help him with that for sure, i know he is not that bad, everyone deserves to be happy and he has that right too and i will help him in that, Survi smiles.

Its morning, Adi comes to Kaki and sees her setting breakfast table. Adi says i knew you would be working, he starts checking her BP and thinks that her BP is high, i cant stress her with divorce talk.

Adi says to Kaki that dont do any work, you have to take rest, when i go to office, i will ask Chinni and Binni to inform me about it.

Neha says if Kaki doesnt listen to us then we will call you, Adi says yes take care of her. Kaka comes and asks where is Nisha? Nisha comes there with music band, band plays music.

Adi looks on confused, Nisha shows gold turban, Neha asks what is this? Nisha says this is honorly symbol of our society and they have chosen Kaka this time, Raj says Kaka doesnt take part in all these activities, he doesnt like awards and all that, who sent his name? Nisha says i sent his name, he deserves it, its his spot so i sent his name for head of Marwari society and all executives agreed, i bought this turban, tonight executives will come to honor you.

Kaki says Kaka never took reward of his deeds but we have got such nice daughter in law who cares about her honor, Nisha says Kaka deserves it and if kids will not make sure his happiness then who will? right Adi? Adi looks on. Nisha says to band member that keep this turban safely, it has Kaka’s honor and his honor is my honor.

  • Zee World Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Nisha says to Adi that lets take elders blessing, they touch their feet. Nisha says to Adi that i know you are busy in office but can you take office in evening and come to home around 7pm? Adi says sure and thinks what Nisha is upto? Nisha calls inspector and says are you sure that all formalities and paperwork regarding my domestic violence case was done? inspector says i think all was done, Nisha says are you sure some paperwork was not remaining?

Jhanvi is leaving for office, she sees Adi’s ganpati idol which he gifted her. Nisha prays to it. She sits and starts writing diary and writes that God i am not going to steal your parsad, i am starting to write my prayers daily from now on so even if you forget to fulfill my wishes then you read my letter and fulfill it, my first wish for today is my boss Adi.

It seems like some major problem is going on in his life but he is so uptight and wont share, i want to help him, God guide to make this day great for him, i want to throw problems out of his life and make him learn how to live life again, make my wishes come true, she puts letter in mandir.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s office with flowers bouquet, Adi is not there, she puts it on his table, she says his mood will be good seeing flowers and then his day will be good too. She asks peon if Adi came? he says he will come later. Jhanvi says flowers have to set his mood right, Jhanvi forgets her phone on his table and leaves.

Adi sit in car and looks at Ganpati idol Jhanvi gifted him, she smiles. Sameer calls Adi and says you want to sue company who tortured you for 2years? Adi says no, Sameer asks if he talked about divorce with his family?

Adi says Kaki is ill so i couldnt and i want to know what Nisha is planning, i dont want to talk about divorce to Kaka while Nisha is planning some bigger game, let me see what she is planning. Adi comes in office and finds flowers on table.

Jhanvi is in her office and doesnt find her phone, she says i might have forgot it in flowers shop, she borrow phone from receptionist and calls her phone. Adi takes call, Jhanvi says i know you are flower seller, i forgot my phone on your shop, i am coming to take it, dont try to steal it, Adi tries to say something but she ends call. Jhanvi says i should tell Adi i am going to pick phone. Jhanvi comes to Adi’s cabin and says how are you? i know you are feeling seeing flowers, Adi says you brought them?

Jhanvi says yes, i know flowers can make mood good, she keeps on praising flowers.

Adi shows her her phone, he says i didnt steal your phone, and i hate flowers, why did you bring them? Jhanvi says to make you normal. Adi says you think i am not normal? take these flowers away and dont bring them again, Jhanvi takes flowers and starts leaving but Adi shows her phone, she takes it and says thank you, she leaves.

Adi is irritated. Jhanvi says i am so stupid, sweet flowers cant affect roasted people like this. Adi sees one flower still on floor, he takes it and recalls flashback. Adi brings flowers for Nisha, Nisha throws it away and says its my birthday and i am practical woman, i am not teenager, i want diamond jewelry, think about future of our family, you are super rich but your thinking is like middle class, flashback ends. Adi angrily looks at flower and throws it in trash bin.

Jhanvi says so what if flowers didnt work on him, he has deep rooted problem so it will need solid plan to solve it, there is no harm in keep trying, i will try again. Kaki is working in house. Nisha comes there and says did you take your medicines? Kaki says i forgot it, Nisha says i knew it, you dont take care of yourself, she goes to bring her medicine. Nisha’s mother comes to her room and says you have cast spell on Kaki, how is plan going?

Nisha says its going good, its good that you came, tonight is going to big night, Maa says you have my bitterness. Maa asks what are these medicines? Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Nisha says Kaki have BP and if i have to keep showing that i care for her then i have to keep her BP high so i am giving her medicine to high her BP more, Maa says you are so good, i pray that her BP goes over 300, Nisha says it will go higher as i have to pretend to take care of her.

Nisha brings high BP medicine and gives it to Kaki, Kaki takes thinking its to lower her high BP, Nisha smirks when Kaki takes it.

Jhanvi says to peon that why you give strong bitter coffee to Adi? he should take sweet tea so he will be sweet too, peon says i dont want to lose my job so i am taking coffee which he likes.

Jhanvi says tell me dialogues of Amitabh bachan, peon gets lost in telling dialogue, Jhanvi stealthily exchanges Adi’s strong coffee with her sweet tea.

Peon gives tea to Adi, Adi drinks it and scolds peon saying that you know i like strong coffee, who made this sweet tea for me? Peon says Jhanv must have done it, Adi says bring my strong coffee and call Jhanvi. Poen comes to Jhanvi and says Adi is calling. Jhanv comes to Adi’s office and thinks that he will scold me about coffee, Adi says why you are silent now? you dont talk when you are needed.

Peon brings strong coffee for Adi, Adi asks Jhanvi to drink it, Jhanvi says i dont drink coffee, Adi says then how do you expect me to drink tea? what will happen with me drinking tea? Jhanvi says i thought you have bitter mood because of strong black coffee, Adi asks her to taste his coffee, she does, Adi asks if her mood got bitter?

She says no, Adi says modd doesnt change with coffee tast, it changes with problems going on in life, get that, Jhanvi nods timidly. Jhanvi mistakenly buprs, Adi looks at her stunned and cant stifle laugh, he bemusedly smiles at her, Jhanvi smiles and thinks finally he smiled. Nisha gets call from someone and says you are coming right? she ends call. Zee World Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

She says Adi wanted to divorce me but i will give him such shock that your thinking will be paralyzed.

Jhanvi calls Survi and says i know i got embarrassed for burping but atleast i got to know that Adi can smile, he gave me small smile. Kindred Hearts 12th June 2019 Update

Survi says you burped infront of your boss? but at least he smiled, whats your new plan? Jhanvi says he is always in his office, i cant even see from where he gets pain so i can end it, Survi says that was deep thought, Adi comes there Jhanvi ends call. Adi has bluetooth in one ear and Jhanvi is not able to see it, Adi is on call.

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