King of Hearts

King of Hearts

The anecdote of the show depicts incidences in the life of mother and the daughter following the entry of Siddharth Raj Khurana. Where Roshni and Siddharth fall in love with each other, Roshni’s mother averts accepting Siddharth as her Jamai Raja. King of Hearts

Roshni believes that rich people are often spoilt and heartless; to clear her conception, Siddharth enters her life as a middle-class boy. However, they fall for each other and marry each other, without Roshni knowing the truth. King of Hearts

Finally, Sid’s truth comes in front of Roshni and she decides to leave him as their relation is based on a lie.

King Of Hearts is the story of Siddharth, who despite being a jet-setting hotelier with a growing empire to tend to, takes it upon himself to repair the estranged relationship between his wife Roshni and mother-in law Durga Devi (DD). While DD has seen the trials and tribulations of poverty and struggled her way up to riches, she has hardened over the years and developed a somewhat condescending view of the middle class.
She has no tolerance for laziness and mediocrity. An enterprising jewellery magnate, she is constantly on the move, has a razor sharp mind and a tongue to match. Daughter Roshni, on the other hand, has a rebellious streak. With an independent mind of her own, she isn’t about to treat DD’s ideologies as the Gospel truth. Born in the lap of luxury, she hasn’t let her riches spoil her. She, feels strongly for the underprivileged and actively works for their welfare through an NGO she runs. How Siddharth succeeds in his endeavor of bringing them closer emotionally, is what is shown in the show. TV Series Update has it all

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