My Golden Home

My Golden Home

My Golden Home Zee World Plot, Summary, Full Story, teasers.

My golden home, with Indian name as Yahan main Ghar Kheli, is a series centered on the lives of the families that live in Swarn Bhawan (translates as ‘The Golden Home’). Its theme is centered on family rivalry, deceit, greed, selfishness and how love and goodness is able to conquer all.

In essence it follows the life of Abha and Karan, who are the youngest children of the rival families (Jagmohan Pasad and Thakur) constantly at war with eachother. They meet and fall in love despite their families hostility and face different conflicts along the way to their happy ending.

The golden mansion called Swarn Bhawan is situated in Ujjain and originally owned by the Thakur family, however they lose its ownership to the Jagmohan family through a reversal of fortune.

The enmity between the family was caused by the Thakur’s grandfather after he had scorned Jagmohan and his family during a Puja festival held in Swarn Bhawan years back. Jagmohan had wanted to see the golden statue in the mansion but had met with stiff opposition. The disgrace was to scare both families for year to come. More information on TV Series Update

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