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The Heir – Zee World Series

This Week On The Heir 10th - 16th June 2019 & Thriller

The Heir: Full Story, Casts, Plot Summary & Teasers 6 June 2019 on Zee World

Zee World introduces a new series, The Heir starts on 6th June ( Replacing Twist Of Fate ) as Twist Of Fate 2 comes to a seasonal break on the 5th of June after almost 8 month since it returned on ZEE WORLD.Read The Heir Zee World: Full story,Plot Summary, casts, teasers below:

Plot/ Synopsis:

Full Story/Summary:
The heirs is the story of a girl whose identity is hidden by her mother, Amba and is raised as a boy. It’s the journey of Manpreet Panwania who in her innocence faces the world like a boy. Amba has brought her own seven years old daughter Manpreet who is named Mannu as a boy, to keep Mannu’s father Charan Panwania’s title.

Amba doesn’t want Jaygan to become leader of the village because he’s a Cruel ruler and he will destroy the village if given the power.

Mannu naturally tends to go after female things like her older sisters who were also Amba and Charan’s daughters, Simiran aka simmi and Gunjan, once Mannu learns of her truth, she decides to become the son her mother needs and suppresses the girl in her. Mannu’s oldest sister, simmi learns of Mannu’s truth and supports her whenever she wants to indulge in her feminine side.

Later, Mannu befriends Raj Bajwa, a handicapped boy who is neglected by his father Hayeet Bajwa due to his disability. Although the Panwania’s and Bajwa’s are known for their rivalry, they both work together to try and bring peace to the village.

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