The Inseparable

The Inseparable: Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers

New series is coming your way this May, 22nd 2019, as STARLIFE premieres ” The Inseparable ” Replacing Family Secrets, Read The Inseparable StarLife: Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers.

The Inseparable: Full Story,Plot Summary

The Inseparable Is a story of Jeevika Chaudhary and Maanvi Chaudhary are two orphan sisters living in Rishikesh with there grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousin while Viren Singh Vadhera and Virat Singh Vadhera are two brothers hailing from an elite family of lawyers in Chandigarh.The two sisters are inseparable tho there outlook towards life are totally different. Maanvi loves and respects Jeevika as though she is her mother.

A marriage proposal comes for Jeevika. Viren and Jeevika likes each other at first sight while Virat and Maanvi are at odd with each other. Jeevika and viren’s wedding is fixed, preparation starts, by then a misunderstanding crops up, Viren gets to know that Jeevika likes Dr Mannah. He thinks of calling off the wedding.but the fact is that Jeevika likes Viren upon knowing this, Virat and Maanvi helps the couple meets and confess love for each other. Following this Viren and Jeevika got married and they leave for Chandigarh.

The Inseparable: Full Story,Plot Summary, Casts, Teasers

They couple lives in happiness but the sisters miss each other very much. Viren brings Maanvi to Chandigarh to cheer up Jeevika on her birthday. During her stay Maanvi gets to know Inder vadrah(viren and viret’s uncle) is also a worthy lawyer but different so she supports him to get his own identity but the family unsure of his capability accuses Maanvi of interference and even sends her to Rishikesh. Virat criticise his aunt Swamni of insulting Maanvi whom he considers as his friend, for no fault of hers, Inder follows Maanvi’s advice and takes up the case and later wins it too, thus Maanvi gets vindicated too.

Vadhera family realises there mistakes and apologize to Maanvi and invites her to Chandigarh. During Maanvi’s visit, Virat started falling for her but his ex girlfriend Maya reappears much to his chagrin. As Swamni hates Maanvi she promotes Maya and even cajoled Maanvi to play Cupid between the two. Maanvi readily agrees to help Maya impress Virat. More On TV Series Update

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