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BBNaija 2019 Season 4 Day 1: A New Dawn – Pepper Dem

BBNaija 2019 Season 4 Day 1: A New Dawn - Pepper Dem

BBNaija 2019 Season 4 Day 1: A New Dawn – Pepper Dem

After a great night of partying, the 21 new Housemates got to see what will serve as a roof over their heads in the next 99 days (well, for some of them).

It only took a couple of seconds before the Housemates started bonding – and within those seconds, they revealed quite a lot about themselves. Do you have any favorites yet?

The Housemates were reminded that they are in Biggie’s house and should, therefore, adhere to the rules set for them.

Oh wait! There’s a twist which appears in form of discomfort to the Housemates. How will 21 Housemates get the best goodnight rest with only 20 beds, Biggie? Let’s wait to find out.

Naija Reacts

Last night was all about the BBNaija Pepper Dem Launch and as expected the internet was buzzing with reactions. From the stunning Host to the performances and the Housemates, BBNaija Live Show Launch was as epic as ever and everyone had a thing or two to say about it. Of course, you know there is no way the internet would ‘unlook’ Ebuka.

Social media was abuzz about his amazing outfits. Moteniola resorted to begging Ebuka and we understand. He had his foot on our necks all night long.

BBNaija 2019 Season 4 Day 1: A New Dawn – Pepper Dem

Here are some of the things you had to say about the Pepper Dem Gang Housemates.

Ike’s resemblance to a famous Marvel villain earned him a new name.

Jackye the Software Engineer already had her fellow techies rooting for her.

Gedoni, Isilomo, and KimOprah got a show of love.

The general consensus is that Naija is excited to see these new Housemates and we definitely can’t wait to see them Pepper us non stop this Season.

Day 1: Off Goes The Alarm
Biggie explores a loud option for waking up the Housemates on the first day.

Intellectuals Assemble

What better time to engage in an intellectual conversation than first thing in the morning. Ike, Mike, Jackye, and Omashola started their day engaging in an interesting discussion about the business of boxing and their favourite boxers.

Get Your Fit On

Being in the House didn’t keep the Housemates from paying attention to their fitness. Leading the pack was Tuoyo, who started working out shortly after he woke up. Being a fitness coach and a “part-time stripper,” we totally understand why he is all about the fit life. The rest of the Housemates later joined in for an intense physical workout under the rain.

Opening Up

As the Housemates bond grew, a lot got revealed. The trio of Mike, Avala and KimOprah spent the best part of the morning getting to know and open up to each other. It was quite an insightful they swapped personal stories about family and business. Apparently, Avala has a five-year-old daughter who stays with her mum. KimOprah on the other hand, lost her dad at a really tender age. She fondly remembers taking trips with him to the zoo and going for picnics when he wasn’t busy. Mike always talked about how he always wanted to be a professional athlete, before shedding light on his marriage of five years and the cigar business he opened in 2015.

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Tension Brewing

Just when it seemed like the Pepper Dem Gang were getting along quite fine, the issue of food crept in. Esther was clearly upset when the food she made was dished out without her getting to eat out of it. “You didn’t say you wanted to eat noodles and you came to dish it,” She complained. Mike, who thought he was the target of Esther’s tirade, owned up and apologized. Esther wants the only one who had her meal eaten by someone else. Ella also complained of that one of the Housemates ate her well-prepared noodles and omelet.

Watch the tension brewing in the House…

Do you think food will be responsible for breaking the bond the Housemates have made with each other?



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