Gangaa 26 December 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Gangaa 26 December 2019 Update begins when Ammaji is frantic and berserk, and keeps hollering maharaj to call and continue an update on niru’s condition. he hurriedly complies. she speaks to madhavi, who says that he hsnt regained consciousness and hopes for the best. ammaji assures her the same, and then asks her to call the minute he wakes up. she asks her not to be scared.

Krishna signals ganga and leaves to freshen up. ammaji meanwhile asks maharaj to keep her updated, and then resorts to praying. MEanwhile, ganga remembers her first meeting with niru and how he had adopted in a small age, and how he had tended to her. she rushes off in despair to the temple. supriya stays behind with ammaji. ganga meanwhile finds krishna already there. she wipes her tears and joins her. krishna assures her that she is praying for her father, and that very soon niru shall be okay and with them.

Ganga says that she loves him very much. krishna assures and comforts her. ganga says that she wants her father to be with her always. krishna says that she too likes to be with her father and doesnt want to lose him, just the way she feels for niru. ganga ignores her comment deliberately and asks her to come along to niru, saying that she too feels nothing shall go wrong. ganga comes back, and talks to supriya, that niru and madhavi need their sons right now, even if they are enraged.

Sagar is in flight, and hence pulkit remains the only option. supriya is scared of madhavi’s anger, but ganga assures that despite it, she should have pulkit by her side. supriya complies and rushes out to get him.

Outside, pulkit paces nervously, when he finds kashish coming to him, asking why is he here. he lashes out his anger at her, saying that he is responsible for all this. she is concerned for niru,. but he continues to lash at her. she asks what about their child. he says that he doesnt care for the child, and her too, and asks her to get lost. she is shocked and asks how can he say this to his own love and his child.

Supriya says that even if delayed, but he said the right thing. they are both shocked to see her there. she comes and asks kashish to get lost as she already ruined their lives, and that she along with her child shall have to go away, as neither the relation nor the child, is legitimate. she begs kashish to let them live in peace, he stays silent, and kashish comments that he was silent the other day when everyone got to know about their relation, and today too. she says that she never was a part of this relation, and his life, and that she shall leave this city, and his life too, as she has applied for a transfer. she sarcastically thanks him for everything, and turns around to leave. the couple eye her going tensedly.

Gangaa 26 December 2019 Update on Zee World

Ammaji is fervently praying at home, while maharaj comes with a glass of milk, and finds her ardently praying to the lord, for niru’s safety. he tries to get her to eat so that she can have meds. she asks how can she, when niru is battling with death. she starts panting, but then says that she shall go to her guruji rightaway, to seek any religious solution that he gives, and says that she never sought anything. he begs her not to ask him, as she isnt well to go. but she is adamant and hollers at him to comply to orders. he is in a dilemma, as she is adamant on her stance.

Madhavi starts getting impatient, as she waits outside, and bad thoughts keep flashing. ganga continues to assure her that everything shall be fine, and that their love and ammaji’s blessings are with him. she asks her not to think worse thoughts. As the doctor finally comes, Madhavi hurriedly asks him about niru. tells them all that niru had an angioplasty and shall be fine, as it was a minor attack. they are relieved. but then the doctor asks him to get some tests done on niru. they are tensed. but comply.

Ganga asks whats tests and if its serious and niru is in trouble. the doctor says that they shall know and be able to tell for sure only after the test results. he leaves giving them permission to meet niru. madhavi is tensed as to what could be the reason and if its something serious. ganga assures that everything would be normal, and asks her to maintain her face, as she wouldnt want to meet niru in tension, since that would adversely affect him.

Madhavi complies and they both go in, while he groggily opens his eyes. madhavi asks him if he is okay and isnt in much pain. ganga and krishna ask this to him too, after ganga tells him that he can return home, after some tests. supriya and pulkit come too. all are alarmed.

Finally, they get niru home. ammaji is relieved to see him safe and sound, and hands him prashad. she sits by his bed, and continues to banter about her concern for his health, the same way that the doctor must have told him. she breaks down emotionally, having contained himself for so long. she says that she cant see him like this. he asks her not to worry, holding her hand, as he is absolutely fine. he says that he is tensed as both his sons are upset in their life. madhavi distracts him, and asks him not to think like this.

Ammaji complies. just then, ganga comes with a glass of water. they all eye her tensedly, as ganga gives him the meds. she then gives him the prescribed porridge asking him to simply have it and not look for taste. she then turns to leave, when he stops her. she turns around teary eyed, as he apologises. she asks him not to, but he insists that she shouldnt stop him today, as he almost felt he would be finished today. she begs him not to say so, as they need him. madhavi and ammaji are distraught.

Niru says that he couldn’t do justice to her, as he wanted them to be together, and hopes that he had taken the right decision at the right time. ganga asks him to stop blaming himself, as time is at fault along with destiny and situation, and asks him not to bother for her, as she wont go anywhere, till she gets completely okay. she tries to get personal saying that he has to comply to what she says and if he doesnt, she shall scold him. he smiles amused. she asks him to have his food, and then kisses his palm, and leaves. Niru eyes her.

In her room, ganga is distraught wondering what and why this is happening. she thinks that niru is broken apart by their differences, and wonders how to explain this to niru, that he isnt the reason why they are separate and there isnt any solution to why they are apart, and it cant be solved even. the doctor calls and tells ganga over the phone that niru’s test results have arrived, and she can come and collect, and hopefully if she can come alone, its best. ganga complies, but is extremely tensed. the screen freezes on her face.  Gangaa 26 December 2019 Update

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