Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019 Written Episode – Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019 Written Episode - Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019 Written Episode starts with Nisha who starts doing drama and sit in his feet and says i am sorry. Kaki and all family members come and asks Nisha why she is apologizing to Adi? Nisha says Adi asked me water and i dropped glass, he was working and i broke his attention, this is first time Adi raised hand on me, Kaka says Adi what is this? why did you raise hand on her?

Nisha says i am doing mistakes, what should i do? he is miffed with me, Kaki says its not your big mistake. she scolds Adi and says how dare you shout on girl like Nisha? keep your problems out of house, how can raise hand on her? apologize to her, Nisha says no its not his fault, i am not able to keep him happy, Kaki takes her from there. Kaka asks Adi to handle himself.

Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019 Written Episode

Adi thinks what Nisha is upto? Jhanvi asys to Maa that Adi messaged me thanks, why? he is weird. Survi says we should investigate why he said thanks, he might be happy with your work or that you joined his office or that you helped him somehow or maybe that he has started liking and i think last one is true.

Jhanvi says i might have solved his some problem, he is weird. Survi says how do you not know that you did? Jhanvi says dont know, Survi says this is heart connection, Jhanvi runs to beat her, Survi runs away from her, Maa smiles seeing them happy.

Neha is working in kitchen. Nisha comes there and says i will help you. She lights stove and smirks at Neha.
Kaki says to Kaka that i cant see Nisha sad, their fight has affected her, Adi seem suffocated too, they are most mature in house but why they are fighting? Nisha has soft heart, it has affected her a lot, i am scared that she might take wrong step.

In kitchen, Nisha looks at red chilli powder. Kaki comes there, Nisha puts her hand on hot stove deliberately and screams that my hand burned. Kaki says where is your concentration? Nisha says Adi shouts on me all the time, he raised hand to slap me and i cant forget that image, i cant concentrate on anything, Kaki says fights happen between couples., dont take things on heart, go and take rest. Nisha nods and leaves kitchen. She smirks.

Adi is sadly sitting in room, he recalls how Nisha lied to Kaki and said that Adi is miffed with her and raise hand on her. Nisha comes there and hugs him from behind, she asks why are you sitting in darkness? imagine Kaki was ashamed of me today, i think she might be ready to hold my feet. Adi says stop it, i wont let you hurt my family.

Nisha says if you had accepted being CEO and gave me property then this wouldn’t have happened, i gave birth to two kids so you might give me return gift, i didnt want to destroy my figure, just see how i will snatch everything from me. Adi shouts Nisha.. he raises hand and says enough now, my Kaki and Kaka are everything for me, they love you a lot, Nisha says i dont care about it, leave the room, i have to change, Adi angrily leaves, Nisha looks on.

Scene 2 – Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019
Jhanvi and Survi are on road, Jhanvi says i have to take few things for office. Survi says call your boss and asks what he wants otherwise he will scold you. Survi goes to shop. Jhanvi calls Adi. Adi doesnt take her call. Jhanvi says he is weirdo, never takes call.

Kaka says to Adi that i never thought i would talk about this but why you are doing this with Nisha? what problem do you have? Kaki says Adi you dont know how delicate Nisha is, she is scared and worried with your behaviour, do something. Kaka says you have become angry all the time, people call you walking volcano in office. I brought Nisha in this house as my daughter, Nisha’s pain is my pain so dont hurt her. Adi thinks that how to tell them, the one they trust the most is the one breaking their trust for 8years.

Nisha calls her mother and says we are married for 8years and Adi didnt understand me till now, i have to do something that i will make him see what i want. What Adi did with me, for that he will have to pay, i will make sure of it, she ends call and looks at pills bottle. Kaki asks Adi to end fight, dont hurt Nisha, if you take me as mother then end all this.

In room, Nisha takes out pills, she recalls how Adi kept failing her tricks.
Kaki asks kids to call Nisha. Daughters come in Nisha’s room and sees her lying unconscious on floor, they scream, Adi, Kaka and Kaki comes there and sees Nisha lying there with foam coming out of her mouth, Adi runs to her side, he says Nisha.. Kaki and Kaka runs to her, Kaki holds her head.

Neha and Raj comes there too. Kaka is tensed seeing all this. Kaki asks Nisha to wake up, Chinni asks Adi if mom died? Adi says no, he is tensed. Kaki asks Adi to do something. Nisha stealthily pushes sleeping pills bottle towards Adi, Adi looks at pills bottle and then Nisha confused.
Adi and Jhanvi are in same police station. Maa says to Jhanvi that you did police complaint so lets go from here, Jhanvi says cant kids fight for their parents? i can fight whole world for my family’s respect, Maa drags her from there. Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019 Written Episode – Zee World Series

In the hospital, Kids are crying for Nisha to wake up, Chinni says i wont ever ask for chocolates God, make mama wake up, Nisha sees Raj standing there and acts like sleeping. Raj says to kids that dont worry, mama will be fine, dont cry, Binni asks why Kaka and Kaki hurt mama? Raj says they didnt hurt her, Chinni says Binni they wont her, they will make her fine.
Adi says to inspector that you dont have any evidence against them, inspector says Nisha is in hospital, i should put them in lock up, we are doing our work. Adi says i will go to lawyer’s office, he asks Kaki to not worry., Kaki says it had to happen as you were hurting innocent Nisha, Kaka says i am stunned that even after our preaching, he has hurt Nisha, she is suffering in hospital and we cant be even with her. Adi says to Kaki that i promise i didnt do anything wrong, you know your Adi, i will break never your trust. Kaki doesnt look at him, Adi leaves.

Jhanvi is outside police station and asks Maa and Survi to go to home., Maa says are you going to wait here till they catch thief? Survi says she has worked hard to file FIR so she would wait here to catch him, Maa says you are like movie heroes who wont move on and keep fighting for rights and justice. Maa and Survi leaves. Adi comes outside police station, he says Nisha why you came in our lives? He recalls flashback when Nisha used to love him, flashback shows Nisha saying to Adi that i cooked once in your nice and now your family wants me to cook all the time, Adi hugs her and says my family loves your cooking.

Then later Nisha asking him to become CEO, Adi saying that they have everything and Kaka will take care of them. How Adi was excited for their first baby, Nisha said that she didnt care if they had boy or girl but about financial security of baby, how she said that she wanted him to become CEO. Then how in childhood, Baba said to Adi that problems come in lives of people to make them stronger, never runaway from problems, fight them.

In police station, inspector says to Kaka that if you dont get bail papers soon then we will have to lock you up. Kaki starts getting pani attack. Adi meets Sameer. Sameer says we cant do anything till Nisha wakes up. law against domestic violence is strict and we cant do anything but wait for Nisha to wake up.

In police station, Kaki asks for water, Kaka says to policeman that kindly give water and i left my wallet at home and dont have money rightnow but she has high BP, can you bring medicine from chemist? nobody listens to him, Jhanvi is near Kaki and Kaka and hears Kaka pleading people to bring medicines. Jhanvi says to one policeman that i have BP tablets, i keep them in my bag for my Maa, she gives pills to inspector, Inspector goes and gives pills to Kaka.

Jhanvi is unable to see Kaka and Kaki’s face. Maa calls Jhanvi and asks her to come home fast, Survi hasnt eaten anything. Survi takes call and says come fast, Jhanvi says i am, she ends call. Kaki asks Kaka to thank girl which gave them medicine. inspector says that girl left already, Kaka says she left, God bless her and makes her wishes come true.

In the hospital, kids are crying for Nisha to wake up. Nisha opens eyes and says shut up, dont shout, i have headache, stop yelling or else.. she raises her hand, Binni says i want to stay with my mom, Nisha says leave my room, i want to rest Binni, Nisha’s mom says that Nisha needs rest, she takes kids away. Nisha says why kids are overreacting? i have trained them well but they are being dumb now, they have Adi’s habits too.

Adi says to Sameer that i cant let my Kaka and Kaki stay in jail for whole night, Nisha played her game but she might have left some proof behind.

In hospital, Nisha asks for her phone. Her mom says its not there, Nisha says oh no, she asks her father to go home and bring her phone from there, nobody should catch it.

Adi comes home and searches Nisha’s room, he finds her phone and opens her messages, he reads Nisha messaged her friend asking how many sleeping pills person can take and now die? he reads that her friend had replied that 10pills and Nisha had taken only 10pills only, he says i got proof against Nisha, he calls Sameer and asks him to come to police station, he leaves home. Nisha’s father comes in house and doesnt ;find her phone in room, he calls Nisha and says i couldnt find your phone here, Nisha gets tensed. Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019

Adi and Sameer comes to police station and are shocked to see Nisha already there. Nisha says to inspector that release my Kaka and Kaki, they didnt do anything wrong with me, my parents are fool to file case against them, i had problems with my husband, he was not happy with me and i couldnt see my husband like that, maybe i am not good wife, Kaki says dont say this, Nisha you are very nice person, Kaka says its our mistake that we couldnt see what was happening, we remained silent but not now, i wont allow injustice happening with you, Adi wont ever raise his voice on you, Adi apologise to her, Nisha says leave it, its okay, Kaka says Adi do it.

Adi looks at Nisha angrily and says i am sorry, i made mistake. Nisha’s mother says to Kaki that forgive us, we have only seen Adi as good son in law so we couldnt believe he is like this in real. Nisha says to her mother that Kaka and Kaki can forgive you but not me, how could you blame Kaki and Kaka? i will forget that you are my mother, Kaki says she was just worried for you, she is your mother.

Nisha says you are like my mother to Kaki, after marriage, Kaki and Kaka are my parents and i wont allow anyone to disrespect them like that. Kaka says she did everything as she cares about you, forgive them Nisha, Nisha says but how can they treat you like this? you are my family, Nisha’s mother says i am sorry, her parents leave. Inspector says its good you all solved issue yourself, case is closed now, all start leaving.

Today’s Kindred Hearts 10 June 2019

Nisha says to Kaki and Kaka that you leave, I will come with Adi, they leave. Adi comes out. Nisha says to Adi that i am sure you will remember this night your whole life, this was lesson that you should never go against your wife otherwise I will make your Kaka and Kaki get locked in jail for 3-4years, I am sure you don’t want that, she snatches her phone from his hands, She leaves. Adi looks at her leaving and says I am done with you, I want a divorce.

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