Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Neha’s operation. All family members are in hospital and tensed. The doctor comes to him and says Neha is very critical, we are trying to save, she ate something that brought her to this condition.

Kaki says she ate laddos, Doctor says there must be something mixed in laddos that made her have food poison, where did you get them? it made mother and baby both in critical condition. Nisha smirks. Jhanvi gets tensed and says I made laddos but… the doctor goes to the operation theater. Raj says to Jhanvi that see what your carelessness did. Adi comes there. Raj says Jhanvi because of you my wife and baby are in danger today, what did you get out of all this? Adi says, why you are talking to her like this? Kaki says there was something poisonous in laddos.

Baba says Neha had food poison, she and baby are in danger. Nisha says, what I am hearing? this is very wrong in pregnancy. Adi asks what are you doing here? Nisha says I went to the office but I got to know that you are here. Raj says ask Jhanvi why she did it? Jhanvi says I didn’t do anything, Kaki says so doctors are lying? she yells at her. Nisha thinks that nice, Kaki used to trust her blindly and now yelling at her. Adi says you know Jhanvi, why would she do it? Kaki says she should have been careful with pregnant woman, how can she be this careless? Adi says you can ask her anything but you know Jhanvi can never do this, she makes food for her kids too, she won’t do it.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update

The doctor comes there and says we are sorry, we couldn’t save baby, all are shocked and pained to hear it. Nisha is surprised too. Raj is heartbroken and says my baby cant die, this is rubbish, he pleads doctor to save his baby, Adi hugs him, Raj cries. The doctor says we found a bacteria in laddoos which made Neha have food poison and baby couldn’t bear that and lost a life. Kaki cries and says what about our daughter in law? The doctor says she is weak but will be fine in our observation today, he leaves.

Kaka shouts Jhanvi what should we believe in now? because of you, we cant become grandparents now, we couldn’t see our grandchild’s face because of you. Kaki says truth is always bitter and you have done a mistake, we have lost a life because of your carelessness. Jhanvi cries and says trust me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I made it with my hands, please trust me.. she pleads to everyone but no one hears her, Jhanvi cries and breakdowns.. Adi feels bad and says I trust you Jhanvi, I know you cant even think bad about Neha and her baby, you must have made everything with care. He says to family that why you people think that Jhanvi could do that? Someone else might have done that, maybe there was something in ingredients, how can you blame Jhanvi only? Kaki says I just know that we have lost baby, how will we handle Neha?

Adi says I know this is very difficult time, Raj says I am sorry but Neha needs you most at this time, Jhanvi cries and runs away from there. Nisha thinks what I wanted is happening, all are against Jhanvi, Adi is on her side today but soon he will be against her too and she will leave Adi’s house and our lives soon.
Jhanvi runs out of hospital crying. Samar comes there and sees her running away. Adi comes there and runs behind Jhanvi without seeing Samar there. Samar looks on.

Jhanvi comes home and locks herself in room and curls up in a corner, she cries and recalls how doctor said baby died because of laddos she made, she yells and cries. She shouts no no no.. what did I do? Neha lost her baby… because of me, she sobs and saysoh God.. Jhanvi recalls how Nisha asked her to make Neha eat with her hands, she says how could I come in Nisha’s trap? how will I tell Neha? what would I say? Adi comes home and looks around for Jhanvi. He hears her crying and comes to her. He sits infront of her and says what are you doing? Jhanvi says how could I do this? Adi says we will find out who did it.

  • Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi says I know Nisha did all this, nobody could think that except her, only she could hurt Neha and baby, Adi says why didnt you tell this to everyone? Jhanvi says because Neha lost her baby because of my stupidity, you kept telling me that Nisha is lying and using me but I kept following her what she said, I kept believing her, Adi asks what she said to you? Jhanvi says somedays back I saw her coughing up blood, I got scared for her then I got to know about her trying suicide so I saved her then she told me that she is on the last stage of cancer and cried for you so I promised that you will spend most time with her and she will gain your love…

Jhanvi says Nisha came to the kitchen when I as making laddoos, she asked for lemonade, I left laddos to make that.. she says I am so sorry, I should have told you everything but… Nisha gave me the promise of kids, woman that can take life of a baby, she can do anything.. Adi wipes his tears. Jhanvi says I know I shouldn’t have hid anything from you but what I could do? she emotionally blackmailed me and trapped me in her talks, you kept telling me that she is lying but i made you spend time with her, I am sorry. Adi says don’t apologize, you did that for kids, I fought with you and even then you didn’t say anything, it’s my mistake that I couldn’t be with you, I am sorry but its limit now, this woman has crossed all limits, I will bring her truth out, she is so cheap that she killed a baby. Jhanvi says we will bring her truth out with proofs, this family has born a lot but now they will get their happiness back, Nisha will pay for her deeds. They look determined.

Jhanvi says to kids that you are going to grandma’s house. Survi comes there to pick them up. Kids say love you Jhanvi, kids leave with Survi. Samar comes there and says its good you sent them away, they shouldn’t stay in stressed conditions, I know you are not on fault in all this, you cant think bad about anyone, we will start our project when things are settled, Jhanvi says thank you for understanding, she leaves. Samar says atleast she thinks I understand her, this might be first step of our relationship. Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

In morning, Jhanvi tries to help Kaki in mandir but Kaki ignores her. Jhanvi says please trust me. Kaki says why should I? you were acting like you didnt want to be part of baby shower at all. Jhanvi says no I wanted to do all rituals. Kaki says to Jhanvi that we decided Nisha wont be part of baby shower but you made her do rituals, you went against us, you took Nisha’s side that always tried to destroy us? if you cant think for family’s betterment then atleast dont hurt us. Jhanvi says its nothing like that, let me tell what happened… Jhanvi sees Nisha hiding behind pillar and hearing them. She says to Kaki that truth is that I didnt do anything wrong, it was not my mistake. Adi comes there and says I know you are miffed with Jhanvi but you know her, she has always tried to keep family together, I promise to bring out person who did all this, he glares at Nisha.

Adi says to Jhanvi that I am sorry, I have to leave Mumbai, I have to go to our factory and will be back late, Jhanvi says okay, he leaves. Nisha hears it. Jhanvi prays to God that oneside is Nisha’s sins and otherside is our family’s protection, please make Adi and my plan successful. Nisha thinks that poor Jhanvi, everyone hates her now and soon Adi will throw her out too, its time for her show to end, she leaves. Adi meessages Jhanvi that Nisha heard them that I will be out of city, its time to execute our plan.

Jhanvi comes to Nisha and asks how is she? Nisha says I am tired and ill so cant do much. Jhanvi says illness takeover if we lose hope but I wont let you lose this battle against cancer, I am trying that this family doesnt lose more, I mean doesnt lose you.. Nisha says what are you saying? Jhanvi says family have lost baby and future, we wont be able to hide your illness for much time, they will see symptoms, so we should try to fight this illness thats why I have taken appointment in city cancer hospital. Nisha says I know all are sad but you dont have to do this, all are blaming you for yesterday’s event but you dont have to act like this. Jhanvi says I am not doing this because of guilt but for this family, I am an outsider but they love me so much and I want to repay them by helping you out, we will go to doctor. Nisha says no I want to live with my family, I want to live my last days in happiness, I dont want to worry everyone.

Jhanvi says you are ill and worried about worrying me? share this worriness so it will be lessen, we should tell to family then we wont be burdened so much, when family will know then they will take care of you especially Adi, he will be with you all the time and soon your time will end in this house, you take rest and I will tell family about your illess if you dont want to get treated. Nisha gets tensed and stops her, she says I will go with you for checkup, I dont want to upset family, Jhanvi looks on.
Jhanvi and Nisha sits in car to leave for hospital. Adi is hiding in garden and sees them leaving, he thinks that now she wont be able to hide her sins, she wont be able to live in this house, her sins are too much to bear now.

Nisha and Jhanvi in hospital. Jhanvi says he is very famous doctor, Pansari is cancer specialist, he will suggest good treatment. Nisha thinks that I have to do something, I cant let doctor check me. She looks at emergency room and thinks it will help. Nisha says I cant breath, oh God.. she falls down and acts like she fainted. Jhanvi asks what happened? Nurse says she is cold, we have to take her to emergency. Nisha is taken to emergency and thinks Jhanvi made nice plan but what I want will happen. Jhanvi thinks what to do now? Jhanvi calls Adi and says before I could take her to cancer specialist, she did drams of fainting and nurse took her to emergency room, Adi says lies cant live forever, dont worry, he ends call. Jhanvi is waiting outside emergency for Nisha. She comes inside and sees Nisha lying on bed.

  • Today: Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update

Doctor says she fainted because of low BP. Nisha says I didnt want to come but she brought me here. Doctor says to Nisha that you can leave now. Jhanvi thinks Nisha was so tensed and now she seems relaxed. Nisha says lets meet cancer specialist now, Jhanvi says no you are tired, we will meet some other doctor, Nisha says no he is very nice doctor and you researched so much to find him so lets meet him, Jhanvi is confused. Adi is hiding behind pillar and nods to Jhanvi. Jhanvi takes Nisha to specialist Pansari.

Samar is packing gift bags. Binni comes there and sees his friendship bracelet, she asks if its his? he says not its to give someone else, I dont know if Jhanvi will like it or not. He asks Binni if her mummy will like this bracelet? she says maybe. Samar asks what kind of papa do you like? I mean do you think I can be good father, she says what? Samar says can I become your father? Binni says I already have a father, Samar looks on. Chinni comes there and says lets go for homework, they leave. Samar says I hope Jhanvi accepts this gift and me in her life.

Jhanvi and Nisha meet doctor Pansari, the doctor says Nisha is on last stage of cancer, we don’t have much treatment for it, she should spend time with her family as she has less time. Nisha says that’s the truth, I want to spend my little time with my family and husband, I dont want to spend time in hospital. The doctor says I have given you medicine, Nisha nods.

Nisha and Jhanvi come home. Nisha says thank you Jhanvi for today. Adi comes there and asks Nisha where did she go? Nisha says we went for shopping, Adi yells lie, you went to the hospital, I know because I was behind you, why are you lying? this woman is a liar. Nisha says I am not lying, Adi says you lied, this woman is a liar, she doesn’t even have blood cancer, she is fooling you Jhanvi. Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update

Jhanvi says no I can prove that she is not lying, Adi says then do it. Jhanvi says I will prove it infront of whole family, Nisha is confused and looks on. Jhanvi calls out to everyone. Nisha says I dont want everyone to know. Jhanvi says please let me handle. All family members come there. Neha glares at Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I know you dont want to see my face but its about someone’s life today so hear me out. Kaki asks why did you call us? Jhanvi says I have called to tell that Nisha has changed, she is not selfish but loves you, she cares for everyone and wanted to die just so you people wont be in pain, and Nisha hid thing but I will tell why she did that. Nisha is tensed. Jhanvi says to family that truth is Nisha has blood cancer and its on last stage, I didnt believe it but I saw her tests then I took her to two doctors and they both said that she has last stage of cancer, all are stunned.

Jhanvi says to Nisha that tell them you love your family and doesnt want them hurt because of your cancer right? Nisha says yes. Jhanvi says then prove it, she brings out poison bottle, all are shocked. Samar says to Jhanvi that she is already ill and you are doing this? Jhanvi keeps poison bottle near Nisha’s mouth and says just drink it and let everyone know how much you love them and can die for them, she keeps pushing it to her mouth, Nisha says what are you doing, she tries to push it away. Bottle falls down and breaks. Nisha says this is phenyl, I love family but I dont have to prove like this, have you gone mad? Jhanvi says relax, it was just water. Nisha says Adi what are you doing? Adi says she is right, I know your real face, you have always hurt us only.

He says I want everyone to see something. Jhanvi plays video of Nisha with doctor Pansari, in video Nisha says to doctor that I am giving you blank cheque so take it and if you dont do what I want then I will announce that you tried to molest me and your license will be cancelled. Doctor says you cant do that, Nisha says go ahead and try, I even kidnapped my daughter for my benefit, I can do anything. All family members see Nisha bribing doctor for her fake cancer. Video ends. Adi says you have crossed all limits, you are right the woman who can hurt her own daughters can do anything, you are so filthy, I cant even look at you.

  • Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019

Kaki says you remembered everything and kept fooling us to take advantage of our sympathy. Baba says you are a witch that have just hurt our family, you dont deserve any of this. Jhanvi says you kept fooling me and took advantage of our trust, we trusted you and kept hurting us and you dont even love Adi, you just want to get him. Nisha says no Adi, dont listen to her, I love you a lot, I swear on kids. Jhanvi slaps her and says dont you dare talk about kids, shame on you, you even lied about your cancer, what kind of mother are you? you even used your kids.

Samar says which kids are we talking about? Kaki says Chinni and binni are Nisha and Adi’s daughters, she stranded them and hurt us so much but Jhanvi came in our lives and helped us, we got to know real face of Nisha and was about to throw her out but she pretended to lose her memory and Jhanvi being innocent trusted her and let her stay in house even when she married Adi, Jhanvi is Adi’s wife but still let Nisha stay here, she is so nice and kept Adi and all of us sane. Samar is stunned and thinks Jhanvi is Adi’s wife? he hides his gift for Jhanvi and recalls his moments with Jhanvi.

Jhanvi says what kind of woman are you Nisha? what did Neha’s innocent baby do that you killed it too? Kaki says I am sure Nisha mixed something in Neha’s laddos. Nisha says no I didnt do anything, I am innocent, she takes knife silently and says Jhanvi I told you everything but you did with me? She puts knife on Jhanvi’s throat and says Adi is mine, kids are mine, I wont spare you.

Adi pushes knife and says get lost from my house. Nisha says I wont leave this house, you are mine, this is my house, you are legally still married to me, I wont ever divorce and Jhanvi is the other woman in our marriage, she is other woman not me.

Adi says Jhanvi is that woman who save me and family from your evil acts, she gave my kids love of a mother and I have love relationship with her, I have given you even justification so leave my house. Nisha sits down and says I wont leave, Adi you cant throw me out. Jhanvi says I brought you here and I will throw you you, you were never a good wife or mother. Nisha says Adi is my husband. Jhanvi says court will decide that, when they will know what you did then they will you to give divorce, now get lost, she throws Nisha out of house, Nisha falls down and is shocked. Kaki says I will get Adi and Jhanvi married again, they will take pheras again, she glares at her and closes door.

  • Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Nisha shouts no, if Adi is not mine then he cant be of anyone else, you have done a grave mistake by throwing me out of house, you will get punished for your mistake. She looks at closed door. In house, Jhanvi says to Kaki that I am sorry, because of my carelessness, you all had to bear all this, you all asked me to not trust Nisha but I became blind and forgot what she can do, please forgive me. Kaki says dont berate yourself, your heart is so big that you couldnt see Nisha’s lies. Jhanvi comes to Neha and holds her hands, she says whatever happened with you, I am responsible for that, I brought Nisha in house.. I am telling truth, I didnt mix anything in laddos, please trust me, I cant lessen your pain, I shouldnt have let Nisha do your rituals, I dont know if you will come out of this pain but please forgive me, Neha cries and hugs her. Kaka thinks that Nisha’s trick fired back, she is thrown out of house and now Jhanvi will be leading this house, I have to be careful otherwise I will be thrown out of house like Nisha. Samar looks on seeing all that.

At night, Jhanvi is in gazebo, Adi comes there and puts hand on her shoulder, she smiles. Adi says you didnt react, what if it was someone else? Jhanvi says there is your essence I can feel, winds blow and air refreshes when you come near me. Adi says you are getting romantic today? Jhanvi says today I feel like this is my house, like everything is to care of by me. Adi says this house is yours, I am yours, I wanted to start this moment in our life with something pure and pious, he show sher sindoor(vermilion) box. Adi says I promise with this sindoor that I am only yours and will always be yours and no one will ever come inbetween us.

He opens sindoor box but lizard falls over sindoor box and it falls down, Jhanvi says this is bad omen. Adi says there is no bad omen, your husband is fine in front of you, don’t talk like Kaki ma, he says I can do one thing. He dips Jhanvi’s dupatta in sindoor that fell on the floor, he puts sindoor dipped dupatta on Jhanvi’s head, she smiles.

Adi says I didn’t only fill your forehead but made your whole head covered with it so now no bad omen can touch us. Adi hugs her from behind and hums dil keh raha song. Jhanvi says I didn’t know you sing that badly. Adi says bad or good, I am just yours, your bad luck. Jhanvi smiles and hugs him. Adi lovingly looks at her and kisses her forehead.

Nisha breaks everything in her room and screams. Nisha says they can throw me out of the house but I have right on that house, that house is mine, I will come back and I will make you pay. Kindred Hearts 18 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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