Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 25 August 2019

Kindred Hearts 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts when Jia’s friend calls her and tells her that her mom talked to the commissioner and spoke to the trustee. The trustee will call themselves.
Samar calls Jia. She is dazed to hear his voice. Sameer says is someone there? Jia says, who is this? He says Samar this side.

You spoke to my wife. Jia says yes I did. Can you help me going to that temple? he says why that temple only? She says you won’t believe me. I see flashes of that temple since childhood I have to go there. Samar says okay you can see the temple. She says thank you. He says meet me first. She says sure to tell me where do I come? He tells her the address. Jia sees the idol and says finally I will meet you. I never trusted in God. But I came here all the way. I am sure there would be something. I will find all the answers.

Kaki is not feeling welling. Chini gives her meds. Someone sends her dirty texts. She shouts at him and says I will call police.
Kaki says who was it? Chini says all men are the same. They have no manners what so ever. Kaki looks at Adi’s picture and says if you were here I won’t have been so worried about her security.

Kindred Hearts 25 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Arjun comes to Nisha’s house. He says to driver how are you? You shouldn’t work in this age. You don’t remember me? Bua ji has sent this pant shirt for you. You are bablu’s mama right? We are relatives. The driver takes the pant shirt. He says ma told me you are Kamlesh’s son. We are relatives. You should help me. Driver says fate works in Mumbai. Arjun says do one thing. Get me job with madam. Driver says she is very moody. I will see what I can do. Arjun says don’t forget. Arjun leaves.

Nisha sits in her car. Arjun’s bike punctures in front of her car. Nisha says who is this idiot. Ask him to move aside. Arjun is trying to start his bike. Nisha says I am getting late ask him to leave. Jia is waiting for Samar. She says this Nisha and her husband only keep me waiting.

Some men kidnap Chini. Jia saw that follows them and comes to that place. The thugs are coming near her. Jia comes and says stop it. The police is coming. The thugs run. Jia takes off cloth from Chini’s face. Chini is dazed to see her. Jia says don’t worry I saved you. I saw them abducting you. Chini says ma.. Jia is dazed.

Jia says to Chinni, its okay you are fine. Calm down. Police is coming you will be fine. Chini sits down in shock. Chini is crying. Chini hugs her and says Jhanvi ma.. Jia is dazed. Chini is crying. Jia says its okay please calm down. Chini says Jhanvi ma you came back. Jia says I know you are in a shock and misssing your mom. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Chini says I can recognize you and feel you. You are my Jhanvi ma. After years God fulfilled my wishes. Jia says my name is Jia. Don’t call me Jhanvi. Chin says I waited for you and papa so many years. I wont let you go. You are my jhanvi ma. Jia says I have to go. Chini holds her hand she says you are my mom. Jia says are you mad stop calling me your mom. Inspector says let us drop you both home.

Who was the man who saved you? jia says I couldn’t see his face. Jia comes out. They take Chini home. Jia talks to inspector about something. Chini says give me a minute. She asks inspectors where Jia go? He says she is taking herr bag. She said she will go herself. Police asks Chini to go so they can drop her. Chini says where did you go jhanvi ma? I will find you. We will all be together one day. Jia says what was wrong with that girl. SO strange. She says where is my bike and bag? my phone passport wallet. What will I do now?

  • Today’s Update: Kindred Hearts 25 August 2019

Arjun has her bag and password. Bablu says she was riding my bike like crazy. She helped a girl. Bablu says there is so much cash in her bag. Bablu says are you liking that girl? Arjun says it has her important stuff. Bablu says no she would be worried. Bablu says who was she? He says the girl whose picture I stuck on the poster. Her name is Jia. Bablu says she came to fight you. Arjun says why I collide with her everywhere. Bablu says its not a movie. Stop thinking about her. Arjun says how to get rid of her? Bablu says why you wanna return her purse? He says I will. She won’t know I returned her. He says maybe she recognizes you. She is very clever.

Chini comes home and says Kaki… Listen to me dadi. I have news for you. Kaki says did you get advance for cooking class? She says no. This is the advance that will live with us. I am so happy God listened to us. Jhanvi ma is back. Kaki is dazed.

Kaki says what are you saying? She tells her everything. Kaki says you are not a kid. Try to accept reality. Reality is that Adi and Jhanvi are dead and nothing can bring them back. Go let me do my work. Chini says please trust me. Kaki says it might have been her doppelganger. Chini says I felt the same I did before. Kaki doesn’t respond to her. Chinni says my Jhanvi maa has returned, I have touched her, felt her, same eyes and face, God listened to us, Jhanvi Maa returned, Kaki thinks how to pacify her.

Jia is working on her laptop, she says i am rockstar, she finds a way to open her phone, her phone opens, she calls Samar. Jia says I am Jia, I am sorry, I was in trouble. Samar says what kind of trouble? I took time to help you and you didnt come? I dont have time for lies, you didnt even message me. Jia says I lost my bag, please try to understand, I dont know anyone, please let me go in that mandir, he says mandir wont open, he ends call. Jia says I dont understand why this couple is so arrogant, if they dont allow me to go in then I will go myself.

Nisha comes to Samar and says this land will be profitable for us, we have to meet clients today, Samar says I was thinking this deal will benefit us. Nisha says we have to go to meet clients now, lets go, Samar says I am ready.

Jia says nobody can stop me today from going in mandir. Door bell rings, Jia opens door and its Arjun dressed as sardar. Jia and him look at each other, they share eyelock as kuch toh tjhse raabta, Arjun gives her purse and says this is yours? she says yes, thank you so much, my things were inside, Arjun says you left it in my car, I am driver. Jia shakes his hand, they both share eye lock.

Arjun says I should leave, I have to drive cab. Jia says you said you drive taxi? I have to go somewhere, can you drop me? he says no, she asks why? he says I have to pick up my boss, Jia says I dont know anyone here, I am coming. Arjun thinks she is clingy, I should runaway. Jia says give me your number, I will call you when I come downstairs, Arjun gives her number, she gives him miscall, she says I will cancel my FIR for bag, I am coming back, stay here. Arjun thinks I shouldn’t be so nice, I can run away, I don’t have a taxi, what to do now? More Updates Coming…

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