Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Friday episode starts with Kaku saying you talk about your divorce with Nisha again and again and you say that you have nothing to do with that girl? Aadi says I won’t hear a word about Jhanvi now. She is innocent this divorce is happening because of Nisha herself. She came here to save my marriage. nothing can stop this divorce now. I won’t listen to anyone, not even you. Kaki says is this how I brought you up? You are insulting your Kaku? Aadi says I am not insulting anyone but protecting the one who was blamed for no reason.

Jahnvi’s ma says you have to take stand for your self-respect. You have to prove that you are not a second woman in anyone’s life nor you will ever be. You have to go there and take a stand for your dignity and my upbringing.

Baba asks Kaku to listen to Aadi. Kaku says if he can take stand for a stranger I will take stand for Nisha. I brought her here as my daughter. I will stand for my daughter. I will hire a lawyer against you and prove that you cheated on Nisha for that Jhanvi and she is innocent. Aadi says okay do what you want and I will do what I have to. Nisha says please stop. I don’t’ want a divorce. She is crying. Kaku says don’t worry. I will get you your right. I won’t let him be unfair with you.

Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019 Update

Baba calls Jhanvi. He says What happened was not right. I trust you and Aadi completely please forgive me. I couldn’t recall anything. Jhanvi says it’s okay. Do you remember anything now? Who took you to the room? He says no I can’t remember since I was very sleepy at that time. But I have a way out. Jhanvi says what? He says if you tell me what happened that night I will lie to everyone that I remember what happened. I know whatever you tell me will be the truth. If a lie can save your dignity then I will. Jhanvi says thank you, uncle, but if I am right I will find a way out with a lie. If you and ma trust me that is enough for me. He says okay God bless you. She says thank you.

Phone rings. Nisha picks it. Aadi takes his phone and says how dare you to touch my phone. She says I know you are hurt and I am sorry. I did all that to get you. Please trust me. He says I can never trust you. She says I got insecure. I can’t bear anyone near you. I wanted to get rid of her. Whatever problems we had shouldn’t have a third person involved. HE says shut up don’t say a word against her. I won’t’ listen to it. You brought her here and put all those allegations on her. She says please… He says don’t touch me. You don’t deserve a second chance. His phone rings again, he goes out.

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Nisha shouts and cries. She says Aadi listen to me. Why don’t you try to understand? She breaks stuff in anger. She says you are the only mine. I will never let anyone else have you. This can never happen.

Aadi comes to Jhanvi’s house. Jhanvi says ma I called him here. Please let him in. Aadi comes in. Adi says I am really sorry. Because of me, simple people like you have to bear it. I am sorry. Ma says as a woman I can understand it was not your mistake. But as a mother, I will never forgive your family. They have hurt my daughter. They put allegations on her. If Nisha had done this I could understand that. I know what she is but your elders did it. My daughter knows what an abuse second woman is and she will never be that. She goes inside. Jhanvi says I wanted to say something.

Nisha’s mom says everything was going according to you. Why did you have to do all this? Nisha says I did all this so everyone hates Aadi so he never thinks of separating from me.

Aadi says to Jhanvi I am very sorry. Jhanvi says it’s okay. It was not your mistake but this allegation… it’s just… she starts crying and sobbing. Aadi gives her tissue. Jhanvi says if it was about me I could be silent but this time it is about my mother’s upbringing. This is a disrespect to my mom. I wanna prove myself innocent for that I need your help.

Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Nisha says one thing worries me. What I did was a small plat and plot. But the way Aadi talked in defense of Nisha in front of Kaku I have never seen him that way. Is my fake plan truth? Is there something more between them than friendship?
Aadi says I asked you not to listen to Nisha. She can stoop so low. I should have stopped you there. Tell me how can I help you. I can do anything to remove this allegation on you.

Kaku talks to his lawyer Sharma and says Adi shouldn’t win this case. Kaki says you shouldn’t come in between. He has two kids, he never talked loudly to you then what is the reason now? He says because he is involved with that girl Jahnvi. She says I don’t know should we believe what we directly see. My heart says Adi can’t be this wrong. Kaku says Adi has stooped this low.

Aadi says to Jhanvi we have to prove that someone took baba to kids’ room. How should we prove this? Jahnvi says step by step, she called me and said uncle is in the room. And he wasn’t there. This means uncle was moved before I reached your house. If we prove that you were asleep when uncle was moved before I came. We can prove that Nisha did all this. He says There is on way, maybe Chini saw her taking baba to their room. Chini wakes up a lot in her sleep. Is she has seen Nisha, Nisha is gone.

Aadi comes to the kids and asks what’s up. They show him their drawings. Aadi says very well. Aadi asks Chini you wake up at night? Chini says yes I wake up a lot. See this alarm clock broke. Last night when Dadu came into my room and it broke I guess. He says, how you know it broke after he came? She says I saw this before sleeping. It was fine. Adi says when you woke up did you see who was Dadu coming with? She says when I saw him he was already asleep here. He says are you sure? He asks Ninja did you see? She says no I was asleep. Aadi says in heart maybe I can find something with this alarm clock

Jhanvi is at home and says how to myself innocent? I should call baba, maybe he remembers something. Jhanvi calls baba, he asks how she is? Jhanvi says I am sorry to call you again, do you remember who took you to Chinni and Binni’s room? Baba says I tried but I don’t remember anything, I am so sad to lose my memory because I can’t help my kids, I have learned one thing that is to never lose hope. Chinni and Binni come there, Jhanvi hears them and asks baba to give a call to Chinni, he gives a call to Chinni, Kaki comes there and asks who is on call? Chinni says don’t know, kaki takes the call and asks who is on another line? Jhanvi hears her and ends the call without saying anything.

Maa comes to Jhanvi and says have more thirst to reach your destination, don’t have less hope to move forward, Jhanvi nods, Maa leaves, Jhanvi says I won’t lose hope, I just want one clue to prove myself innocent but how?

Adi comes to Nisha, Nisha says why you are involving kids? its between us, you don’t have to interrogate kids, I will set everything right, we can start all over again, you forget everything and we will start life again, from the time Jhanvi has left, I am thinking that I didn’t do anything wrong, you are very simple and innocent, I can tell she was interested in you, truth would have come out and that is that Jhanvi is blo*dy homewrecker. Adi shouts shut up, he raises hand on her but doesn’t slap her, Adi says Jhanvi didn’t break this house, you broke it, Jhanvi is innocent, filthy was not her intentions, your mind has filth, don’t force me to raise hand on you.

Nisha says raise hand on me, slap me, you never raised hand on me and now you want to raise it because of some other woman? what is going on between you two? I am sure there is something, Adi says you are so cheap, thinking like this about another woman when you are a woman yourself, you cant change ever, Jhanvi is innocent and I will prove it, he leaves. Nisha says no… Adi and Nisha are made for each other and Adi-Jhanvi can never happen, I won’t let it happen ever, she crazily looks around. Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019 Update

Jhanvi starts writing a letter to God, Jhanvi writes that my intentions were pure, I just wanted to help Adi, what was my mistake? to help Adi or to trust Nisha? Jhanvi writes what was my mistake? Loving aadi? My love is true and so is our friendship, I won’t allow anyone to raise fingers on our pious friendship, she asks God to show her some way, help me. Adi comes in. He says I have a way to prove you innocent. She hides the paper and puts it on the table.

Aadi picks the paper. Jhanvi asks what way? did Chinni or Binni saw who brought baba in their room? Adi shows her alarm clock and says this is Chinni’s alarm clock, baba mistakenly threw it down that night and it stopped, time show 2:37 AM when Nisha called you? Jhanvi sees call log and says around 2:25 AM Nisha called me. Adi says you must have taken 20minutes to reach my home, you reached there around 2:50 AM, he writes all information down on paper(which is actually Jhanvi’s letter), it means baba was shifted to kids room before you came there, Jhanvi says but how will we prove that it was Nisha who took baba in kids room, Adi says I will find some way, Adi takes Jhanvi’s letter with him as he has information of time written there, he leaves, Jhanvi gets tensed.

Kaka asks Raj to call lawyer, Raj says we should talk to Adi first, Kaka says enough, Adi has stooped in my eyes, Nisha is innocent and Adi is unfair to her. Adi comes there and says I know you don’t trust me but I feel sad that you are in Nisha’s trap, I will prove that Jhanvi is innocent Kaka huffs and leaves. Baba comes to Adi and says do something, Jhanvi is innocent. Adi shows clock to baba and asks if he remembers anything? Baba says no but Adi asks him to thick.

Survi asks Jhanvi how can you give your letter to Adi? Jhanvi says Adi started writing on the back of the letter, I hope he doesn’t read that letter because then everyone will think that I went to their house to break Nisha and Adi’s relation but that wasn’t the case, I just pray that Adi doesn’t read it, I want to remove this allegation from my name.

Neha gives milk to Binni but she says I won’t drink it. Adi comes there and holds milk glass, he asks her to drink it, milk mistakenly falls on Adi’s shirt, Adi goes to wash it, Nisha sees this. Jhanvi is calling Adi, Adi takes off his jacket, Jhanvi’s letter falls on the floor. Adi takes her call and asks what happened? Jhanvi asks if he can come to her house? he says yes and ends call. Nisha comes there and asks if he wants another jacket? he says leave all this drama, he leaves. Nisha takes his jacket and says why Jhanvi is calling him? why she talks to him so much? this is not just friendship. Jhanvi’s letter has fallen under the sofa, Nisha doesn’t see it.

Zee World Series: Kindred Hearts 28 June 2019

Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house in a rickshaw and says I came here in a rickshaw to have an idea of how much time it takes to reach here from my house. Jhanvi asks where is paper where he wrote his calculations? Adi says I left it in my jacket and jacket would for dry cleaning, Jhanvi thinks that thank God that letter will be destroyed.

Nisha sees letter under the sofa, she opens it and is about to read it but Chinni comes there and takes the letter from her, Binnie starts making an airplane from Jhanvi’s letter.

Adi and Jhanvi sit in the rickshaw and starts stop-watch to read time to reach his house, Jhanvi looks at him and thinks it means a lot what he is doing to protect my innocence.

Adi and Jhanvi reach Adi’s house, Adi says it took us 22minutes to reach here, Jhanvi says we can prove that I came here around 2:50 AM but how will we prove that Nisha shifted baba in kids’ room before I came here? Adi says I told you I would do anything to prove you innocent, I have got one thing, see this, he shows her something which is not shown.

Adi and Jhanvi come into his house. Kaka asks him to stop right there, there is a limit to shamelessness, you brought her here even after all that? Jhanvi says I know many wouldn’t like me here but I have come to prove my innocence that too with proof. Chinni is playing with Jhanvi’s letter and reads it too.

In the lounge, Kaka asks Jhanvi to leave, I don’t want to hear anything. Nisha says Adi you don’t care about me but at least respect Kaka and Kaki. Jhanvi says we will talk to you later, first let me talk to Kaka. Jhanvi says to Kaka that you alleged my character, you pointed fingers at my character yesterday but I remained silent, I didn’t say anything but today I want to prove myself innocent and I have brought proof with me, Kaka and the whole family looks on, Jhanvi says I have right to speak right?

Adi says me and Jhanvi came here in a rickshaw from Jhanvi’s house and it took us 20minutes, Nisha says what are you doing Adi? Kaka says let’s hear what they have to say. Jhanvi says Nisha called me last night at 2:25 AM, she shows call log to Kaka, Nisha says I called her as baba was ill, what are you both doing? Jhanvi says to prove some things, I want you to come with me, you come to my house with me in a rickshaw and see yourself how much time it takes to reach there. Kaki asks Kaka to go with Jhanvi and see. Nisha thinks, that Adi is collecting proofs against me by partnering with Jhanvi?

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