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King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update- Shabnam tells herself that Sid must be trying to see Roshni again and DD is helping him. She vows not to let him help Roshni regain her memory! Kunal calls out to her from the living room, referring to her as his darling. She decides to go and teach him a lesson!

DD sneaks into Shabnam’s room to pick up the package she received earlier. She finds it empty so she tears off the address of the Courier company. She hears Bansi complaining that Kunal has been acting strange! Kunal gives some presents to Shabnam.

Shabnam tells him to give them to Roshni. Roshni is watching with a hurtful look on her face. Shabnam tells Roshni she would give her the gift. Kunal asks Roshni if she’s feeling bad? Roshni says she’s not feeling bad at all.

Sid is taking a walk with DD. He says they have to find the Courier Company.
Kunal calls Sid to complain about Roshni. Sid changes his voice to Jyoti’s and tells him to continue doing as he asked. DD asks if he’s now Kunal’s friend? Sid says he’s only trying to bring his two enemies, Kunal and Shabnam, closer together and DD should just sit back and watch the fun.

King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

At lunch time, DD brings a tray of drinks to the table. Jyoti serves everyone with a glass each. Shabnam is asleep in bed, she struggles to get up and make her way to the Pool area. She sees Kunal at the Pool, but her mind deceives her and she’s sees Sid instead. Kunal also thinks he’s seeing Roshni.

Their drinks were obviously drugged by DD and Sid. They both get into the Pool and start playing. They dance in the Pool while the song Aaj Dikhade Mujhe Love Karke plays… Sid/Jyoti is watching them.

In the morning, Sid wakes Roshni up. She wakes up in shock and tells him that she’s a married woman and he’s just trying to take advantage of her! He says they are alone and if he wanted to take advantage of her, he would have done it.

He tells her to go and look for her husband, then she would see who is really taking advantage of her. Roshni goes to the Pool area and sees Kunal lying half-dressed beside Shabnam. She screams.

Bansi, Premal and DD rush out. Kunal says he doesn’t know what happened, but he didn’t do anything. Roshni says she doesn’t think she can live with a husband like him! She asks Shabnam what sort of Sister she is? She goes to Sid who is now back in Jyoti’s disguise. He holds her and takes her away. King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

DD is using her Phone in the room. Shabnam tries to take the Phone, but DD snatches it back. Shabnam asks DD what she’s hiding? She says she knows DD met with Sid earlier in the day and what happened with her and is Kunal part of Sid’s drama? DD says Shabnam is only looking for others to blame; what happened was good for Roshni because it would help her see Kunal’s true colours!

Shabnam says she won’t tolerate all that is happening! DD tells her to do what she wants, but she should bear in mind that she’s the one tolerating them because it’s her house!

Bansi asks Roshni how she dares talk to her husband like that! Roshni tells her to go and speak to her Grandson who is being unfaithful and lying next to her Sister! Jyoti is watching from the doorway. Premal tells Bansi that Roshni is speaking rudely. Roshni becomes remorseful and says she didn’t know she was being rude. Bansi tells her that she was always very rude before she lost her memory and Kunal sacrificed everything just to help her regain her memory. Sid is happy that Roshni is slowly coming back to him.

Shabnam goes to Kunal to ask who he thinks he is! Kunal tells her to stop because she was the one who came to him! Shabnam says she thinks Sid and DD are working together to separate him and Roshni. Kunal says he’s not interested in anything she has to say. He walks out of the room. DD asks Sid what happens if they get caught? Sid assures her everything will be fine. King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

Shabnam goes to try and reason with Roshni that nothing had happened between her and Kunal, and tries to make her understand that she’s innocent. Roshni tells her to leave! She holds Roshni’s hand and sees the bracelet. She asks where she got it from? Roshni warns her to be quiet and tells her to be ashamed of herself for seducing her Sister’s husband! She walks away. Shabnam thinks it’s given to her by Sid, and she can’t let him win!

Sid calls Roshni and asks if she believes him now? She tells him to just leave her alone! He tells her to come and meet him at a location and he will help her get rid of her problems because he can’t bear to see her troubled. Roshni say she’s not coming. He tells her to either come or he will come to her. She’s quiet. He says he’s expecting her in 30 minutes.

Roshni walks into the living room. Kunal asks where she’s going? She tells him to leave her alone!
When she leaves, Shabnam says she’s sure Roshni is up to something. Shabnam follows Roshni and notes that they are in the neighbourhood where Sid used to live as Raghu. Bunty sees Shabnam and decides to tell Sid before she ruins his plans.

Roshni gets to the place and it’s set up for a stage play performance. An audience has gathered. Sid gets on stage and announces the play is about 2 lives whom death couldn’t win over or separate.

Bunty is dressed as a Woman. He and some eunuchs prevent Shabnam from getting to the venue of the stage play. They start singing and dancing around her, asking her to to give them Money and gets her busy.

On stage, Sid and a lady who looks like Roshni act out different chapters in Sid and Roshni’s love story, from how they met and got married, till when Shabnam shot Sid. Roshni has flashbacks, but they are blurry. Kabhi Na Kehna Alvida song plays… She screams as the lady playing the role of Shabnam shoots Sid. She runs away and Sid runs after her. Shabnam gets to the place and everyone is leaving. King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

Sid catches up with Roshni and she gives him a hug as she remembers. After a few seconds, she pulls away from him. He asks if she’s doubting herself again? He asks why she felt sad when he got shot? She says she can’t remember anything and it’s like she’s only seeing negatives of a photograph. She calls him by his full name, Siddharth. He asks how she knows his name is Siddharth? She says she just said the name because it was in the back of her mind. He says it’s his name and it means he’s still a part of her. He says her memory is returning slowly. He tells her to try and remember.

Shabnam sees Roshni and calls her name. Sid hides. Shabnam asks Roshni if she was with Sid? Roshni denies it and starts looking around for Sid. Shabnam thinks once again, Sid has managed to meet her, and thinks this can’t happen again.
DD and her Mother get to a hospital and DD shows Shabnam’s photo to a male Nurse. She asks if he knows the lady as she comes around often to the hospital? The Nurse hesitates then says he doesn’t know her. He rushes off and Roshni’s Grandmother looks at the file he had placed on the table. It’s Roshni’s file. She alerts DD.

DD picks it up.
Another hospital worker takes it from her saying it’s his daughter’s report. The male Nurse returns and tells DD to leave! DD apologizes and goes. The hospital staff tells the Nurse that they would need to inform Shabnam about it.
Roshni is back home, crying in Jyoti’s arms. She says she’s so confused. Sid/Jyoti asks if she feels strange after meeting that guy?

Roshni says she feels like everyone is a stranger, Kunal, Shabnam and Bansi. She says she doesn’t feel comfortable with her Kunal, but she feels comfortable with that Man and doesn’t even know how she knows his name. Sid/Jyoti says when one can’t make sense of something, that’s when one should listen to their heart and if Roshni’s heart says she should continue to see that guy, then she should listen.

Roshni hugs him/her and says nobody understands her like Jyoti and she feels just as comfortable and happy with her as she feels with Sid. Sid is on the Phone with his Dad. He says Roshni called his name and he’s so happy. Raj says she will soon regain her memory. King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

Sid says he will definitely help her regain her memory. Raj says he has faith in him. He tells him to just look for new ways to be with Roshni. Sid says nobody can separate him and Roshni. Sid is back in Jyoti disguise. Premal comes to meet him in the Kitchen to invite him to a movie. Jyoti says she can’t leave Roshni.

In the living room, Bansi tells Roshni not to listen to anything Shabnam says. She says she has noticed that Roshni has been very upset so she wants to take her out. Shabnam says they are making a huge mistake by taking Roshni outside because she’s sure Sid will come for her! Bansi tells her she’s talking nonsense!

Bansi takes Roshni to a park. Raj runs past in disguise and pushes Bansi down. Bansi lands on the floor and gets wet paint on her face. She tells Roshni she has to go and wash up and will be back. Simran and Sid are watching them. Simran tells Sid to run quickly to Roshni.

Sid goes to Roshni and covers her eyes. She knows it’s him and calls his name. He turns her to face him. She says she still hasn’t regained her memory and no matter what she feels, she’s somebody else’s husband and she doesn’t want Bansi to be upset with her. Sid says no matter how she tries to stay away from him, his antics and memories will help her find him. They have an eye lock and romance follows while a song plays… Tum ho pass mere…

King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update Bansi returns and starts looking for Roshni. Simran sees her and tells Raj to call him. Raj calls Sid to let him know Bansi is back. Sid tells Roshni that what he is doing will help her regain her memory soon.
Shabnam joins Bansi and they see Roshni. Bansi asks Roshni if Sid was there? Roshni doesn’t respond. Bansi raises her hand to hit Roshni. Sid holds the hand and warns her not to ever do it again! He says he came to see Roshni and he would do it again and keep doing it because Roshni is his! King of Hearts 23 October 2019 Update

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