Married Again Update

Married Again 10 December 2019 Update Zee World

Married Again 10 December 2019 Update Zee World

Married Again 10 December 2019 Update starts when Sarita watches herself in mirror after getting wet. Sheila looked tensed after coming back from date with Rohan. Sarita sees Sheila and asks her how was her date. Sheila says movie is fine but Sarita realize Sheila wants to tell something. Sheila tells Sarita that Rohan tried to come physically close to Sheila in car.

Sarita feels that there is something wrong with Rohan and he is trying to hide something behind the mask. Rohan is shown gifting gold set to some other girl which Raj gave as a gift for his mother. Sarita wakes up with fever and Raj tells her to rest. Raj also makes natural medicine for Sarita. Kamla tells Raj that they have to go to meet Rohan’s family. Sarita says she wants to go.

Sohan tells the priest to find a very pious date for the marriage. Sarita is tensed and all the more shocked, when she finds Rohan trying to slip his hand towards Shiela, trying to give her a rose, and Shiela awkwardly accepting it. He apologizes for yesterday and says that he wasn’t at fault, as she looked so beautiful that he couldn’t control himself. But this won’t is repeated again. raj finds Sarita tensed and asks about her health, and offers her tea. Sarita thanks him and takes the tea.

The priest tells them that the best date is two and a half months later. sohan is happy, and rohan’s mother says that she’s very happy and wants to get them asap. She asks the priest to find a nearer date. Rohan tells shiela teasingly that he wont be able to wait after 15 days. She is shy. The priest says that there’s a date aftre nine days, but the pious time is just for half an hour, and asks if they would be able to squeeze all the rituals into this half hour. rohan too agrees that there’s no need for all the rituals and they shouldnt discuss it and fix it rightaway. sarita says that its too soon, as its the first daughter’s marriage and they need time to plan it out.

Rohan’s father says that rohan is going for dubai fopr business purposes, and can go to honeymoon there too. His mother too supports it.

Sohan discusses with kamla about the fact that money would be doubles in marriage at such a hasty notice, and is tensed. rohan and his parents are indicating something with their eyes, amongst themselves. Sarita sees their eye talks and wonders what are they hiding. Rohan’s father says that gone are the days when the bride’s family always used to spend money, and now they would share half the cost. sohan instantly agrees to this proposal. sarita wonders why this eagerness.

Rohan’s mother asks to get sweets. A veiled lady comes with sweets. but while giving it to the fatso, she trips and all the sweets fall on the floor. Rohan helps the lady instantly. Kamla begins to reprimand the servant, and asks her salaray to be cut. Rohan’s mother says that they have given manners that they treat servants also like member of the family. Sarita is shocked at such care by rohan. raj asks what happened. sarita says that her saree is stained, and leaves with the excuse of washing it.

Married Again 10 December 2019 Update on Zee World

While washing, she feels that there’s a marked difference between the rohan that they met earlier and now, and even the family’s haste in marrying. She decides to find out about the truth anyhow. As she comes out washing her saree, Sarita collides into the supposed servant, and asks her if in such modern times too, she always drapes herself in the veil, and is shocked to find that she’s wearing a costly diamond necklace, unbecoming of the girl’s servant status. she identifies it as the one that they had gifted his mother. She asks the girl if she really is the servant. The servant leaves in discomfort.

Sarita comes and interrupts rohan and the girls, who are going for a tour of the house. the girls leave awkwardly, while sarita says that she wants to talk to him. Sarita says that she wants to see the necklace that they gave to his mother. Rohan asks if there’s a problem. Sarita says that they just wanted to see the design so that it isnt the same for shiela. Rohan says that its in the almirah and he would just get it. Sarita wonders how is that possible. She notices the servant laying out the dishes. Raj comes and asks if sarita is tensed. She begisn to talk, but raj again gets busy in the phone.

Rohan comes back with the necklace pack, and she opens it and is shocked to find the same necklace inside. He says that mom had said that when shiela came, only then would she wear it in the house. rohan says that she can take it if she wants. sarita says that that wont be required. Rohan leaves to keep the necklace. Sarita says that if the necklace is here, then it wont be in the servant’s neck. She asks the servant for a glass of water, and when she turns around, she is shocked when she finds the servant’s neck empty.

As the servant leaves, kamla comes and reprimands her again for trying to be close to rohan, and trying to break off his relation with shiela, and warns her against it. Sarita tries to make her understand that shiela is like her sister, and she’s trying to help her. she leaves, while kamla fumes.

Sarita thinks that she would have to talk to the servant and clear the matter. she searches around, and finds a servant, who identifies her as Kajri JI. He is tensed and leaves. Sarita thinks why would a servant be addressed as JEE. Sarita says that she would have to find out about Kajri Ji, before shiela’s marriage. Munni comes and tells her to come along.

Outside, The families greet each other, and rohan takes kamla’s and sohan’s blessings. They are scoffing that sarita hasnt come yet. as they go out to leave, rohan gets a call and excuses himself. Sarita is tensed when she finds rohan agitatedly making someone understanhding something, but she isnt able to see the face. Raj comes and takes her along.

Sarita wonders if she should tell raj, as he’s her brother after all, then wonders what would she tell when she doesnt have any proof. Sarita says that she just knows the name, Kajri Jii, and if she’s wrong, then there would a problem. She decides to find some proof first. as she begins to go, she accidentally knocks the diary of raj on the floor, and finds that it contains the qualities of the husband that raj deserves for her. As raj comes and says that she shouldnt read his secrets in his personal diaries. Sarita demands to know as there are no secrets involved in friendship. raj says that there are no secrets involved in any relation.

Raj demands the diary and she gives it to him. He teases around with her not giving her the diary back. finally he gives it to her, and he reads as to what raj is looking for in her future husband. While raj goes on to tell her, as she grows emotional, that that person wone let her cry, and give her the love, respect and trust that she deserves. Raj comes and says that he got her crying yet again, and has only given her ten years of sadness, and goes on to say that he’s very bad, but sarita stops him saying that his friend cant be bad.Married Again 10 December 2019 Update Zee World

Raj says that her friend is very bad, and when his friend, went on to find a husband for her, and thought about her qualities, he realised that the person who marries her is going to be so lucky. And therefore he has to be very cautious while selecting a husband for her. He asks if he made a mistake. Sarita says that all this is wrong, as he doesnt want to have a person like hin in her life. Raj says thats because he has completely failed as a husband, and if he wants an insensitive, and careless person like him.

Married Again 10 December 2019 Update ends as Sarita hugs him saying that she wants a person jsut like him, as only she can see the goodness in him. Raj asks why is she getting so emotional. Sarita says that she is so because he doesnt understand anything, as relations are based on emotions and he doesnt even realise that she loves him. then she is embarassed at what she just confessed while raj is surprised. Raj says that he’s one lucky chap to find an ideal wife like her. The screen freezes on her face.

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