Married Again Update

Married Again 22 November 2019 Update

Married Again 22 November 2019 Update

Married Again 22 November 2019 Update – Divya is stunned to silence, hearing about the wife of her first love. She clenches her fist in hurt. Sohan’s wife goes on to taunt sarita in front of her too. As she takes the tea from Sarita, divya faces raj’s wife for the first time. She folds her hands and greets her, and sarita silently nods. She leaves from there. Sohan’s wife goes behind her, to taunnt her and reprimand her.

Sarita loses her temper, and goes on to say nasty words herself to her mother in law, who instantly starts comparing her to Divya’s character in choti Bahu. Divya is a silent spectator to all of this. Sarita goes on to say that even choti bahu is equally worse in real life, and that reel life isnt to be believed.

As she goes inside after a huge verbal scuffle, with her mother in law, Sohan’s wife goes on to tell divya, about the girl who raj loves, and who left him, because of which they had to get him married to someone else, and if she could find that girl again, she would readily get raj married to his love. Sohan’s wife, hearing a thud on the floor, coming from the kitchen, asks divya to wait while she goes inside.

Married Again 22 November 2019 Update

Divya is too shocked at the latest turn of events to be able to react. As sohan’s wife goes inside to teach sarita a lesson, divya remembers what sohan’s wife just told about raj’s scorned lover. she is in tears, and goes off from there.

Later, Sarita is again reprimanded by everyone in the house, for the same that had happened earlier in the morning. The two useless sisters of Raj, continue to taunt and tease Sarita and make her intentionally work extra, by spilling crap on the floor, after she dusted it once. The girls and everyone go on to reprimand sarita, as to how she isnt like Choti bahu, who is so well mannered, unable to bear which, she goes and holds the youngest girl’s hand, and asks her to clean it now.

However, Sohan’s wife stops her. seeing the commotion again, raj’s granny steps in and asks them to stop fighting. As they continuously keep taunting her in the name of Choti Bahu, Sarita says that they should have stopped her and send a marriage proposal and made her the daughter in law of this house, and get raj remrried to her, which is so common these days, and that would give her a way to be rid of this family too, onec and for all. Married Again 22 November 2019 Update

The eldest one comes and hearing this, says that noone would mention Divya to raj. She reminds them what had happened last time divya was mentioned. Their mother instructs them not to ever mention divya’s name to raj.

Location: Divya’s residence
All are upset to find Divya in anger. They continuously ask him what happened, as she had gone to meet raj, and ask if he got angry seeing her. Divya says that she didnt meet him, and after what she saw today, she wont ever step foot in that house again. She says that its not his fault, as he wont be able to see the pain he is in right now. She is very upset at the way sarita was behaving with the mother in law.

She says that he could never bear carelessness, and that he always told her how to dress up, and is responsible for the entire change of wardrobe. And that his own wife dresses shabbily. She says that she’s sure that raj isnt happy. Divya is very upset. Her brother asks her what is she angry about, that he married a girl like sarita, or that he married at all. His wife asks him not to talk like that to divya, as she already is upset.

But Divya says that he is right, and that she’s indeed angry that he married without waiting for her, hsi true love, when they have been always told, that when nothing else waits, true love always does. She says that she’s waited for him for the past 10 years, and yet he couldnt understand her helplessness.

Divya is out on the balcony, crying at the latest turn her life has taken. Seeing a couple helping each other, Divya is reminded how she used to get jealous when raj ever talked with any other girl, and Raj teasing her about the same. He promises that he would always be hers, in this and the next many births to come. She cries thinking about that memory. She runs out of the house, in the rain, starts the scooty, and drives off, while her bhabhi wonders where is she going in this rain and that if anyone saw her like this, they would recognise her as the tv star, and she could be in trouble.

Raj is shown to be working in the Raddi shop, nonchalantly, romantically disengaged, throwing off all romantic poetry, in the garbage.

Taking clothes off the roof, in the rain, sarita sees raj, coming in the bedroom, and is romantically kindled. She comes inside shyly, and raj casts a glance at her, and then goes back to his work. she is feeling cold, under the fan, but raj doesnt seem to notice it, immersed in his work. sarita closes off the door, and goes on to blow dry her hair, and water droplets sprinkle on raj, which unnerves him.

But seeing that it didnt have the desired effect, Sarita takes off the saree, to seduce him, he looks startled and then gets back to his work. She goes on to undress herself, in the wardrobe area, and tries to distract Raj, who’s busy working, but does know, when her clothes land on his feet. She leaves.

As sarita comes out with a change of saree, she finds raj talking to someone on the phone, regarding a delivery, and walking out of the room, while she runs desperately. after he’s gone, she looks at herself in the mirror, teary eyed. The screen freezes on her face.

Raj is busy in his work, amidst heavy rainfall, to make the delivery on time. raj says that he would personally deliver it, and asks the helper to give the keys at home. Married Again 22 November 2019 Update

Meanwhile divya too drives her scooty on the road, remembering sohan’s wife’s words about raj’s scorned lover, and her one time possessive behaviour about raj. She is very upset and in tears at the way raj betrayed her and didnt wait for her, and got married. She screams out raj’s name. Just then, vehicle comes ina nd hits her and runs off. People gather around her.

As raj’s truck crosses by, they ask for his help. Oblivious that it’s his love, Divya, he asks him to take her at the back of the truck. With other people’s help, the person gets Divya on the truck. Raj drives off. He casts a glance at the girl, but can’t really identifies him. raj’s truck gets punctured.

Raj tells the person to take another car or vehicle, as she needs to be admitted soon. The person agrees. Raj gets down to fixing his puncture. Raj offers to pick her up, as the hospital is close by, seeing that no vehicle is coming. Raj carries Divya, whose face is covered by her dupatta. An oncoming car offers to help them, and raj seats divya in the car, but as fate would have it, his watch gets stuck in her dupatta.

As he tries to untangle his watch, the car driver, who happens to be the same person, who stopped divya at the platform, tells him that nothing would happen to his wife. Raj clarifies that it isnt his wife. He tells that its some passenger on the road who had an accident. As the car drives off, Divya cries out for raj, startling him completely, making him look up confused as the car passes by.

The granny praises sarita’s tea, while she gets to rub granny’s feet. The fatso bubbly comes in and asks for a cup of tea, taunting sarita for the same. Sarita too lashes back at her. The girl taunts her that she cant even be a good servant, and after that how can she aspire to be a good wife. sarita goes upto to hit her, but granny stops her somehow. The fatso bubbly says that once her father returns, she would complian about her, and get her thrown out of the house.

Granny sen ds bubbly inside the room and asks sarita not to bother about all this. Sarita tries to say how much they used to face taunts all over. She says that she’s in the hope that this rainfall would bring good marital life for her. Sarita says that many rainfalls have come and gone but nothing happened. Sarita asks had choti bahu come, would she have brought happiness. Granny makes her happy saying that the actress is all made up and fake, but sarita is so beautiful, and that she should beautify herself.

She says that raj doesnt even look at her, then who should she dress up for, and at times she feels like, she is a living dead. Sarita tells granny, that the irony of her life is that, banging her head against the wall, would result in giving pain to her only.

Granny curses the girl, who destroyed raj so much so, after leaving him, that left him emotionally incapable to attach himself to someone else. she agrees that raj doesnt even observe how beautiful she is. Sarita says that once she finds that girl, she would definitely have her way with that girl.

Divya is looked after by her relatives and family, who are very tensed about her accident. Divya says that some madness is required, like the 10 years back Divya, who used to do this, and raj came…and then stopped off. Divya says that she fel that raj was very close to her, and it felt as if she almost felt his breath. The person comes, and divya recognises him, and thinks that he’s stalking her. He clears her confusion, and her sister tease divya, and she thanks him. He tells her about the person who took her in his armjs, and was walking towards the hospital.

Divya asks who was it, and she is told that he doesnt know and if his tempo hadnt broken off, he would have been here today. He thinks something and gives a diary to divya, saying that it was in the backseat of his car, and maybe it belongs to that person. She takes the diary. Her brother comes saying that the discharge papers are ready.

As his helper asks for raj’s diary as he had kept the last day’s accounts in raj’s diary, he remembers that he may have left it off at the person’s car, where he kept that girl last night, to be taken to the hospital.

As Divya is ready to leave, she clutches on to the diary. The screen freezes on her face

The girls are ogling about their beauty and wish to learn some fashion tips from choti bahu, if possible. They are all discussing the arrival of Ayodhya wali Relative. Granny thinks that sarita would be in hell now, with four people concocting against her, They all aski sarita to be quietly sitting down, as her work would set off the relative as it is. Sarita too angrily sits down and ask them to work now.

Granny laughs at the befitting reply. She calls sarita near to her. Sohan’s wife is very angry at the way granny is loving sarita and keeps mumbling.

When the relative arrives, she happily meets Sarita, and compliments on her beauty, at the displeasure of sohan’s wife and daughters. She sees granny and goes on to take her blessing, while granny mumbles that this is just a girl who is sweet on face, and evil behind. At the dining table, she gives everyone gifts, and then looking at sarita, she calls out to her, and gives her a gift too, Real Resham Saree.

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