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Mehek 11 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Mehek 11 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Mehek 11 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Police come outside the mall. Vicky says please save my family they re all inside. Kanta and Ravi are there as well. Mahek is crying. The terrorist says come with me. Mahek cries and says please let me meet my child one last time. Mahek comes and hugs Neev.

Shaurya says in heart well done Mahek. Neev says ma I will come with you ma. Mahek says you have to take care of Neev Nehal. She hugs Neev and says you have to be strong. The terrorist says come let’s go. Mahek shoves him and takes his gun. Shaurya comes out of duct as well. The other terrorist puts gun on Mahek’s head.

Mehek 11 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

The terrorist says because of you our face is shown. He takes off his mask. Mahek says in heart I have seen him somewhere. The terrorist says get ready. They ask all people to get in line. There is only one way to get out. The commander says you really wanna be hero right? Now see your family dying? I will kill your whole family and your son first. Karuna says please leave Mehek. Please don’t harm her.

Mahek says Shaurya where are you… He is hidden behind the pillar. Shaurya hits the terrorist and says kill me now. If you are a man. Shaurya hits him with a slate. All the kids attack the terrorists. Shaurya fights with the main commander. The police force is coming in.

The terrorist attacks Shaurya and shoots his leg he falls down. Mahek says are you okay? She hugs him. All the terrorists are caught by force. Everyone claps for Mahek and Shaurya. Their commander looks at them angrily. He says mission successfully. Shaurya is in hospital. Shaurya says I will go home and rest. I won’t’ stay here. I have some work. Mahek says are you crazy? don’t be so hasty. Kanta says yes don’t be stubborn. These need to be treated. He says let me go home I am fine.

Mahek says re you crazy. He says I have tolerated bigger pains. Just be with me in front of me. The doctor says you can go home tomorrow after the operation. Shaurya comes home. He faints a little. He says I am fine don’t worry. Dolly applies tilak. He says my head hurts I will go to the room and rest. Neev hugs him and says you are the real hero. I love you. Neev says to Mahek i will help you to take care of hero. Shaurya says thanks Neev. Take me to my room.

  • Mehek 11 September 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Neev takes him to the room. Shaurya is hiding something from Mahek. He goes to washroom to change. Mahek says you are the hero. Mahek says that’s my cupboard. he says I got used to using this when you weren’t here. Mahek says I was joking why are you being serious? He says I am joking too. He hugs her. Shaurya asks Mahek to go out of the washroom. She says what happened? are you okay? he says I am fine. You must be thinking.. I was in pain. I didn’t want to show you.

Mahek says why would you hide your pain from me? Please help me and tell me what’s wrong. Mahek says come sit. I will make your tea so you get better soon. He says thanks Mahek. What would I do without you? Dolly has arranged a pooja in the house. Shaurya says I won’t go in the pooja. I don’t believe in all this. Dolly says we are doing this pooja for you. Come and sit with us. Shaurya says don’t force me. I don’t wanna come. I don’t believe in all this.

Mahek says God saved you. Mahek says for us please come. He says I won’t. Dolly says what is wrong with you. He tries to stand. Dolly says please listen. Mahek says I think he is in pain. Shaurya comes out. Mahek says I dont know why is he acting like this.

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