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Mehek 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Archie says can I talk to Shaurya alone? Karona aunty you go downstairs, we will talk and take decision together, Karona nods and leaves. In function, Archi’s father says to Harish that this is embarrassing. Harish says Karona will bring Shaurya. Nehal says to Sonal that Shaurya is not happy with this marriage. Sonal says after Mahek and Shaurya’s love, he can’t be happy with anyone else. Dolly comes there and says cant we try to make Shaurya happy? Mahek left but he can’t drown in misery of her leaving, we should try to make him happy. Nehal says why you are scolding us? we didn’t force Shaurya to leave from here. Sonal says Nehal she is right, Shaurya should move on in life.
In function, Neev comes and finds Laddos, he thinks to eat them all. In the room, Shaurya says I am sorry. Archie says we are friends, I understand you, I won’t scold or cry, we are friends and can say anything without thinking if I will get angry on you or not. Archie says do you think you are doing what I am doing? it was not easy to forget Sahil, its so much difficult to forget the first love. She tells her story to Shaurya (which is muted).

Archie makes him sit and says we became friends because we could share pain, we can’t forget first love but we can share pain with each other, from the time I have come in your life, you are focusing on business more, I am not bragging but we all need friends, everyone needs shoulder to cry on, this marriage is just a way to keep us alive, to share our misery together but if you don’t want this then I will make everyone understand, I will make families understand the situation, you just be happy. Shaurya starts thinking. Archie silently counts till five. Shaurya turns and stops Archie, he says I am coming. She smiles.

In function, Shaurya and Archie arrive again and sits down for ritual. Vicky hints that they look great together. Archie smiles at Shaurya. Nehal says to Sonal that Shaurya’s mischievous smile has gone away.

Zee World Series: Mehek 17 August 2019 Update

At Sharma house, Kanta is trying to control baby crying, she calls Mohit and says your baby is crying too much, call Sonal and says come back, enough to social meetings. Mohit calls Sonal but Jeevan takes the phone from him and ends the call. He glares at them and says what are you both doing? you want everyone to cut ties with Shaurya and his family? Do you want to share your anger with everyone else? this is useless.

Kanta says useless? Mohit takes baby and leaves. Kanta says to Jeevan that you think it’s useless but Shaurya snatched our happiness, what Shaurya is doing? its not one year since our Mahek left and he is getting married? Jeevan says Shaurya wanted to die by getting drunk, he was in misery but that girl saved him, she was his doctor but had humanity. Mehek 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kanta says she was a doctor, her duty was to treat him but she loved her patient? which doctor does that? and Shaurya’s family was so eager to make him marry again? Jeevan says it’s not wrong, Mahek’s death was an accident, what do you want? Shaurya to not live? to keep punishing himself? Kanta says he can do anything he wants. She looks at Mahek’s photo and says I will forgive Shaurya in this birth only if my Mahek comes back, tells me, can you bring my Mahek back? Jeevan sadly looks on.

In function, all are praising Shaurya and Archie as a couple. Vicky donates money for them. Mahek is in a veil and is watching all that, she is seeing blur flashbacks of her wedding. She says, where is Neev? I have to find her. In function, Neev is hiding and trying to get Laddoos. The priest asks Karona to make Archie wear Chunri. Mahek sees Neev eating laddos in the corner.

In function, Sonal says to Nehal that I have to call Mohit, I will go out. Nehal says one minute, this Archie looks so fake, they laugh. Karona makes Archie wear Chunri. Neev finds Mahek coming to him so he starts the fan. A fan blows air and Archie’s Chunri blows away, it falls on Mahek’s head. All look on. Neev thinks I did the mistake, I will get beaten by Maa now. Archie’s father sees Neev near the fan, he brings him out and says who is this kid? Shaurya says relax, this was nothing.

The priest says Chunri fell on some other woman, this is a bad omen. Shaurya says I will bring that chunri and end this ritual. Mahek is trying to take off Chunri but gets tangled in Chunri, she murmurs that I should lock Neev in the room. Mahek takes off Chunri. Shaurya comes behind her and says excuse me? Mahek looks on, Mahek is about to turn at him but grandpa comes there. Mehek 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek says Neev has been running here and there, he has destroyed the whole function. Grandpa says sorry to Shaurya and says I will set him right today. Shaurya says it’s not needed. He asks for chunri. Mahek wears a veil on her face and turns to him, she extends Chunri to him but it falls from her hands, they both try to catch and mistakenly Shaurya catches her hand in the process, Shaurya feels something touching her hand.

Shaurya says sorry my head is dizzy, it was a mistake, he leaves her hand, takes Chunri and leaves. Grandpa says to Mahek that you leave, I will bring Neev. In function, Vicky says you are Panwari Lal’s grandson right? Neev says you are that guy’s brother who has a big car. Archie says to her father that takes this irritating kid away. Archie’s father comes to Neev and says this irritating kid destroyed function, he even stole sweet, the father is about to slap Neev but Shaurya comes there and holds his hand.

Archie grabs Neev’s arm tightly but sweetly asks if he is fine or not? Neev feels pain in his arm from her grip. Archie says don’t cry, everything is fine, she leaves his arms. Shaurya says to Neev that don’t be scared, I am with you, he wipes his tears. Archie cries and says seems like some power doesn’t want to see Shaurya and me together that’s why we keep getting interrupted. Shaurya wipes her tears and says relax, we won’t be disturbed now. Archie hugs him and says seems like I keep trying to make things right for us but they. Archie’s father asks her to relax. Karona asks Shaurya to start the ritual.

Shaurya says to Neev that eat as many laddoos as you want, I will take you to chandi chowk for laddos. Archie gets angry and thinks how dare Shaurya ignore me for this useless kid? Neev’s grandfather says sorry and takes him away from function.

In the room, Mahek says to Neev that if you wanted laddos then you could have asked me, you didnt have to crash in their function. Neev says that aunty is bad, she beat me, if she does it again then I will pull her hair out. Mahek says Neev! you wont go there from now on, dont do anything disturbing now, do you want to go back to Hrishikesh? he says no, she says then be peaceful, he nods.

Mahek hugs him and says I am restless from the time I have come in this city, there is something about air of this city.
Mandhar is in market, he finds driver which Shaurya hired when he was here, Mandhar grabs him and asks who was you boss here? Driver says if you act like goon then I will call police. Mandhar beats him a lot and says tell me name of that person. Driver says it was Shaurya Khanna, he is from Delhi, he tells his house address too. Mandhar says it was this Shaurya Khanna who brought Neev home that day, I have to go to Delhi now.

Archie’s ceremony ends. Archie’s father says to shaurya that I am sorry but disrupting function. Shaurya says its okay uncle. He says call me father. Archie says to shaurya that ceremony has ended, we can go for a drive now, to get some peace. Shaurya says not today, I have to that kid Neev to chandani chowk today, we will go some other time, Archie gets angry and clutches red sindoor powder in her hand. Shaurya says to Sonal and Nehal that I can drop you both,Sonal says no we are going to uncle’s house, they turn to leave but sees red color on Archie’s hands, they leave skeptically. Mehek 17 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Karona says sorry to Archie for Shaurya’s behavior, Archie says its okay, I can bear anything for shaurya, I love him. Karona nods and leaves. Archie and her father starts leaving, they come in garden and sees neev playing there, Archie glares at him and is about to beat him but her father stops her and says if Shaurya sees this then he will go mad. Neev says bye bye.. Archie glares at him and turns to leave. She takes car and drives away without father. Father asks driver to follow her.

At night, Neev’s grandfather Banwari says to Karona that wedding is after two days, we dont want to be burden, we can come after two days, Karona says no not at all, you are guest here and can stay here.
Shaurya comes outside Neev’s room. He calls out to him. Neev comes out. Mahek is looking at them from behind curtain and has veil. Shaurya asks Neev if he is ready to eat gol gappas? he says I will eaty 100. Shaurya says Neev’s mom you can come too, Banwari is coming too, she says no.

Banwari comes there and says yes Vandana, come with us, you will see Delhi too. Neev goes to her and says come with us Maa, please, he drags her out of room. Shaurya says lets go. He turns to leave. Mahek slips and her veil falls off, Shaurya turns to her but she wears veil before he can see her face. Banwari says you can take off veil here, this is Delhi, it doesnt matter here, Mahek says no I am fine.

Shaurya, Neev, Mahek and Banwari are in car. Neev says Delhi is so nice, there are so many cars. Mahek sees India gate and have blurred flashbacks. Shaurya tries to see her face through mirros but she is in veil.
Shaurya, Neev, Mahek and Banwari comes to Chandani chowk. There is program going on about Zee Tv there, Neev asks whats that? Shaurya says kids who cant have access to education and electricity, Zee Tv is giving them chance to move ahead and make their lives successful, Mahek says thats so nice thought. Shaurya says Zee Tv will provide education to kids. Neev says I will study here too, Mahek nods.

Shaurya says lets go to eat gol gappas. Shaurya brings them to stall, Neev starts eating, Shaurya and Banwari eats with him, Mahek stands in corner. Neev asks her to eat too, she says no, Neev says I wil eat her share too. Banwari says they are so tasty. Mahek looks at gol gappas and have flashback again, she gets dizzy, she recalls blurred flashback of having gol gappas with Shaurya, she cant see his face clearly. Mahek looks around in chandani chowk market, she sees stalls. Mahek sees board of Meera Sharma street, she thinks why I feel I have come here before?

Mansi and Sonal are buying veggies in Chandani chowk market. Mahek looks around in market and tries to remember. Mahek gets dizzy and faints. Mansi and Sonal are in the market. All people gather around Mahek. Sonal and Mansi come there and asks what happened? One woman says a woman fainted here and no one from her family is around. Sonal sees Mahek lying on the ground but her face is still covered with veil so they can’t see her face.

Shaurya, Neev, and Banwari are at a stall. Shaurya recalls coming here with Mahek and gets sad. Neev looks around the stall and says where is Maa? Banwari says oh God, she doesn’t even know the way here. Shaurya says don’t worry, I will find her. Mehek 17 August 2019 Update

Mahek is lying on the ground. Sonal tries to see her face but Mansi gets a call from Ravi to bring veggies so they can cut them. Sonal and Mansi leave. Shaurya is looking around for Mahek/Vandana.

Sheetal comes near Mahek lying on the ground and says take off her veil so we know who is with her, maybe she is not a good girl. Neev, Shaurya arrives there, Shaurya sees her lying on the ground and thinks what to do now?

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