Mehek Series

Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update On Zee World Series

Friday’s episode starts with Mehek seen in her room in the night and thinks that I shouldn’t have left party. Shaurya beat him because he was misbehaving but I am scared of Shaurya’s anger.

Sonal comes there and says you should be thankful to get such possessive husband. Mehek says this world is filled with lustful people and he can’t beat everyone, his anger is so much, what if he kills someone someday? Shaurya comes there, Mehek glares at him and says I wont listen to your apology, go and become goon.

Nehal and Sonal leaves. Shaurya says I will stay here and say sorry, how dare he touch you? Mahek says will you beat everyone that touches me? Shaurya says yes you are my Mehek. Mehek says what is this my Mehek? I am not your property and i dont like this violence, you are educated and you want to handle everything by violence? what will people say?

Zee World: Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update

She pushes him away, Shaurya looks at her intensely, he pins her to wall and puts her hands above her hand, she winces, Shaurya says i dont care about people, i will beat everyone that tries to touch you, i will bust every eye that tries to look at you with lust, i love you Mahek, he grabs her hand forcefully, she winces in pain and says you are hurting me.

Shaurya sees Mahek’s finger get cut and blood oozing from her wound, Shaurya sucks on her finger and says you are my Mahek, mine only, Mahek hugs him tightly and says ofcourse I am yours and if i am yours then you dont have to fight with anyone for me.

Nehal and sonal come there, Nehal says leave something for marriage night too, Kanta chachi is coming so run Shaurya, Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and kisses her hand, he leaves.

Sonal says he is so romantic, i should send Mohit to him for romance classes, Mahek blushes hearing it.

Karona comes in garden, mysterious person comes there, Karona gives money to mysterious person and says dont comeback in my life, if Shaurya sees you then he wont spare you, I have removed CCTV footage of you trying to hit Mahek with your car otherwise Shaurya would have found you anywhere and wouldn’t spare you.

Mehek 16 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Shaurya is driving home, Mahek calls him and asks if he reached home? He says no, I am just reaching there, if you are missing me then I can comeback to you, it”s just few days then we wont have talk on call, remember tomorrow we have to go to shopping, she says yes, he ends call.

Shaurya arrives at home and sees some silhouette in garden. Karona says to person that dont you dare threaten me again, this is your money, dont interfere in our lives now, you should be concerned about only money and leave our lives. Shaurya ignores silhouette in garden and goes in house. Karona is hiding in bushes in garden and prays that Shaurya remain away from his past.

  • Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update On Zee World Series

Nehal is in kitchen, Mahek comes there and asks what are you doing? Nehal says i am hungry and i am dieting too, Mahek asis if she will eat bread roll? Mahek starts making it, Nehal says i am on diet.

Mahek says i have solution for your diet, I will make in Fortune oil that will make you healthy only. Mahek smiles and starts cooking, Nehal says thanks, its good that i can eat and can be careful about my skin. Sonal comes there and says there is Shaurya’s interview in newspaper, Mahek says i know everything about Shaurya so it doesnt matter, Sonal says really? then tell me what is it today? Mahek says nothing, Sonal says mental case today is your darling husband’s birthday, Mahek gets tensed.
Shaurya comes out of house, he feels like someone is watching him.

Mahek calls him, he takes call and asks yes my love? She says we have to go to shopping, he says okay i will come, she ends call. Mahek says to Sonal and Nehal that i will take Shaurya to shopping, you arrange for party behind his back, they nod.

Shaurya and Mahek are in market and shopping. Shaurya keep looking behind him, Mahek asks if he is waiting for someone to come? Shaurya jokes that some old girlfriend is following me and i dont want her to meet you.

Mahek says really? ex-girlfriend? lets go now. Mahek and Shaurya comes in shop, Mahek says you know in childhood i used to have fun on my birthdays but when my parents died, i lost faith in birthdays but then Kanta chachi took responsibility of making my birthdays fun, you know birthdays are important for me, i plan for them a lot, what you used to do on your birthdays? Shaurya ignores her question, he gives her sleeveless gown and says this is nice, try it, Mahek takes it from him and says okay let me try.

Someone is spying on them constantly. Mahek comes in trial room and says i am giving him birthday hints but he is fool. Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update

Nehal calls Mahek and asks if she got to know anything? Mahek says he didnt talk about his birthday, Nehal says how will we know if he has any birthday plans? Mahek says you just prepare for his party, i will bring him home in one hour, Nehal nods and leaves.

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Mahek wears gown and tries to zip it up but zip breaks, she says oh God how did it break? Shaurya comes there in trial room and covers her with his coat, he brings safety pin and stitches gown’s back, Mahek says i will do it, Shaurya says dont worry i have a lot of experience.

Shaurya ties her gown and says i feel my love is making you more beautiful and s*xy, he pulls her closer and smiles, she blushes, Kaise mujhe tum mil gayen plays as they share eyelock, Shaurya leans in towards her lips but Mahek gently pushes him away, she runs away being shy, Shaurya smiles.

Mehek comes out of shop and says I have to pass one hour as Nehal is preparing for birthday party, she sees ice-cream stall and says to Shaurya that i want to eat ice-cream, Shaurya says i will put shopping bags in car and will come.

Shaurya comes to his car and sees same car which had tried to hit Mahek earlier, he sees car number and says its same ambassador car that tried to hit Mahek, he runs behind car but car drives away. Mahek comes to him and asks what he is doing here? Shaurya says i told you about my ex-girlfriend, i was seeing her off, Mahek says you are mad and laughs.

Nehal and Mohit are decorating Shaurya’s house lounge, Svetlana comes there and asks why they are preparing all of this? are you coming here with Mahek too? Nehal says we are preparing for Shaurya’s birthday party, Svetlana says really? That will be great, Shaurya will be so surprised and happy, she leaves, Nehal asks how she became so sweet all of a sudden? Svetlana thinks that Shaurya will give them quite a surprise.

 Zee World Series

Today On Zee World: Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update

Shaurya buys chaat for Mahek. Mahek calls Nehal and says how much time will they take? Nehal says half an hour, Mahek says i am stalling Shaurya here, she sees Shaurya coming and ends call. Shaurya comes there and says first ice-cream and now chaat? i feel like you not only like to cook but you eat a lot too, Mahek says i am from good class family so dont you my appetite, he laughs and shares chaat with her.

Karona comes home and sees it decorated, she asks what is this for? Nehal says its Shaurya’s birthday so we have arranged surprise party for him, Karona gets worried and says but Shaurya…

They hear Shaurya’s car horn, Nehal says he is here, switch off the lights, Karona tries to stop but they switch it off. Shaurya and Mahek enters house.

Mahek and family surprises Shaurya on his birthday. Shaurya sees whole room decorated with balloons and ribbons, he sees cake and gets angry, Mahek says surprise and claps for him. Shaurya kicks cake away and tears all decoration, he grabs Mahek’s shoulders and yells how dare you do all this? on whose saying you did it all? who asked you to do this?

Mahek gets scared seeing him that much angry. He shoves her. Shaureya leaves in anger. Svetlana says to herself that it was a good surprise for sure. Karona says i am sorry but Shaurya doesnt celebrate his birthday as today his mother died too.

Mahek is stunned. Svetlana enjoys the drama and smirks.

Shaurya is driving car at high speed. Mahek follows him on her scooty and shouts for him to stop. Mehek 21st June 2019 Friday Update On Zee World Series

Karona apologizes to Kanta for Shaurya’s behavior, Kanta says Shaurya is our son in law too, we like his goodness so we can bear his bad side too, Kanta leaves with her family.

Svetlana comes there and asks if she will eat food? Karona says why you didnt stop them when you knew everything? Svetlana says i couldnt miss this good drama and i didnt know that Shaurya still miss his mother and its weird that he still remember her and you have no value in his life, you wasted your motherly love on him, Karona gets call, she gets tensed and leaves, Svetlana says who called her that she left without warning to throw me out of house?

Mahek comes infront of Shaurya’s car, Shaurya stops his car. Mahek brings Shaurya out of his car and says i am sorry, i didnt today.

I am sorry, we didnt want to hurt you, i did mistake but please done go away from me, Mahek cups his face but Shaurya pushes her hands away and says i cant forget this day, today years back i lost everything, Mahek tries to cup his face, he holds her hands and says i am sorry, i got angry on you but there is hatred in me which is like fire and doesn’t let me live peacefully, Mahek weeps seeing his state.

Shaurya says i will become a man that tries to push people away to punish myself, i can become that man anywhere, Mahek pulls him closer and hugs him tightly, she says it’s okay, if you get angry then show it, don’t keep it inside you.

Shaurya and Mahek enjoys tea on tea stall, Shaurya thanks her, she says welcome. Shaurya sees Karona leaving in a cab, Shaurya says where is she going at night? she was not at home whole day too, lets go there, Mahek says we shouldn’t follow her, Shaurya says sit in car and lets drive.

An old woman sits in Karona’s feet and pleads, she cries and says beat me as many times as you want but just let me see lalla(pet name for Shaurya) once and I will go away. Shaurya and Mahek comes there, Shaurya is shocked to see woman and says grandma? Karona is stunned to see him there. More Updates Coming Later…

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