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Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Mehek 24 June 2019 Update - Zee WorldShaurya lovingly looks at her and says say you love me once, she says no, he says please say it

Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Mahek screams in pain and falls down as snake runs towards her side and bites her. Shaurya shout Mahek.. Nehal says its snake? Mahek falls unconscious. Kanta asks Mahek to not close eyes, Shaurya calls to bring out car from garage, grandma asks Shaurya to tie cloth on her wrist so poison doesnt spread, Shaurya does it, grandma says i will bring herbal medicine i have, she leaves.

Ravi comes there and asks what happened? Mansi says snake has bitten Mahek, shaurya takes knife, Balwant says be careful of her pulse please, Shaurya tries to cut her hand and bring out poison, his hand shivers, he brings snake’s sting from her hand with knife, Shaurya sucks on Mahek’s hand where snake has bitten and sucks snake poison out of her, he coughs, Kanta says Shaurya! dont do it, you will be in danger, Karona asks Shaurya to stop, doctor is coming.

Shaurya says I have to save Mahek, he pleadingly looks at her. Shaurya asks Mahek to open eyes, i wont let anything happen to you. Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Grandma comes to her room and says mistake happened, if this girl dies then Shaurya will go mad, this Svetlana is crazy to send poisonous snake, she tries to search for herbal medicine, she brings out container. Karona comes there and says tell me truly you did that? i will find truth and then i will punish you and wont give a penny, If anything happens to Mahek then i wont spare you, i was giving you money then why you did it?Grandma says you are giving me money then why would I do it? Karona says if you are lying then I wont spare you, she leaves.

Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Grandma cries and says God dont bring that Mahek to you now otherwise i will be doomed, God protect me. Shaurya sucks poison out of Mahek, Karona says doctor is coming, Shaurya says i want to save Mahek, Mahek please open eyes. Grandma brings herbal medicine and asks Shaurya to make Mahek drink it,shaurya puts it in Mahek’s mouth and pleads her to open her eyes. Mahek wakes up, all are happy, grandma says i told you that my medicine will work, Shaurya goes and hugs her tightly, he says thank you grandma, you saved my Mahek, Shaurya kisses Grandma’s forehead, Karona is stunned.

Shaurya comes to Mahek and pulls her in his lap, he hugs her and kisses her forehead, Mahek smiles and cuddle to him. Grandma thinks that thank God this Mahek got saved otherwise I would have lost my money before even getting them, she gets call.Grandma leaves room, Karona sees her going. Grandma comes out of room and takes Svetlana’a call, she scolds her for sending poisonous snake, Svetlana asks her to bring her in house now, Grandma says i will do something, she ends call. Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Grandma comes to Mahek that if anything happened to you then I would have died, are you fine? do you feel Dizzy? From where did this snake came? Mahek says i am fine, just my hand sting, i got to taste snake bite too. Grandma says i told you all that there is flaw in her Kundli, feels like someone is creating problem in their relation, Kanta asks what you mean? Pundit says like someone is black magic, Karona says we dont believe in all that, Grandma says only bad things are happening here, please Shaurya agree to solution, please agree to poojas and peace prayers,

Pundit asks if they had fights in house in last few days? Grandma says shaurya threw Svetlana out of house after cursing her, Svetlana’s curse must be falling on their relation, Shaurya please bring Svetlana back in house. Shaurya says no,if i bring her here then only more problems will come, this poison was nothing against the poison that is in Svetlana’s heart, he leaves angrily.

Grandma asks Mahek to Shaurya understand, problems wont stop, Mahek says i will talk to Shaurya, Karona asks her to be careful, Mahek nods and leaves. Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Zee World

Shaurya is shouting on servant. Mahek comes there, Shaurya cups her face and says why did you come here? you should rest, he makes her sit and asks servant to close windows,get lost, servant leave. Mahek says all are upset, grandma is requesting, please bring Svetlana back, Shaurya says no,if she had said bad things to me then i would have ignored her but she cursed Maa, you and grandma, till when she will keep cursing? Mahek says dont forgive her but bring her back for house pace, there is tension in house,atmospehere is not good,

Shaurya says from when you believe in all this? Mahek says we do many things for our family, they want peace and we can give that to them, Shaurya says that woman will create drama only, Mahek says that woman is your brother’s mother too, please agree, please, give it as a wedding gift to me, she hugs him tightly and calms him down, Shaurya says do what you want to do but if she tries to play another trick then I will send her to jail next time, Mahek smiles and snuggles in his arms.

In morning, Kanta is working in kitchen with Mansi. Kanta gets call from grandma, grandma greets her and asks how is Mahek? Kanta says she is fine now, grandma invites her, Kanta says okay we will come. Grandma says its our ritual for wedding, its for married women and girl getting married, Kanta says we all will come in evening for it. Mehek 24 June 2019 Update – Zee World

In evening, functions starts at Shaurya’s house, Shaurya is talking with guests, Vicky calls him and Karona, Shaurya turns and sees Svetlana there with Vicky, they glare at each other, Shaurya says to her that i dont want to talk to you but if I find you behind any antic now then believe me you wont be able to show face to anyone. Grandma asks them to stop fighting and clean dog’s shit, sees Sharma family is here. Sharma family comes there. They greet everyone, Mahek comes there wearing pale pink dress, she blushes as Shaurya smiles at her. Check back later for more update… More Update Coming Later...

Mehek 23 June 2019 Update 

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