Mehek Series

Mehek Update 11 May 2019 – Zee World

Mehek Update 11 May 2019 - Zee World Series

Mehek Update 11 May 2019 – Zee World Series

The episode starts with Shaurya coming to the top of the roof and asks Mehek to give him her hand, Mehek smiles, Shaurya says you are a drama queen. Mehek hugs him and says i love you Shaurya.. i love you.. Shaurya smiles, Goonji si hai son plays, they lovingly gaze at each other.

All are clapping for them, Rajiv is acting too, Mehek blushes and hides her face by hugging Shaurya. Shaurya says “i heard that middle class girls are shy but you today…” Mehek puts her hand on his mouth. Shaurya says you have to pay for stopping me, she asks what do you want? Mehek Update 11 May 2019

He says my first kiss, Mehek blushes and looks down, Shaurya lifts her face and leans in to kiss her lips, Mehek closes her eyes, Shaurya almost kisses her but Mehek runs away.

Mehek Update 11 May 2019 – Zee World Series

All are waiting for Mahek to return home. Nehal says if Shaurya doesnt become my brother in law then i will bring storm, there shouldnt be any tragedy in this love story anymore, Pd says love story is not completed without drama and tears. Door knocks, whole family runs to open it, Mahek comes inside, whole family is asking her questions, if she met Shaurya? did she talk to him? did he agree? Mehek Update 11 May 2019

Kanta asks what happened Mahek? everything fine? what did Shaurya say? Balwant asks her to tell, Mahek says what would he say? alongwith me, you people would have to bear devil Kumar for whole life, she blushes. Family starts dancing happily. Shaurya comes there with Karona and his puppy, Karona has brought shagun, Mahek beams at Shaurya, she sees family still dancing and coughs, family stops, seeing them.

Shaurya says i have come to dance like crazy and you people stopped? lets dance. Shaurya and Karona sits, family is dancing. Karona shows them shagun, Jeevan says it was not needed. Karona says dont talk in middle specially you, all get tensed hearing it. Karona smiles and says you just have sweets, Jeevan laughs. Karona says this is bribe to make your daughter as my daughter, she offers sweets to everyone. Karona hugs Kanta, Kanta eats sweet.

Mahek shyly smiles at Shaurya. Karona says to Mahek that i was waiting for daughter in law who can take care of me, come to my home soon otherwise i will tell your chachi about your act today, Mahek gets stunned hearing it, Karona makes her eat sweets and hugs her. Mehek Update 11 May 2019 – Zee World Series

She says family that i want marriage to happen soon, we shouldnt wait to do good thing, we should start ceremonies from tomorrow, Kanta says it would be too soon, Shaurya says dont take tension, i will handle everything, Pd jokes that Shaurya is desperate to get married, all laugh, Mahek blushes.

All family members go inside. Shaurya says to Mahek that you dont have to worry, i know you are tensed about our first marriage night, dont worry, i have put in my phone.. Mahek says you keep joking, only 10days are remaining in wedding and i have workload of job too, KD sir have given me so many responsibilities.

Shaurya puts hands around her neck and says if you have so many responsibilities then focus on that, i will handle all marriage work, Mahek cups his face and thanks him, Shaurya says you are welcome Mahek Khanna.. should i call you Mahek Khanna or Mahek Sharma? Mahek says call me Mahek Shaurya Khanna, Shaurya smiles, Mahek hugs him.

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