The Heir

The Heir 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World Series

The Heir 19 August 2019 Update

The Heir 19 August 2019 Update starts when Harjeet slaps Jay and scolds him. Jai says listen to me, its not like that, I came here to meet someone else. He sees Swaroop. Swaroop says all men are dog. Jai says I m gone today. Harjeet slaps him. He says I understand a bad guy like you, there is no respect for you at home and outside. He insults Jai. Jai says listen to me, don’t say anything about home. Harjeet says I don’t think you have parents. Jai asks him not to say anything about my mum.

Harjeet asks him to call his brother. Jai says I did mistake, I will leave. Harjeet stops him. He asks him to call Varinder. He takes Jai’s phone and checks contacts. He says your brother’s number is not saved in phone. He looks at Jai and asks who are you, tell me, why did you come here, you are not Varinder’s brother. Jai gets kicked out. Manni waits for him and asks Jai to come. Jai says look at them, they scolded me, wait I will get luggage. Mannu shows his bag. Jai says my planning went wrong.

Mannu shows the bangle and says I got something. Jai asks did you steal like this from house. Mannu says no, all are animals here, this jewelry is from other house, you should have agreed to me before. Jai thinks. Mannu says we can go there if you want else… Jai says shut up.

He sits the bike and says fine, if not this house, then that one. They leave on his bike. Sushila tells Amba that she is decorating house well. She says I can see your life partner coming. Amba smiles and goes. Mannu and Jai reach Pavaniya house. Jai asks do you have right news. Mannu waits for someone.

Jai and Mannu stop that man. The man asks where is Amba’s house. Jai says where did you come, this is wrong address. He confuses the courier guy. Mannu gets the envelop from the man. Jai gives wrong address to the man and sends him.

Mannu and Jai enter the house. Sushila asks what do you want. Mannu gives the envelope. Sushila reads the letter that this is the man, he is very good. She looks at Jai and asks what. Jai says Chautala has sent me. Sushila says talk slowly, do you understand work, whom did you get.

Jai says she will act of my daughter so that Amba gets trapped. Sushila asks why will she want to marry a man having daughter. Jai says she will melt seeing the girl. Sushila says girls are of no use, they are burden on parents. Jai says don’t give us money if we don’t do work. Sushila says fine, come in Lohri jashan, I will make you talk. Jai and Mannu go to room.

Lohri jashan begins. Everyone dance around the Lohri fire and sing. Jagan says next year, my other son will also celebrate lohri. Raavi gets worried. Jai and Mannu come there. Jai smiles seeing Amba dancing. Mannu says this is my promise mummy, you will always be happy, I have come back home. Sushila asks what happened, go and talk to her, dance with her so that plan can work.

Jai dances around Amba. Mannu looks on. Sushila says I don’t think you can do something, wait I will introduce you. She stops Amba and says he is Jai, he has come from city to see you for marriage, he is BA english medium, he has own business, he is handsome. Amba sees Jai. Jai greets her. Sushila asks how do you like him. She says Amba got shy, go and dance. Jagan looks on. Amba and Jai dance. Shaam hote hi……plays……….

The Heir 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Mannu prays to Lord. Amba gets shy and runs. Jagan drinks with friends. Jai goes to get a drink. Sushila stops Jai and asks him to focus on work, color Amba in your color, go. Mannu and Jai see Amba’s dupatta catching fire. Jai rushes and pulls her dupatta. She falls in his arms. She calls out Sushila and complains about Jai for pulling her dupatta. Jai says your dupatta was going in fire, you are misunderstanding, fire would have harmed you. Amba says I know guys like you, I will not marry you, why did you touch me. Mannu thinks I have to explain mummy, else plan will fail. Amba says tell him to leave.

Mannu says we will leave aunty ji. Amba asks who are you. Mannu says I m Preet, his daughter, your anger is justified, but Papa tells that women should fight for their right, you are misunderstanding my Papa, he respects women, since my mum died, he never saw any woman, he did not wish to remarry, but I want mother’s love, so I asked him to meet you, your dupatta was catching fire, so he saved you, give him one chance. Amba looks on

Amba says you talk maturely, you look lovely, don’t know why I feel like you are like my family. She agrees to Mannu and says you can stay here. She says this does not mean I said yes for marriage, I will test first and then decide for marriage. Mannu says yes, my dad will pass every test. Jai says as you like. Amba goes. Jai asks Sushila to see, daughter helped. Sushila says yes, but be ready, Amba will be impressed easily.

Jai praises Mannu for saving him. Mannu says no need to go much close to Amba. Jai says wait, what’s the matter, I came here to impress Amba, not to do her aarti, what to do, what’s your problem, Swaroop became your Bua in that house, and here you made Amba your mother. Mannu says we should sleep now.

Mannu goes to sleep. Jai wakes up Mannu and asks what’s the matter, why was Amba seeing you like this, we are partners. Mannu says don’t doubt on partner, focus on Amba. Mannu goes to sleep.

The Heir 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Jai sleeps and snores. Mannu wakes up and goes out of the room. Mannu sees the house. Naina jo saanjh……plays……. Mannu recalls Bebe and family. Mannu says Sushila has done all this, I have come back home, I will get Sushila punished.

Its morning, Raavi cries recalling Jagan’s words. Sushila gets angry on her. Mannu looks on. Sushila asks Raavi is it true what Jagan said, I got angry on him that day but kept quiet, my dream should not break, I did all this to get you respectable life, I have to rule here, girl can’t be born. Raavi cries.

Mannu asks Raavi what happened, is everything fine. Raavi says yes. Mannu says you lied to me, tell me what is the matter. Raavi says you don’t get in this house matters, your age is to play, go and play. Mannu goes. Jai looks on and says don’t know when Mannu says truth and lies.

Jagan asks Sushila why did you call Jai home, we could have dropped Amba far from home. Sushila says Jai is right guy, have patience. Jagan says fine, I m giving you last chance. Its night, Jai adds something in milk. Mannu asks what did you add in milk. Jai says saying everything is not necessary, go and do your work.

Mannu stares at him. Jai says its bhaang, I m also human. He drinks bhaang milk. Mannu sees the bhaang tablets. Jai says if Sushila sees me, she will be after me, we are also humans, we also like to say truth to everyone, you know, you saved me yesterday, thanks. Mannu says fine, sleep now.

Jai says I don’t like to cheat Amba, there is something in her eyes, I trapped girl since years, I feel like I m trapped in love now. Mannu asks are you saying truth. Jai says none can lie after drinking bhaang. He falls asleep. Mannu thinks its good Jai will not do wrong with Amba, I will not let anything wrong happen, I know how to make Sushila speak up. Mannu takes bhaang tablets.

Amba comes there. Mannu calls her mummy. Mannu says I mean my would be mummy. Amba says tell your dad that I have to talk, I m waiting on terrace. Mannu worries and says Jai is drunk, how to send him to Amba. Mannu wakes up Jai. Jai asks what happened. Mannu says Amba is calling you on terrace. The Heir 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Jai goes to terrace to meet Amba. Amba says I thought to take first test today. Jai says I can’t even count my fingers now, she is saying about tests. He says I went to sleep. Amba says you got scared before game started. Jai says no, I m not scared, poems ring in heart seeing you, shall I say english poem. He tells twinkle twinkle little star rhyme….. He says I can get moon and stars for you. Amba says then get it.

Mannu adds bhaang tablet in milk. Mannu says now Sushila’s truth will come out in front of everyone. Sushila sees Mannu in kitchen and asks what are you doing here. Mannu says I have habit to drink milk before sleeping, you drink this, I will make another glass for me. Sushila says great, but I feel heavy stomach today, it can be indigestion, I will give this milk to Raavi. Mannu worries and thinks Raavi can get hurt by bhaang milk, how to stop Sushila now.

Mannu stops Sushila. Mannu says I added Chuara/dates in it. She says then Raavi can’t drink it. Mannu says then you can have it. Sushila drinks the milk and says it was great, but Chaura’s taste was not there. Mannu says everything is mixed these days. Sushila gets drunk by bhaang effect. Mannu asks who is Deena. Sushila says she was Jagan’s mother, she died, why are you asking this. Mannu says I heard someone killed her. She says she was a daayan, she had to die, Raavi was going to marry Deena’s elder son, Deena changed her words. Mannu thinks to make her admit crime.

Mannu asks her to rest and massages her legs. Sushila thanks Mannu. Mannu keeps the phone there. Mannu asks how did Deena die. Sushila says she fell in cliff and died, and laughs. Jai asks Mannu to come. Mannu asks him to wait. Mannu asks Sushila to say. Jai takes Mannu. He asks what are you doing, I m failing in test. Mannu says I m not chatting. Jai says fine. Mannu says sorry. Jai says listen, you know what Amba asked me, she is asking me to get moon, can this happen. The Heir 19 August 2019 Update on Zee World

Mannu says I asked you to act, not overact. Jai asks is there any way, else we will leave. Mannu says do as I said. Mannu goes to Sushila and asks her to say about Deena. Sushila falls asleep. Mannu goes. Raavi comes to Sushila and says I have stomach ache, what to do, I can’t go to doctor, everyone will know my womb ….. Sushila laughs and says you want to know truth, I have killed Deena, I will kill anyone coming in my way. Raavi gets shocked hearing this and thinks mummy has killed Bebe, if mummy knows I have girl in my womb, she will kill my baby. She cries and leaves.

Jai goes to terrace and sees Amba downstairs. He goes to her and smiles. She asks did you get moon. He says yes. She says show me. He says you have to close eyes. She closes eyes. He thinks of her. Jag ghoomeya…..plays…… He blindfolds her. He takes her and shows her moon’s reflection in the plate of water. Amba says great, you really got moon on earth. He says yes, I fulfilled my promise, now your turn. She says I will fulfill my promise. He asks will you marry me. She says I promised that I will take your test, I will take your test for sure. She smiles and goes. Jai smiles.

Mannu asks Jai not to worry, I will manage everything. Mannu’s phone falls. Jai sees it and says its my phone, how did you get it. Mannu says yes, its your phone, if anyone else got it, I got it and returned you. Mannu gets hiccups and says I will drink water. Mannu goes. Jai says I don’t understand Mannu. He recalls Mannu’s words. He checks phone and sees recent files. He says why is Mannu doing this, there is something deep, I have to find out the truth.

Sukhi tells Jai about Mannu, he was blamed for Bebe’s death, police caught him, but Mannu has fooled police and run away, he is much smart. Jai asks where is Mannu, did he come back. Sukhi says no, if he comes back, he will be caught again, I know Mannu well, he is very smart, he fools my dad always.

Jai asks do you have Mannu’s pic. Sukhi says no, your room is Simran and Gunjan’s room, they are Mannu’s sisters, you can find it there. Jai thinks Preet has connection with Mannu, I have to find out. He checks some things and thinks why did Preet make this video.

The Heir 19 August 2019 Update ends with Mannu going to see Amba. Amba is sleeping. Mannu says I will not lose. Jai checks some files and books. Mannu sits by Amba’s side. Jai gets some pic. Mannu says I reached you because of Jai, I trust him, I will get Sushila’s truth out. Mannu goes to room and sees the mess. Mannu calls out Jai. Jai shows their family pic. Mannu gets shocked. Jai asks Mannu what’s your real name, Preet or Mannu, I will say it, Manpreet Pavaniya. Mannu worries.

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