Forbidden Love July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Forbidden Love July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Forbidden Love July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Monday 1 July 2019 Episode 286

Shyam learns about Khushi’s intention of finding Arnav, while Anjali is desperate to prove Manorama wrong. Khushi succeeds in reaching Arnav’s place of confinement, but Shyam nabs her before she can enter.

Episode 287

Arnav escapes, but Shyam forces Khushi in his car. Arnav follows him, while the goons chase him. He finds Khushi tied up on the road and as he tries to feed her, the goons attack him.

Tuesday 2 July 2019 Episode 288

Khushi informs Arnav that Shyam kidnapped him. When Anjali panics on seeing Shyam injured, he lies to her. Manorama continues with her effort of hiding the truth.

Episode 289

Khushi exposes Shyam’s intention of kidnapping Arnav. Shyam denies it and asks her to prove the same. Anjali does not believe that Shyam is the culprit. Meanwhile, Nandkishore enters and corroborates Khushi’s claim.

Wednesday 3 July 2019 Episode 290

Shyam accuses Khushi of tainting his image, while Manorma asks Payal to not defend Khushi. When Nandkishore talks about the pen drive and the will, Shyam hides the drive. Anjali disbelieves Khushi and Nandkishore.

Episode 291

Shyam says that Khushi tried to seduce him and Payal challenges his accusation. She says he pretended to be a bachelor to stay at Madhumati’s house and get engaged to Khushi. Shyam asks for proof, but Khushi fails.

Thursday 4 July 2019 Episode 292

Anjali faints after Arnav throws Shyam out of the house. Shyam’s deceit devastates everyone. Payal pleads with Akash to trust Khushi and her, but he rebuffs her. Anjali does not believe Arnav and distances herself from him.

Episode 293

Akash is upset as Payal hides Shyam’s truth. He blames her for the tragedy in the family. Meanwhile, Naani worries about Anjali’s pregnancy and asks Khushi to stay away from her. Anjali is upset, while Khushi looks after Arnav.

Friday 5 July 2019 Episode 294

Arnav cheers up Khushi. She insists Anjali eat for her baby’s sake. However, Anjali runs away, making the Raizada family anxious. She tries to abort the baby in a hospital.

Episode 295

Anjali tries to abort the baby herself after the doctor’s refusal. Arnav convinces her to change her mind and return home. Meanwhile, Manorama blames Khushi and Payal for the family’s misfortunes.

Monday 8 July 2019 Episode 296

Khushi blames herself for Shyam’s misconduct. Meanwhile, Arnav threatens to break Payal’s marriage if Khushi leaves. He vows to win her back before the contract marriage ends.

Episode 297

Khushi complains when Arnav forgets her birthday. Later, she thanks Aman for a gift that Arnav had asked him to bring. While Payal cooks for Khushi, Manorama causes a fight between Akash and Payal

Tuesday 9 July 2019 Episode 298

Arnav lies to Anjali about the roses to keep her happy. Khushi, meanwhile, receives gifts from Payal and Nandkishore. To surprise Khushi, Arnav lights up the poolside and then forces her to cut the cake.

Episode 299

Arnav places a red rose on Khushi’s pillow and finally wishes her, thinking she is asleep. Later, Nandkishore tells Arnav to be unique. Nani cooks a special dish for Khushi on Arnav’s request, but Khushi doesn’t eat.

Wednesday 10 July 2019 Episode 300

Khushi refuses to accept Arnav’s gift, making him angry. Anjali’s turmoil, Manorama’s anger and Payal and Akash’s misunderstandings upset Khushi. Her attempt to reconcile Payal and Akash’s rift also backfires.

Episode 301

Manorama blames Khushi for Anjali’s failed marriage. Arnav attempts to make Khushi smile and reignite her feelings, but to no avail. Khushi refuses to accept him as her husband. Forbidden Love July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Thursday 11 July 2019 Episode 302

Arnav plans to scare and then surprise Khushi, hoping that she will appreciate his efforts. Instead, she gets angry at him for scaring her. Anjali thinks that Arnav lied to her about the meeting in Agra.

Episode 303

Arnav tells Anjali that although he married Khushi to save her from Shyam, he has now truly fallen in love with her. He reassures Anjali that their brother-sister relationship will remain strong.

Friday 12 July 2019 Episode 304

Khushi lies to Arnav about going to the Guptas’ house to tend to Madhumati. Naani calls Madhumati but Khushi intercepts the call. Akash asks Payal to accompany him to Mumbai, but she declines, fearing Manorama.

Episode 305

Arnav brings a doctor to treat Madhumati. Khushi fabricates a story to fool the doctor. Manorama spots Anjali meeting someone secretly. On learning that Madhumati hasn’t paid her rent yet, Arnav pays for her.

Monday 15 July 2019 Episode 306

Manorama wonders who made blank calls to the house. She sees Anjali talking to herself and tells Naani. Arnav vows to cement his and Khushi’s marriage. As part of a plan, Arnav cancels the cheque to pay Madhumati’s rent.

Episode 307

Khushi runs from pillar to post to arrange the money, but to no avail. So she reluctantly seeks Arnav’s help. He asks her to work for him for a day in exchange for the money. Khushi hurts her foot while catering to Arnav.

Tuesday 16 July 2019 Episode 308

While tending to Khushi, Arnav falls and hurts his back. Khushi massages his back with oil. Later, Anjali shows him the sonogram of her baby. Arnav asks Khushi to stay up all night.

Episode 309

The landlord informs Khushi that a new developer has bought the house. Khushi learns that Arnav is the new developer and also her new landlord. Arnav threatens to demolish the house when she refuses to return to Shantivan.

Wednesday 17 July 2019 Episode 310

Anjali meets Madhumati and Garima when they take Shashi to the hospital. Anjali learns that Madhumati is not sick and that Khushi and Arnav lied to her. Arnav orders Khushi to return to Shantivan.

Episode 311

Arnav brings Khushi back home. Akash returns from Mumbai. On the days of Rakhi, Arnav wears a set of traditional clothes gifted to him by Anjali. Anjali ties rakhi to Arnav, Akash and Nandkishore.

Thursday 18 July 2019 Episode 312

Khushi sees Anjali talking to someone outside the house. Arnav gifts Khushi a pearl necklace and some of her favourite things. Naani tells Arnav that his grandmother, Subhadra Devi is missing from the ashram.

Episode 313

Khushi accidentally pours dirty water on Subhadra Devi when she comes to Shantivan. Thinking that Khushi is a servant, Subhadra Devi insults her.

Friday 19 July 2019 Episode 314

Naani introduces Khushi to Subhadra Devi Daadi, who rebuffs her. Daadi questions Naani for not informing her about several matters. Naani reminds Daadi that she had deserted the family in the past.

Episode 315

Daadi’s sudden arrival reminds Arnav of the past and he has a restless night. He tells Khushi that his mother committed suicide. Khushi comforts him. On Anjali’s behest, Khushi goes to the storeroom and finds old photos.

Monday 22 July 2019 Episode 316

Daadi asks Manorama about Shyam, but Nandkishore intervenes. Khushi and Arnav share a number of endearing moments, including jumping and breaking the bed. Forbidden Love July 2019 Teasers

Episode 317

Arnav tells Khushi to get ready for their wedding night. This flusters her and she wears her dress inside out and makes jalebis instead of kheer for Janmashtami. Anjali secretly goes out to meet someone.

Tuesday 23 July 2019 Episode 318

Manorama doubts Anjali’s suspicious behaviour. Arnav gifts a dress to Khushi and decorates their bedroom with flowers and candle lights. Khushi refuses to consummate their marriage without a proper wedding.

Episode 319

Daadi reveals that Arnav and Khushi’s wedding was a contractual engagement. Arnav decides to fulfil all the customs and rituals. Madhumati takes Khushi to the Gupta house.

Wednesday 24 July 2019 Episode 320

Daadi visits the Guptas and insults Khushi for living with Arnav without a proper wedding. While Garima slaps Khushi, Madhumati defends Khushi and breaks the alliance.

Episode 321

Daadi criticizes Khushi and her values, while Naani defends her. On hearing about Garima, Daadi insists on meeting her. Garima panics when she hears this.

Thursday 25 July 2019 Episode 322

Daadi postpones meeting Garima till the next day. To avoid meeting Daadi, Garima goes out. Daadi tells Arnav that he is not allowed to see the bride until the wedding.

Episode 323

Garima uses Shashi’s illness as a reason not to attend the engagement. This displeases Daadi. Arnav goes through all the customs for Khushi’s sake. Shyam sneaks into Shantivan during the function.

Friday 26 July 2019 Episode 324

Shyam tampers with Anjali’s medicine. Arnav hires a nurse for Shashi so that Garima can attend a puja. Arnav notices a bill in Shyam’s name for camera equipment.

Episode 325

Garima sees Daadi and goes home. Arnav not only enters the temple for the first time, he participates in the puja to make Khushi happy. On learning that the family is at the temple, Anjali invites Shyam to Shantivan.

Monday 29 July 2019 Episode 326

With Shyam still at home, Anjali panics when the family returns. Shyam hides, but Daadi sees his mobile. While the doctor prescribes new medicines for Anjali, before leaving, Shyam makes her take the tampered medicines.

Episode 327

Madhumati asks Garima to postpone the trip to the medical camp for Khushi’s wedding. It is revealed that Shyam and Daadi have an understanding and Daadi promises to help him regain his place.

Tuesday 30 July 2019 Episode 328

Khushi and Arnav meet at a restaurant and Shyam and Anjali happen to meet at the same place. Anjali asks Shyam to attend her godh bharai ritual. Shyam gifts her jewellery and promises to come for the ritual, but in disguise.

Episode 329

Shyam enters Shantivan in disguise. Garima decides to meet Daadi to sort things out. When guests wonder why Shyam isn’t present, Daadi asks Naani to invite Shyam. Arnav refuses to invite him.

Wednesday 31 July 2019 Episode 330

No Teaser Available

Episode 331

No Teaser Available – Forbidden Love July 2019 Teasers On StarLife

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