Game of Love 8 June 2019 Update On StarLife

Game of Love 8 June 2019 Update On StarLife

Game of Love 8 June 2019 starts with Anika stopping Shwetlana from reaching remote. ShivOm remove the jacket off Rudra. Rudra fires Bhavya and asks her to get lost. Some time before, Anika sees the CCTV footage and says why does Shivaye look worried, Rudra’s jacket was bomb…. She gets shocked. She says so he asked Gauri not to come close, I can understand Shivaye is worried, I won’t let anything happen to Rudra, he would have been trying to tell me something via this CCTV, say something Shivaye….. He looks towards the camera and says Anika.

She says why did he hold phone in a strange way. He enters wrong password in phone and throws it. She says why did he enter wrong password, what does this mean, phone, unlock, wrong password, and signing to digital lock of Rudra’s jacket, does this lock open with password, Shivaye wants me to find it out, how will I find out, Shwetlana has it.

Game of Love 8 June 2019 Update On StarLife

Shwetlana goes to Tej’s cabin and says this is same office, where we met for the first time, so your destruction begins from here, it will be fun. She kicks Tej’s pic. Anika looks on and thinks how to get password from her. She applies something to the door and runs.

Shwetlana checks and asks who’s there. She says maybe Shivaye has sent someone after me, I shouldn’t underestimate him, I will activate the bomb, then they can’t think anything. Shwetlana enters the password. Anika sees it and says so password is 2538. Shwetlana goes to Shivaye and asks him not to act smart. He says I didn’t do anything. She says I have activated the bomb. He scolds her.

She says your brother’s breath will run till you follow my instructions. She goes and thinks Shivay will not act smart now, this dose is enough, I will deactivate bomb. Anika comes in front and argues with her. She asks Shwetlana to catch her if she can. Anika runs. Shwetlana runs after her and catches her. She says enough of your drama, see what I do now. Game of Love 8 June 2019

Om says I don’t believe Shwetlana, we have to do something to save Rudra. Shivaye says don’t worry, Anika will surely do something. Rudra says she has left. Shivaye says no, she didn’t go, I can sense her. Shwetlana gets Anika there. She threatens to kill Anika by keeping knife at her neck.

Anika says fine kill me, leave everyone else. Shwetlana says they all will die. Anika says please fulfill my last wish, I want to talk to my husband, please let me talk. Shwetlana agrees. Anika says Shivaye, our story started with glass breaking but it will end with our dreams breaking, you wanted us to have kids after 2 years, you wanted 5 kids, I wanted 3 kids, I think we will have to wait for 8 births now.

Shwetlana asks her to stop nonsense, get ready to die. Anika pushes her. Shivaye asks Om to open jacket, enter 2538. Game of Love 8 June 2019 Update On StarLife

Anika stops Shwetlana from reaching remote. ShivOm remove the jacket off Rudra. They throw the jacket out and hug. Shwetlana sees them. Shivaye says till your brothers are alive, none can harm you. Anika asks are you fine. Rudra says nothing can happen to me if you are there, how did you know password. Om asks how and when did you tell password to Shivaye.

Shivye says this is all about love, when eyes and heart talk, tongue doesn’t need to talk, we had a codework, oye oye, we used to say this to each other when we were in danger, when I said this, she understood I m hiding something. She says when he said I love you, he didn’t look into my eyes, I understood he is hiding something, he looked at CCTV, I understood he wants me to go to control room, when he showed mobile screen and entered wrong password, then he signed towards the digital lock of jacket. Rudra asks did you understand he is asking you to find password.

She says yes. He says you are a genius. She says yes, I m. Shivaye says if you were not here…. She asks do you want to say thanks, I did this for family. Rudra gives them best jodi award. She says its for all of us. They hug.
Anika, Om and Shivaye come home. Anika hugs Dadi and says we all are fine. Tej says we got to know about bomb situation. Om says we are safe now. Jhanvi asks where is Rudra.

Shivaye says he went to meet friends, I told him to divert mind, its good for him. Dadi asks why does troubles come our way. Jhanvi says because root of trouble is in this house itself. He says none can harm us till we are together. Om says Shwetlana crossed limits, she won’t stay here now. Shivaye says no Om, I will handle it. He thinks I don’t want her to show you Tej’s video, you can’t tolerate it. He says you have to go Germany for painting exhibition, you will go there and I will manage everything here.

Rudra is at cafe with his friends. Bhavya comes running and asks are you fine, Anika told me…. He says no need to do drama, I know how much you worry for me. He tells his friends that he hired her for protection, but she doesn’t care. She asks why are you saying this. He asks her to call him Sir, did she forget her status along with her duty. She gets Manav’s call. She answers and says I will be there soon, Manav. She ends call. Rudra stares at her.

Shivaye comes to Shwetlana. She says so sorry, I know I have crossed limits and you will make me leave, so I m leaving. He asks her to stop drama and come to the point. She says its not a drama, I understood I can’t break you brothers, so I m leaving, I kept the Kalyani mills video tape on table. She asks him to pass the remote. He asks what’s this remote. She asks him to play it and see. He plays. She says surprise…. he turns to her. She smiles.

Rudra scolds Bhavya. She cries. She says even in hatred, there should be some dignity that you don’t regret later. He says I throw the thing I regret for, I will throw you out of my life today, you are fired, get lost, don’t show your face again.

StarLife: Game of Love 8 June 2019 Update

She says thanks for proving me wrong, I had forgotten everything, but what you did today, I can never forget this, you will fire me, I will myself quit the job, I don’t want to work with an immature person like you, who just sees half truth, every truth has two sides, its your bad luck that you didn’t see the other side. She leaves.

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