Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts Adi is in office, the secretary calls him and says you have a meeting with a client from Canada, he wants to talk to you, Adi says I didn’t contact him? Let me talk to him, she transfers phone to client, its Jhanvi that is calling, she acts like Sardar client and says I want to have a meeting with you tomorrow so come to the restaurant tomorrow, Adi says okay and ends call, Adi says I didn’t know about this client, maybe Raj talked to him.

Adi comes to the restaurant. He sees a Sardar sitting on a table, she calls out to him. Its Jhanvi dressed as Sardar. Adi says hi and he doesn’t recognize her. Jhanvi says no handshake but hug, she hugs him tightly and sits beside him. Adi says there is no one else in the hotel? Jhanvi says I don’t like noise so I booked the whole restaurant. Adi says how may I help you? Jhanvi says first let me have felt, she holds his arm, he weirdly looks at her, she says I mean let’s have food. Jhanvi says my wife is calling, she acts like calling his wife and says yes Sweety my baby doll, I love you and I am missing you, she ends the call.

She says to Adi that I had a fight with my wife, we have love but there was a misunderstanding, its life long connection so we have to let things go, are you married? Adi says yes, Jhanvi says all wives are entertaining. Adi stares at her and says cockroach.. Jhanvi starts screaming in her voice and says Adi where is it? she jumps to his arms, Adi takes off her mustache and glares at her. Jhanvi takes off her turban and says Adi I actually… Adi tries to stop but starts laughing, he says what is all this?

Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 Update

Jhanvi says you were angry and now you are laughing? Adi says you are my cute Sardarni, you made my secretary part of my plan too? she says I am your wife so I know how to pacify you. Adi says tell me if you have hidden anything else, she says there is nothing else. Adi says you have planned a date for me, I should get more angry on you, what else you have planned? Jhanvi says will tell you with time Mr. Husband. Adi says where was this Jhanvi hidden before? Adi leans in to kiss her, she says what are you doing? Adi says dont you know what people do on dates? she says no, you tell me. Adi smiles at her, Hawaien plays, Adi pulls her closer, she tries to runaway but he holds her hand, Jhanvi blushes and hugs him tightly. They smile in each others’ embrace.

Jhanvi comes to Nisha and sees her coughing, she says why didnt you come for breakfast? Nisha says I didnt wake up on time. Jhanvi says I have brought it for you. Nisha keeps coughing, Jhanvi asks what happened? Jhanvi sees blood on bed. Nisha rushes to washroom, Jhanvi comes behind her and sees Nisha coughing up blood, she says blood? Jhanvi says there is so much blood, lets go to doctor, this is not normal. Nisha says I will go alone to doctor, you have to pick up kids, I will go there and I will call you if anything happens, she leaves. Jhanvi is worried for her.

Jhanvi is working in kitchen but lost in thoughts. Kaki comes there and sees her lost, she asks how are you cutting veggies like this? Jhanvi says sorry. Kaki asks if she gave breakfast to Nisha? she says yes. Kaki says where did Nisha go? Jhanvi says should I tell her about Nisha or wait for Nisha to comeback from doctor? she looks on tensed.

Today: Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 Update

Jhanvi is working in the kitchen but lost in thoughts. Kaki comes there and sees her lost, she asks how are you cutting veggies like this? Jhanvi says sorry. Kaki asks if she gave breakfast to Nisha? she says yes. Kaki says where did Nisha go? Jhanvi says should I tell her about Nisha or wait for Nisha to comeback from doctor? she looks on tensed. Samar comes there. He gathers everyone in lounge and says I have decided to stay here, I am a fool to think that I am irritating you all, not everyone gets love and I am not crazy to kick you people’s love, I was doing a mistake of disregarding your love and I never disregard love of anyone, sometimes we don’t recognize love, he glances at Jhanvi saying it. Kaka notices it and smirks.

Jhanvi is in her room and says dont know where is Nisha, I hope she is fine. She calls Nisha but hears it ringing in house. She says did Nisha comeback? She comes to Nisha’s room and sees her phone there, she says seems like she left her phone here. He sees someone unknown number sent video on her phone. She plays it, its Nisha’s video on cliff, she says I am sorry, I am not happy and I am going to die, I am doing suicide, If I sent you this video then you would try to stop me and ask me to keep moving on in life but I have stopped loving to live,I dont want to live anymore, I am taking our memories with us, I love you, video ends. Jhanvi is shocked to see all this. Jhanvi says Adi is in meeting and his phone is switched off, what if she is lying or what if she found out about me and Adi? she calls on number from which video was sent, man takes it, Jhanvi asks to give phone to lady who used his phone, man says she left after sending video from my phone. Jhanvi takes his address and leaves to find Nisha.

Jhanvi takes auto to search for Nisha. Nisha is near cliff, she is approaching it slowly. Jhanvi is worried in auto. Driver stops auto and says I cant go ahead from here, there is tree fallen on road. Jhanvi pays him and leaves. Jhanvi goes in jungle, driver tries to stop her saying its dangerous there but Jhanvi doesnt hear him and leaves. Jhanvi starts searching for Nisha in jungle. Nisha is near cliff, she recalls her moments with Adi, how he used to love her. Jhanvi is searching for her worriedly. She looks around but there is all jungle around her. She sees cliff and Nisha nearing it. She is shocked to see Nisha approaching cliff and about to jump it. Jhanvi screams Nisha! Nisha doesnt stop. Jhanvi runs to save her. Nisha comes to deadend of cliff and says Adi I loved you a lot but now I am going far far away from you, I love you.. I love you Adi..

Nisha jumps off from cliff but Jhanvi runs and holds her hand, Nisha is hanging off cliff, Jhanvi keeps holding her hand and says come up, what are you doing? Nisha says leave me, I want to die. Jhanvi keeps tight hold on her hand, she pulls her up. Nisha says leave me alone, let me die, why you want to save me. Jhanvi says what are you doing? Nisha says whats there to live for? I should die. Jhanvi thinks what if she got to know about my and Adi’s relation. Jhanvi says calm down. Nisha says I thought to restart a life with Adi after my accident but I dont have right to live, life doesnt love me. Jhanvi says think about your family and Adi.

Nisha says they are my strength, I dont want to break infront of them thats why I want to die. Jhanvi says you dont understand anything right now, calm down. Nisha says I know everything, I have understood whats truth of my life, truth is that my life is for a small span, I dont have much time to live and then me and my baby will not be here, please let me go, I want to die, she folds her hands and plead to Jhanvi.

Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 – Scene 2
Samar comes to Adi’s office and asks if he is busy? Adi says yes but what is it? Samar says I thought to meet you, your interior is nice, Adi says Jhanvi did it. Samar asks if he is fine? he looks upset? Adi says nothing, Kaki told me that you decided to stay at house. Samar says I cant do mistake of leaving Kaki’s food. Adi says you should avoid mistakes in a family, people may not like things you say. Samar says you are talking about what happened with Jhanvi? Adi says yes. Samar says so Nisha told you? I know I shouldnt have said all that to Jhanvi, I dont know what I thought and said to her. Samar says to Adi that I shouldnt have said all that to Jhanvi, she has been through so much, she is handling two kids and going through so much, she is very special to manage all this. Adi says yes, she is very special so from next time..

Samar says I will treat her as she deserves, she will have special treatment from me. Adi perks up hearing it. Samar says I have to confess something Adi. Adi looks on. Samar is about to tell him but Adi gets call and leaves. Samar smiles and says to himself that Jhanvi you make everything beautiful that you touch, I will make myself deserve you and pacify you, I just need one chance, just one, Samar blushes.

Nisha tells Jhanvi that she has blood cancer, Jhanvi is shocked. Nisha says I couldnt believe it and thought to not tell Adi and family but I got confirmed report today that I have blood cancer thats why I want to die. Jhanvi says I dont accept it, every problem has treatment in this age, we will talk to doctors, lets go home, we wont lose hope so soon, dont dare think about doing something like this, lets go home. Nisha cries and leaves with her.

Jhanvi brings Nisha to home. Nisha sits on her bed. Jhanvi gives her water. Jhanvi asks Nisha where is her reports? Nisha says leave it, you will get upset, Jhanvi says I want to read it once myself of whats written in it. Nisha says its under mattress. Jhanvi takes it out and reads her reports. Jhanvi gets tensed to read that she is being diagnosed with blood cancer.

Jhanvi reads Nisha’s medical report and is shocked to read blood cancer there. Nisha says I told you. Jhanvi gets tensed and turns to leave but Nisha stops her. Nisha says promise me to not tell anyone in family about this. Jhanvi recalls Adi asking her to not hide anything from him again. Nisha says you have swear on kids to not tell anyone, this is my last wish, I want to spend my time left with my family happily, I dont want them sad, Adi will be broken and I cant let that happen, you cant tell him or anyone please.

Jhanvi says okay but on one condition. Nisha asks what? Jhanvi says you will go with me to other doctor for second opinion, he is cancer specialist, Nisha says we have doctor’s report, I dont want to hear it again. Jhanvi says we cant lose like this, we have to fight, if you promise me to come with me to doctor then I promise to not tell about this to anyone, deal? Nisha says okay I will go with you to your doctor, Jhanvi says then it will stay between us only. Nisha thanks her. Jhanvi is tensed. Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jhanvi is in the kids’ room and made them sleep. She recalls Adi’s words that trust and truth is the basis of any relation, then Nisha asking her to not tell about her condition to anyone. Jhanvi comes to mandir and says what trouble I am in? one side Nisha made me swear on kids to not tell anyone about her condition but as a wife, I don’t want to hide anything from Adi, I dont know any truth, please guide and help me. Adi comes there and asks what she is praying at night? where are you lost, is everything fine?

Jhanvi says yes, I will bring dinner for you. Adi says I know you well, you are tensed so tell me. Jhanvi says yes I am tensed, actually Nisha today.. she thinks I cant put kids’ swear on risk by telling Adi. Jhanvi says Nisha got ill today. Adi says don’t get ill because of her, thank God we are together in every condition, I came late so everyone can sleep and I can spend time with you, I want to make this moment special.. he brings our sindoor and says you put this on my name and I promise on that I will be with you in every birth, its God’s duty to keep us together in every birth, he fills her forehead with sindoor. Nisha sees all this from far and fumes in anger. Adi cups Jhanvi’s face and says I love you, he hugs her. Nisha is in tears seeing it.
Nisha comes to her room and screams Jhanvi why you want to snatch my Adi from me? Adi can spend births with Jhanvi but can’t spend some moments with me? she breakdowns and cries.

In the morning, Nisha and Jhanvi come to the hospital. Jhanvi takes an appointment. Nisha says I have already done blood test and have reported. Jhanvi says you promised, Nisha nods and goes for blood test. Jhanvi thinks that Nisha gave me kids swear but I don’t waste them like this so I will make sure to find your truth Nisha.

Adi is in the car, one kid comes and asks him to buy flowers for his wife, Adi smiles ant buys it. Adi calls Jhanvi, he asks where she is? Jhanvi thinks she can’t tell him till Nisha’s reports come out, she says I am at mother’s place. Adi says you are missing Maa more than me? you know I love you, she says I love you too, he smiles and ends call. Doctor calls Jhanvi in cabin, Jhanvi thinks Dr. Pandey will tell me the truth and all my doubts will be cleared today.

Adi comes to Jhanvi’s Maa house to surprise her but sees house locked, he says it means Jhanvi lied to me?

Jhanvi and Nisha meets doctor, Dr. Pandey asks how Jhanvi is? she says I am fine doctor uncle, I emailed you Nisha’s reports, we have come for second opinion. Doctor says Nisha’s cancer is on advance stage, she is nearly on last stage, Nisha gets teary eyed and runs from there. She cries and tries to jump out of window but Jhanvi stops her. Nisha says just let me die, dont give me false hope that I wont die? nothing is left, I feel like my life has ended, I should just die, in few days Adi wont like to see me and my family will see me in pain and they will be in pain too, I dont want to give pain to my family before dying, God wants me to die so let me die, she tries to jump again but Jhanvi pulls her back, Nisha tries to fight so Jhanvi slaps her and calms her down, Nisha looks down. Jhanvi makes her sit down and makes her drink water.

Nisha says all my dreams and wishes are destroyed, my baby would never come in world, its been only one year of marriage, my life have just started and its going to end now? she cries and says I dont know if you know, Adi is strained from me these days, he is not happy with me, I try to talk to him but he avoids me or gets angry, I dont understand whats my mistake is but then I tell myself to try all my life to make Adi happy, to win his heart and love but see this cancer… Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019 Update On Zee World Series I dont have life left, this is joke life has played on me, neither Adi nor life wants to give me time, Adi doesnt love me so I should just leave, I feel like he wont even miss me, he will be happy after me, I will have dream fulfilled of seeing Adi happy atleast, I should just die.

Nisha cries. Jhanvi says to Nisha that I will fulfill all your dreams, Nisha says dont give false hopes, you cant make Adi force to love me, leave it. Jhanvi says I promise to bring your husband’s love back to you, Nisha says how? I have just one month and my wishes are too much. Jhanvi says in this one month, all your wishes will be fulfilled be it your husband’s love, I will try fully to bring Adi closer to you, you make memories with him, Adi will spend most of his time with you, I promise you that but its possible when you try to not take your life. Nisha says will Adi be with me? Jhanvi says I know the pain of love near you but not with you, I wont let you be in that pain, Adi will spend most time with you, I promise.

Nisha sadly looks at her, Jhanvi nods in reassurance. Nisha thanks her. They start leaving but Adi calls Jhanvi and asks her to come to his office, she says okay and ends call. Nisha says I might have stopped your works, you carry on, you promised to give my happiness and my Adi back to me so I will take care of myself, I will reach home safely, thank you so much, she leaves. Jhanvi looks on.

Nisha comes to road. Kaka arrives there. Nisha sits in car with him, he smirks and says you are a good actress, even I thought you are going to die. Nisha says you handled that doctor otherwise I would have died, Jhanvi thinks that her doctor uncle is very nice but she doesnt know that everyone can be sold in this world. Kaka says to Nisha that you have thought far ahead this time, one side Jhanvi will have sympathy for you and another side she will try her best to bring Adi more and closer to you. Kindred Hearts 14 August 2019

Nisha says I had to do something that’s why I made that suicide video and Adi wouldn’t have seen it but Jhanvi would and come to save me and that’s what I did. A flashback shows Nisha coming to suicide site and saw Jhanvi coming to save her in the mirror and jumped off a cliff so Jhanvi saved her in time, flashback ends, Nisha says we couldn’t fool Jhanvi easily so I had to make a full-proof plan.

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