Kindred Hearts

Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

The episode starts with Jhanvi crying. Adi is seen saying I am sorry. Was I rude? She says I am not crying. I am allergic to candles. I don’t cry much. She plays with the shadow of her hand. Adi looks at her. Jhanvi gets awkward. He says if you are hungry go to the pantry. she says of yes I am so hungry. She goes out and hits her foot again. He says be careful.

He extends the piece of cloth again. Jahnvi says why didn’ I get this idea.
She says why is everything locked? AS if someone would come at night to steal.

Nisha comes to the room. Baba sa hide. When she leaves he comes out. nisha pats on his back. He is scared.
Nisha says to baba that i am your daughter in law not some horror movie heroine that you are so afraid of, are you doing something mischievous? you remember what i did tow days back? now go to sleep, baba stumbles back and leaves.

Adi and Jhanvi are searching for something in office. Jhanvi finds noodles, she screams in happiness, Adi says you cant do anything without melodrama, Jhanvi says a little spice is needed life. Jhanvi says we dont have gas so how will we cook noodles? Adi tries to make something work, he asks for knife, Jhanvi says knife? there will be headlines that boss killed employee with knife. Adi says please.. Adi makes kettle turn into electric kettle, he asks her to on it, she says will it work?

Zee World: Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019

Adi says i am mechanical engineer gold medalist, Jhanvi switches on kettle and it starts working, Jhanvi jumps towards Adi in happiness, they both broadly smile at each other. Baba tries to remember Adi’s number but cant, he asks Chinni to call Adi. Chinni dials Adi’s number, baba takes phone and says take call Adi. Adi is about to take call but his phone’s battery is dead. Jhanvi offers him noodles and says we will share, Adi says you eat it, its fine. Jhanvi says we are hungry so forget manners and focus on food, Adi says i am good, you eat. Jhanvi says i wont eat if you dont, Adi says what kind of childishness is that?

Jhanvi says i have solution for everything. Jhanvi takes stapler and staple leaf she took from mandir, she puts noodles on stapled leaf, and offers it to Adi and says it will be separate now, i am not talking much right? or maybe i am, Adi takes noodles from her and eats, Jhanvi says by the way I am Masters in Architecture, gold medalist too, Adi smiles.
Nisha switches on Tv but it doesnt work, Nisha tries to switch on button but goes to see divorce papers she hid behind TV and doesnt find it there, she says where id divorce papers go? did Adi take them?

Adi says to Jhanvi that i remember i used to enjoy noodles with baba but now he has Alzheimer and we can connect with him when he remember things. Jhanvi says he remembered my bracelet, like if i show you this leaf after many years, what will you recall? Adi says noodles.

Jhanvi says sameway you should make memory box for him, whatever you want him to remember, you should connect some item with it and put it in memory box and when you will show that object to him later, he will be able to connect to its memory.. i am sorry, i am talking a lot. Adi says its brilliant idea, i am sure this will work, thank you so much for thinking about my baba, he gets emotional and turns away, he wipes his tears, Jhanvi goes to put noodles. Nisha calls Adi’s landline and asks Adi what he did with TV?

Adi says i am in office, Nisha says you like to mechanical experiments on things, what did you do with TV? Adi says i didnt do anything, why you are yelling? what did you do? Nisha says promise on Chinni that you didnt do anything with TV, Adi says you are asking me to promise on my daughter for a TV? Nisha says just promise, Adi says i promise, i didnt do anything, i promise on Chinni and ends call,, adi chinni not fake,, recall baba…

Adi is looking at moon from his office. Jhanvi comes there and says is a lot to see in this darkness, Adi says there is nothing but darkness here. Jhanvi says look at moon, he is far away but keep sending light to earth in this darkness. Adi says even moon become half and fade away. Jhanvi says every half thing is supported like moon is supported by sun’s light in morning.

Adi says this is harsh reality, Jhanvi says we should think that problems will pass and we will find solution one day. Adi says fine. Adi blows off all candles, its all dark in room now, Adi says lets see if your hope is bigger or my harsh reality, you will do what i say, Jhanvi says what i have to do to make you believe? Adi says you have to go in pantry without striking with anything in this darkness, there you have to fill glass fully, remember water should no spill and you have to bring water filled glass here, then i will agree that hope is bigger than reality, Jhanvi says i give you challenge too that if i am able to do what you are asking then you will have to do whatever i ask you to do, Adi says fine, i will do it.

Scene 2
Baba says to Chinni that call Adi, i have to talk to him urgently, Chinni says his phone is switched off, whatever you want to say, you can write it on paper and i will give it to Adi. Baba says great idea, baba writes on paper that Adi nisha have divorce papers, she wants to show them to family tomorrow but i have hid it. Nisha comes there and snatches paper from him. Chinni says baba wanted to talk to Adi but his phone is switched off so i asked him to write on paper whatever he wants to tell to Adi, Nisha glares at baba. Chinni says good night and leaves. Nisha says let me see what you want to tell Adi, she reads his note that Nisha has got divorce papers and baba has hide it. Nisha says interesting baba, baba is scared, Nisha closes door of his room.

Jhanvi comes in pantry in darkness, Jhanvi is trying to reach for glass in pantry, a ladder falls there, Adi says leave it, you cant do it Jhanvi stumbles on ladder and falls on floor, Adi says careful and tries to help her but Jhanvi gets upt, Jhanvi says i have started enjoying right now only, hope is an addictive thing which make you keep wanting to try more until you achieve it.

Adi says its difficult, leave it, Jhanvi says its difficult but not impossible. Jhanvi comes to kitchen counter and pours water in glass, she starts taking it back to Adi’s office but stumbles on things lying on floor, water is splurging from glass. Jhanvi walks in dark pantry. Jhanvi brings water glass to Adi and says i wont challenge, Adi smiles at her, Adi lights candle and says you lost, glass is half filled, your hope made you lose, you cant live life relying on hopes.

Adi recalls Nisha’s words that she hates his family, how she warned to snatch everything from him. Jhanvi lights candles in office again and thinks what has happened to him that have cut him inside. Jhanvi fills glass with her bottle, Adi says this is cheating, Jhanvi says you asked me to fill glass but you didnt tell how to fill it, i can fill it with my bottle, Adi says this is cheating, Jhanvi asys i won.

Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World
Nisha makes baba hold plate and puts coins in it making him look like beggar. Nisha says i dont have anything against you but why you keep going against me? why you are against my and Adi’s relation? tell me where is divorce papers, baba says i dont remember, Nisha says i will send you to your beggars friend on road so tell me where they are, baba says i don’t know.

Nisha says we forget things in Alzheimer but i will make you remember. Nisha pulls him in washroom and throws him on floor, he locks him in washroom and turns off light. Baba begs her to leave him, he requests her to open door, i am hurt, Adi come and save me. Nisha says he is not here, you have become injured? maybe now you will remember divorce papers, baba cries and says i dont remember anything, i am pleading you to open door, its dark here, Nisha says just tell me where papers are.

Jhanvi says to Adi that lets play chidhiya uri game, Adi says thats childish, Jhanvi says as if bringing water glass here in dark is being mature? lets play, Adi and Jhanvi starts playing chidhi uri game, Adi cheats in game and is trying to stop his smile but cant. Jhanvi thinks that i just wanted him to smile and i brought water glass in darkness to him just to make him smile. Adi says my baba taught me this game, Jhanvi says me too, Adi asks if her father taught her? Jhanvi gets silent hearing about her father.

Baba is begging Nisha to open door. Nisha opens door and says handle yourself, i disturbed you but i found papers so i dont need your help, you can sleep. She leaves. Baba is wincing in pain. He looks outside his room and doesnt find anyone there, he goes to find papers. Nisha comes behind and follows him.

Jhanvi gets calls from Maa, Maa is heaving, Jhanvi says calm down, what happened? Maa says your father came again and he talked angrily which Survi couldnt bare, i tried to make her understand but Survi is like stone, she is not listening, not moving, i cant see her like that, do something Jhanvi. Jhanvi cries hearing it. Adi hints her to wipe her tears, and hints her to calm down. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Jhanvi wipes her tears. Jhanvi talks to Survi that you are my shadow, you cant become weak, Maa and me loves you, you dont have to cry over who are not with us, Survi say something. Survi is hearing her but not responding. Adi writes joke and shows it Jhanvi.

Jhanvi tells that joke to Survi, she keep telling her jokes, Survi breakdowns and answers her, she says i am okay, Jhanvi sys to maa that i will come soon, take care, she ends call and emotionally looks at Adi, she says i am sorry. Jhanvi goes to window and silently weeps. Adi looks on. Jhanvi says there was some problem but its solved now, thank you for helping me, she tries not to cry.

She says there is smoke in this room thats why my eyes are tearing. Adi tries to put hand on her shoulder but stops and pulls his hand back, he is worried seeing her cry. Adi goes from there. He goes in store room and brings guitar, he starts playing guitar. Jhanvi hears him and is surprised to see him singing and playing Ae Zindagi gale laga le, Jhanvi smiles at him, Adi sings for her.

Jhanvi is mesmerized with this side of Adi. Adi puts guitar down and offers his hand to Jhanvi, Jhanvi holds it, Adi swirls her around, Jhanvi blushes, Adi holds her hand again and twirls her, they share eyelock and smile. Lights come back, Jhanvi looks at Adi and turns out Jhanvi was only imagining dancing with Adi, Adi is still playing guitar, she gets confused with her dream. Adi asks if she is fine? Jhanvi lovingly smiles at him and nods, Adi says lets go, we are late. Jhanvi tries to gather her emotions.

Adi and Jhanvi comes out of office, Jhanvi keep looking and smiling at Adi, she is unable to take eyes off him. Adi thanks her and turns to leave. Adi says take care and sits in his car, he drives away. Jhanvi waves him and is still in dreaming bubble. She recalls how Adi sweetly helped her, how they cooked noodles, she says what is happening to me? why i am feeling so different, is this love? have i started falling in love with Adi? she gets worried thinking that.
Scene 2
Jhanvi is going to her home. She sits on scooty absentmindedly and keep replaying her moments with Adi, their scooty ride, her finding his old pictures, Adi gifting her Ganpati, dil pe naaz tha hume sanam plays. Jhanvi stops her scooty on road and says i think i am in love, oh my God i am in love, she smiles in love dazed state.

Baba says i am sorry Adi, I couldn’t stop Nisha from getting divorce papers. He comes in mandir and finds divorce papers where he had hid it, he smiles seeing Nisha didnt get them. Nisha comes from behind and snatches papers from him, she says thank you for helping to find these papers, you need rest so lets go in room, baba says i have to give these papers to Adi, Nisha says start learning to remain silent.

She drags him to room and throws him on bed, she says you create problems for me like a kid, you should sleep now, she forcefully gives him sleeping pills and says your sleep is very important for me and nobody’s work is going to stop with you sleep so goodnight and have long peaceful sleep, baba falls in deep sleep. Nisha leaves from there.
Jhanvi comes home in dazed state, she absentmindedly takes off her slippers and puts them on table instead of floor, she keep smiling recalling about Adi.

Survi tries to talk to her but she doesnt answer, Survi says something is wrong with her, she jerks her and asks where are you lost? Jhanvi says everything is perfect, i am sleepy, i have to sleep, she goes from there. Maa and Survi looks at her.
Adi comes home. Nisha comes to close him and seductively puts her hand on his face, bahon me chale ao is playing in the background, she hugs Adi from behind, Adi is frozen in his place. Nisha holds his hand and tries to dance with him but Adi pushes her away. Nisha opens knot of her saree blouse on her back. She says we have dance performance in function so i thought we will do dance rehearsal tonight, i know your anger is your hotness factor but please, she turns to him and shows him her bare back, she says please tie my knot, i am your wife, i would ask you to do this not anyone else. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Adi tries to leave but Nisha that you want me to go outside room like this? there are many servants in this house and you wouldnt want them to tie my saree blouse right? Adi angrily glares at her and ties her blouse dori, Nisha thanks him. adi says i know your reality, i am tired of your drama, i will soon tell kaka and kaki about divorce and then everything will be over.

Nisha says fair enough, you want to end our relation, you want to tell everyone about divorce? i am with you, just fill my forehead with Sindoor(vermilion) one last time for me. Adi tries to leave and mistakenly strikes with Sindoor bottle which Nisha was holding, Adi says seems like even God doesnt want us together too, he wants to separate, he leaves. Nisha applies sindoor herself and says nobody can separate me from you ever.

Jhanvi comes to her room and looks in mirror, she recalls her moments with Adi. She is imagining Adi standing behind her, she asks what is happening? what is it? Adi says think what it can be, Jhanvi says friendship maybe? she sees she was talking to imaginary Adi, She says i am being stupid, its Adi sir, i am linking this new friendship, she imagines Adi again saying to her that you like my friendship?

Jhanvi says yes i am sure, she sweetly smiles at him, Adi gives her heartwarming smile. Survi comes to her and asks what? Jhanvi sees she was imagining Adi again, she says oh God, she pulls her hair. Survi asks what happened? Jhanvi says its nothing, its just friendship, its final, we are just friends.

Scene 3
Adi comes to baba’s room with box, she recalls how Jhanvi suggested him to link memories with things and keep putting in box so baba will remember memories when he look that those things. Baba wakes up and says i wanted to say something but i dont remember.

Adi says i have brought things, there are some memorable things in this box, maybe you will remember things after seeing them, he shows him lock and says this first lock of your first shop, he shows him letter and says do you remember you wrote this letter to me when i went to US for studying? baba recalls how he had written letter telling Adi that Nisha has divorce papers. baba says letter, he thinks what did i write in letter?

He tries to remember. That letter is on floor beneath his bed. Adi says you remember this watch? you gifted it to me, baba says you got miffed with me when i didnt show your gift. Adi says yes, i wear this watch because i feel i am close to you when i wear it. Baba says i wanted to say something but i dont remember, Adi says no problem, tell me when you remember, he leaves. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019

Kaki is doing preparations for pooja. Nisha comes there and says all guests are asking about you, you go and meet them, i will handle all work. Kaki says you wont let me do anything. She asks servants to take all gifts downstairs but leave things which will be served to God, they leave with things. Nisha looks at divorce papers and gets serious, she puts divorce papers inbetween things that will be given to lord.

Jhanvi is working in kitchen and says that Adi has doen so much for me so i can cook kheer for him as a friend. Survi whistles at her and leaves. Jhanvi imagines Adi in kitchen too, Jhanvi says you came here again? leave, Adi says you have to stop thinking about me first, Jhanvi says you are not here, this is my mind playing tricks nothing else. Adi says there is nothing else? Jhanvi says its nothing and definitely not love, Adi says you want me to leave then i will leave, Jhanvi’s imagination fades away. Jhanvi sees Adi’s message, Adi has written that her memory box idea is working for baba greatly, thank you. Jhanvi smiles and you are welcome Kukkar(angry man)

Nisha thinks that Adi wants to tell family about divorce after function but i will be one step ahead of Adi.
Jhanvi takes out file. She writes what Game are you playing with me God? Why do I see Adi sir everywhere. He is his home and I am my home. His names makes me alert. Why do I see him around everywhere? Why is he affecting me like this? I am not in love. Don’t get me in anything. Help me please. I rest my case. She closes her eyes and recalls her time with Adi. She says no no.

Nisha says I want to make Neha wear the bangles first. Adi walks in the house. The papers falls from babasa’s room. Its near his feet. Nisha smirks at him. Adi looks angrily at her. She says what you couldn’t do in 8 years I will do it in 10 minutes. Adi wonders why is she so relazed.

Neha and Raj’s pooja starts. Adi is tensed. Nisha says Kaki that seeing Raj and Neha, i remember mine and Adi’s initial if you permit then can i ask Adi to my forehead with sindoor? Kaki says he is your husband so you dont need to ask,it increase love only, she asks Adi to come forward. Adi glares Nisha, he comes to her, she gives him sindoor, Adi takes pinch of sindoor, he doesnt apply but Nisha pushes her head on his fingers and fills her maang. She starts dancing on dhol Baaje.

Otherside Jhanvi is praying to God and says keep Adi happy, he deserves that. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019
Adi is glaring Nisha dancing, he turns and sees baba’s letter lying on ground, he reads letter that Nisha has got divorce papers, she will show it to family during pooja,i have hidden them. Adi glares Nisha. Adi runs and comes to baba’s room but sees him in deep sleep, Adi comes out of his room. He comes to Nisha who is dancing in function.

Adi looks around for papers. Kaki goes to get clothes to be served to God and finds papers there, Adi is shocked. Kaki reads divorce papers, Kaki comes to Adi and shows him divorce papers, Nisha is still dancing around them. Kaki slaps Adi hard, all are shocked.Nisha takes papers from her and reads, she acts like she didnt know about them, she looks at Adi and acts like breaking. Kaka says to guests that please go home, all leave. Nisha falls on floor, all run to her, Binni and Chinni are worried for her, Neha says lets go to room.

She takes them away. Kaka sees divorce papers and asks Adi why you want divorce? how can you even think about it? kaki says she has handled our home like daughter,she is mother of your daughters, your wife, how can you do this? Kaka asks whats the matter? Kaki says did we do any mistake? i will set everything right but dont talk about divorce, i was proud of you Adi,i was proud of my upbringing, this is my love and upbringing that you are thinking to destroy her life?

I have lost, your mother gave you to me and this is what i made her son? how can you say this? our bond is pillar of this house then how can you do this? how? Kaki have panic attack, she gets dizzy, Adi thinks that i wish i could say that the one they chose for me is wrong but you wont trust even yourself after knowing it which i wont let it happen.

Adi says i cant live with Nisha, we cant live as husband and wife, i dont love Nisha anymore, all are shocked, Kaki is about to fall down here but Nisha holds her, kaka says take her to her room,Nisha looks at Adi and goes with Kaki, adi looks on. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Kaka brings Adi to room and says why did you take such big decision? Adi says me and Nisha cant live together, we dont have husband wife relation, i dont love her now, Kaka says what you mean that you dont love her now? emotions are for life and whats fault in Nisha?

She loves everyone in this house, she dis suicide for you, she gave you kids, she loves you, she cares for your family then whats the fault? Adi says i have no reason, Kaka says are you going mad?i chose Nisha for you, you are saying i took wrong decision? Adi says you didnt do anything wrong, if i am saying this then there must be reason, this is better for everyone, kaka says Nisha loves everyone and you are saying divorcing her would be better? is there any other girl in your life? Adi is shocked to hear it.

Jhanvi is sleeping but wakes up with jerk, she has cold sweat on forehead and says Adi sir.. i feel worried for him,i hope he is fine. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Adi says there is no one in my life but i cant stay with Nisha, Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Kaka says marriage is like seasons, colors change in life, we have raised you and you are pointing at our upbringing, Adi says i am your son so trust me, i cant tell you reason rightnow, i will just ask you trust me, i cant stay with Nisha, kaka raise hand at him but stops, Adi tries to talk but Kaka stops him. They hear baba shouting.

All come to baba’s room, baba is shouting and pointing at nisha, Adi asks what happened? Nisha says baba calm down, we cant change Adi’s decision but calm down. Kaka says Nisha is not going anywhere, kaka asks Adi to leave, he is paining baba more, Adi starts to leave but baba says Adi.. Nisha.. Kaka says baba Nisha is with you, all leave baba with Nisha. Nisha says to baba to stop talking, she closes door and says sleep baba, baba lies down on bed being scared of her. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World

Chinni asks Neha why kaki slapped Adi? was papa wrong? Adi comes there. he asks why they are not eating food? binni asks why kaki slapped you? did you do wrong? Adi says yes i did wrong, Chinni says say sorry to kaki and she will forgive you, Adi says i will make everything fine, he makes kids eat food. Adi says lets sleep, he tucks them in bed. Neha says why Adi? you and Nisha are an inspiration for me and Raj, Nisha loves everyone then why you did this with her? Adi doesnt answer and leaves.

Kaki asks Kaka if he talked with Adi? what did he say? Kaka says you stop worrying, i am here,i wont let injustice happen with Nisha. Raj comes there and asks kaki to eat dinner, he feeds her food.Raj says Adi and Nisha are mature, its between them and they will find solution, kaka says sometimes we lose thinking and we make mistakes, Adi and Nisha shouldnt do mistake. Raj says i think we should give them time.

Adi sees Nisha coming to him, she says how did you like today’s show? i know i didnt like when kaki slapped you, you understood that my position in this house is so strong that you will destroy whole house. Adi says your position is shallow here, its not impossible to cut your roots, pillar of this house is preaching of my baba and kaka and they can never be destroyed. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019

Nisha says why would want to get hatred of your family? let our image of perfect couple remain that, it will make your family too, power money and freedom are important but my name in society is important to me too, i dont want people to say that i cant control my husband so forget about separation, nobody can separate you from me, Adi says you should be ashamed of yourself, he leaves.

Jhanvi writes diary that God take care of Adi. She puts letter in mandir. She prays for Adi.
Jhanvi is calling Adi but he is not picking, she says i feel something is wrong, Adi goes to office when he is tensed, i should go to office too, she goes.

Nisha brings her luggage and is leaving house. Kaka says what is all this? all family members come there. Nisha says i am going away, i dont want to bother anyone specially not Adi, i am leaving because daughters are sleeping, take care of them, tell them i went for work and had accident. kaki says no, Nisha says its my fate, Adi is my love and he doesnt want me here then i am leaving.

Kaka says i am your father, you are not going anywhere, Nisha says i cant stay here, i have to leave, she cries and says sorry to Kaki. Kaki folds her hand and says please stop. Kaki says i am promising you that we all are with you, we wont let injustice happen with you, lets go to your room, you are not going anywhere, she takes Nisha to her room, Nisha wipes her fake tears and smirk. Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019

Kaka says to family that cancel holi party, Raj says how to cancel it at end time? kaka says if anything wrong happens in function? Kaki says holi is about hope, we should celebrate it.
Maa says to Jhanvi why you are going to office on holi? Jhanvi says i am listening to my intuition, dont ask me anything, Maa sys take care, Jhanvi leaves. Maa says is there something between Adi and Jhanvi?
Adi comes to his office and recalls how kaki slapped him and blamed him for everything, how Nisha challenged him. Adi throws everything in his office in anger, he cries and sits in corner.

Jhanvi comes to office and says i hope Adi is fine. Peon says to Jhanvi that Adi is office. Jhanvi goes to Adi. Adi sees her there, he closes his cabin’s door before she can see mess. Adi says to Jhanvi that why you are here at this time? Jhanvi says i thought you were not fine. Adi says stop it, what are you doing here? cant you leave me alone? you have no limit? enough now, from today you cant be seen here after office hours, now leave, Jhanvi looks at him tensed, Adi asks if he said anything wrong? whats the need to come here?

You dont care of anyone’s mental state, if they want to talk or not, you just keep talking, leave just leave, he shouts at her to leave. Jhanvi turns to leave and thinks why Adi is so tensed? whats the reason behind it? Adi goes to his cabin. Jhanvi sadly looks at him. Adi breaks pencil in his hand. Jhanvi prays that tomorrow’s holi brings him out of his misery, she leaves.

Kindred Hearts 17 June 2019 Update on Zee World
Kaka says to kaki that today is holi but there are no colors in our house. Neha comes there and says today is our first holi so bless us. Kaka bless them. Nisha comes there and wishes them holi, Nisha says to kaki that you do aarti every year, why not this year? i prepared everything. Kaki says even after all this, you didnt forget your duty, Kaka asks where are kids? Nisha says i sent them to my mother’s house, kaki asks where is Adi?

Nisha says he didnt come home since yesterday, kaki gets worried for him. He asks to call him, Raj says he is not taking call, Nisha gets scared for him too, Raj calls client and asks if Adi is with him? Raj says Adi is not with him too. baba comes there and says lets celebrate holi, Nisha touches his feet and smirks at him, she says happy holi, he nods, Nisha says to kaki that lets do aarti.

Kaki and Neha pray to God that don’t punish our kids, keep peace in their lives. All family members come in the garden to celebrate Holi. Guest asks where is Adi? Nisha thinks I don’t know where is Adi, what’s in his mind.

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