King of Hearts

King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Wednesday’s episode starts with DD asking where did he get it from? He says Roshni prepared the Cake. She gets impressed. Roshni tells DD that she used to buy her Mum a present every year, but she never gave it, and now, she can have them all. DD says they should have done it all these years! She tells Roshni to help her put on the necklace.
Roshni puts the necklace on DD.

DD tells grandmother that she feels like the luckiest woman as she has her family with her on her birthday!
The rest of them give DD their gifts. Sid gives her flowers. She thanks him, and he says he also wants to tell her something important. DD gets a call and goes to answer it. Sid tells himself that DD needs to get off the phone soon, so he can tell her what he wants to, and also attend Krutika’s wedding.

Rajveer is listening to him. He tells Sid that he knows he wants to expose him in front of everyone! Sid says he will expose him, and shows the evidence he has for DD, so they can kick him out of the house. He shows Rajveer the video he recorded.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 18 June 2019

Rajveer tries to take the phone,but Sid tells him that he has many copies and taking the phone won’t help!
As Sid walks away, Rajveer says he shouldn’t be so complacent because he can lose anything! He asks if Sid thinks the video will scare him and if he will sit around and do nothing? He says it’s possible he knows the entire truth about Sid and his pretentious family, so what if the family is his target? Sid panics.

Rajveer says Sid seems to be forgotten today, is his half sister’s wedding day; Siddharth Khurana.
Sid grabs him by the collar. Shocked. Rajveer says he has added a twist to his fairy tale. He dares Sid to call his Parents! Sid tries to call them, but their Phones are not reachable. Sid panics and runs out of the house.

Roshni comes there, and asks Rajveer if she knows where Sid is? Rajveer says he has gone out. The temple is fully decorated for the wedding. Krutika is escorted in by Simran and some other family members. Simran commends Raj on the decorations. Raj asks if the groom is on his way? Simran says she’s concerned about Sid and she hopes he makes it because he never breaks his promises.

Sid runs into the venue of the wedding. Raj tells Krutika to relax as it’s her wedding and Sid will keep his word and show up. Sid enters and asks if everything is alright and if anything unusual happened? They tell him all is fine.
Sid calls the guards to come closer. Simran asks him if that’s what he will wear (Casual Outfit)? She tells him to go and change but just then, the groom’s procession arrives. They wait to receive them, but Sid keeps looking around to see if anything is amiss. King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Simran welcomes the Groom to the Khurana family. She tells him to show his face so that their guests can see his handsome face. He lifts up the covering. Raj is shocked to see him.
Sid is not looking. Rajveer grabs his hand and he turns. He is shocked when he sees the groom is Rajveer! Sid asks Rajveer how he dares to come here! He takes off Rajveer’s headgear and flings it.

King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Krutika tells Sid not to do it and not to ruin her day! Rajveer asks Krutika how it’s possible that Sid is her brother when she is a Khurana, and he’s a Kukreja? He asks Sid if he was lying to everyone that he was Kukreja?
Sid tells Rajveer to get out or he will kill him! Simran tells Sid that Rajveer is his brother-in-law!

Sid says Rajveer is a Criminal, a Con man and thief who is already married to Samaira Patel! He tells Krutika not to believe Rajveer because he is already married! Rajveer says he won’t let anyone disrespect Krutika, as she is his future wife. He admits he was married to Samaira, but now, he’s divorced,and he already told Simran and Krutika about it. Simran says she knows.

Rajveer says he knew Sid may doubt him, and that’s why he came with the proof. He shows Sid the divorce papers. He asks Sid if he doesn’t believe him? Sid says Samaira will not sign the papers and besides, Rajveer and Samaira were together till this Morning. Rajveer says the divorce papers are legal and Samaira is obsessive; she won’t leave him alone, but she signed it. Simran says it’s true.

Sid tells her not to believe Rajveer because he’s a total fraud; this Morning he already threatened him to ruin his family! He turns to Rajveer and says he won’t let him ruin his family! Rajveer says Sid is calling him a fraud, but Sid lied to DD and her family that he’s Sid Kukreja! He accuses Sid of ignoring his own Parents because of his wife and cares more about Roshni’s family!

Today On Zee Wrld: King of Hearts 18 June 2019

Krutika tells Simran that Sid is lying and Rajveer has also confirmed that he doesn’t care about them, but about Roshni’s family! Raj tells Krutika to be careful because she has known Rajveer for a few days, but he has known Sid since he was born, and he’s not the sort to tell lies!He asks her if she really wants to marry a fraud? He tells Simran to not be quiet, and to tell Krutika the truth! Krutika says what about her, they don’t care about her; Raj is not her father, so he has no right to say who she marries! She tells Simran not to keep quiet!
Raj says he won’t allow Simran make a decision because she is emotional right now, and can’t make the right decision! He says he will make the decision, and as Krutika’s father, he will not let her get married to Rajveer today, and Simran can’t change it!

Sid tells Krutika that he as her brother will also not let her get married to him! He grabs Rajveer and says he will take him to the Police! Krutika begs Simran not to let Sid take away her happiness just when she found it. Simran calls after Sid and warns that if he destroys his Sister’s happiness, then She will kill herself! Sid let go of Rajveer. Rajveer gives a triumphant smile. DD is home wondering where Sid is? She tells Bablu that they planned the entire thing for him, and he hasn’t shown up.

Roshni asks them what they are saying? DD asks for Rajveer and Samaira says he’s at work, just like Sid. Grandmother tells the girls to phone their husbands and tell them to come home. Simran tells Sid and Raj that the wedding has to take place because Krutika is pregnant and the father is Rajveer! Sid is upset.

Krutika tells Rajveer that they should leave! Rajveer says they need her Mother’s blessings. He sends a message on his Phone.

Sid tells Simran that this is the 21st century, and Krutika doesn’t have to marry Rajveer because She’s pregnant because it’s better not to have a dad than to have a Criminal like Rajveer for a father.

Simran says they are members of the society and they answer to them! The society won’t accept that sort of thing and what will they tell the child? She says she will never let her daughter grow up like that! Simran says what Sid said about Rajveer may just be a misunderstanding. Sid says he has been gathering evidence to expose Rajveer to his in-laws. He says he didn’t know he will have to prove it to his own family too. He tells her about Rajveer’s deeds with Gaffur and how he robbed DD’s store.

Simran says she’s surprised he’s now defending DD, the same woman who humiliated his family! Sid is getting frustrated, he says Rajveer and Samaira are not divorced,and he must have tricked her into signing!
Raj says he will call the Police and they will make Simran understand the kind of man Rajveer really is!

Rajveer moves aside to send another message on his Phone. Some hoodlums (Rajveer’s goons) arrive in a van. They beat up and take Rajveer away. Sid holds one of them and asks who sent them! He says DD sent them.
Krutika cuts her wrists and falls on floor unconscious. Sid and his family rush to her aid. Sid carries her, and his Phone drops on the ground.

  • Zee World: King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update

They get to the hospital and the Doctor says it’s a Police case!
Sid begs them to take care of her and they will sort out the rest later.
Simran breaks down and says they should call the Commissioner of Police to rescue Rajveer so he can come to see Krutika and make her wake up.

Sid says Rajveer won’t come, and he’s responsible for everything. Simran says it’s Sid’s fault and DD was the one who planned the kidnap! Sid says DD has no idea about who Rajveer is and she has nothing to do with it at all. Simran says DD must have found out about the divorce and decided to ruin Rajveer’s life. She tells him to go to DD and ask her! Sid tries to speak, but Simran gets hysterical. She shoves Sid and tells him to go, since he wants to go to his in-laws place, he should go and never come back! She shoves him again and tells him to warn his Mother-in-law that if anything happens to her daughter, then she will deal with her! Sid is shocked at his Mother’s display.

Simran remembers Krutika and panics. She starts to run towards the theatre. Raj tells Sid to understand that his Mother will not see reason till Krutika is well. A nurse tells Simran that Krutika needs some blood, A positive.
Sid says he’s A positive and they can take his blood. He tells Simran that Krutika is not just her daughter, She’s his Sister. King of Hearts 18 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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