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King of Hearts 9 November 2019 Update starts when Sid is by Roshni’s bedside. He tells her that he sometimes loses faith in himself but what keeps him going is that she has faith in him. Roshni nods. He promises to make everything right if she’s with him; he just needs to figure out the Man behind it all.

DD enters the room and tells him he’s the one behind it all and Roshni even tried to kill herself because of him! She leaves the room even as Roshni tries to defend Sid. They soon hear Resham shouting from the living room that there is a fire! Kesar asks DD why she’s burning Sid’s stuff? DD says she has had enough!

Sid and Roshni walk into the living room holding hands. DD tells Sid to leave Roshni alone and leave her house! Roshni protests but Sid says it’s his fault and he knows he has pushed DD to her limit. He tells Roshni that he loves her a lot and loves her family. DD tells him to just get out! Yash is silently watching and happy. Roshni begs Sid not to leave her. She holds him and DD tells her to leave him. Sid slowly pulls away from her and walks towards the door. DD tells Roshni that she can do better.

Sid sits on the corner of the road, weeping. He wipes his tears and stands up. A Car almost runs into him but he quickly gets off the road. Another Car comes from the other end and heads for him.
At DD’s house, Yash is trying to reach Sid on the Phone but he’s unable to. He hears Roshni scream Sid’s name and goes to see what’s wrong.

DD and Roshni are at the hospital to see Sid who is unconscious and in a hospital bed attached to a life support machine. Roshni blames DD for what happened! DD says she didn’t mean it.
Sid’s Parents and Yash arrive. Raj asks the Doctor what’s going on? The Doctor says Sid is in a coma. Yash is confused about what happened. Roshni breaks down and Simran consoles her.
Later at night, Roshni is taking a nap on the Chair at the hospital hallway near Sid’s room.

Yash sneaks past her and enters the room. He sits on the bed and looks at an unconscious Sid. He asks why Sid wants to leave them already? He vows not to let him die so easily because his revenge isn’t complete yet! He sits on the bed and starts behaving like the Joker even though he’s in his regular clothes. He calls Sid a fool for not knowing who the Joker is. He says he’s the one and he needs Sid to recover because he wants to be the one who kills him!

When he leaves the room, Sid opens his eyes and takes off his oxygen mask. He asks why it had to be Yash who is the Joker; Yash who is his friend and like a brother to him. He vows never to forgive him for hurting his family!

King of Hearts 9 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Later on, Yash and Roshni ask the Doctor how Sid is doing? Sid is back wearing the mask and pretending to be in a coma.

The Doctor decides to take Yash out so that Sid can talk to Roshni alone. He invites Yash for a private talk. When they leave, Sid’s Parents enter and Sid is unable to talk to Roshni. Simran begs him to open his eyes but Sid tells himself he has to be careful because Yash is watching everything.
Roshni and Yash are back in the room.

Roshni complains about Sid’s condition. Yash asks if she’s hiding anything from him? Roshni looks and says she has something to tell. Sid decides to do something.

DD and Sid’s Parents return and Roshni drops the discussion, to Sid’s relief. Yash calls Roshni aside to remind her she wanted to tell him something. Roshni tells DD she would be back.
Resham is by Sid’s bedside. Sid opens his eyes and looks at her. She screams and tells everyone that he opened his eyes! Roshni abandons the talk with Yash.

The Doctor rushes in and says it’s not possible that Sid opened his eyes. Resham insists she’s saying the truth but DD tells Kesar to take her out. Raj enters the room and says he just spoke to a renowned Surgeon in America who is coming to India to take care of Sid. The Doctor complains that the room is overcrowded. Roshni says she will stay with Sid while the others go home. Yash says he will stay with her.

Later on, Yash falls asleep in the hallway. Sid drags Roshni into the hospital room. She is shocked to see him on his feet. He tells her that Yash is the Joker. Roshni says Yash is her best friend. Sid tells her Yash himself said it and he planned the entire coma just to get the Joker to reveal himself.
Yash gets a Phone call and goes outside to meet the Caller.

Sid hides in the bush as Yash meets with a Man. The Man tells Yash that the little girl is proving to be too difficult to handle and her screams can be heard around Sampada because the houses are close together. Sid notes the area he mentioned. The Man says he will need more money if he has to keep taking care of Aisha. Yash says he will get the money.

Roshni is in a daze wondering how Yash who has been a friend since Childhood can be the Joker who tried to hurt Sid and kidnapped Aisha. She vows not to spare him!

Resham calls her and says she brought a talisman to tie to Sid’s leg. Roshni stops her from going into the room saying the Nurse is changing his clothes. Resham says she won’t look and she can even use a blindfold. Roshni ties a scarf over Resham’s eyes and takes her into the bathroom to wait then she runs out to look for Sid. King of Hearts 9 November 2019 Update

Sid vows to save Aisha. He sees DD arriving. DD bumps into Yash and the bundles of money in his hands fall to the ground. She asks what he’s doing with such a large amount at the hospital so late at night? Yash says he was planning to give it to the Doctor to beg him to save Sid’s life. DD tells him he’s so generous but he should leave it to her and Sid’s Parents to handle.

Resham accidentally turns on the shower and gets soaked. She takes off the blindfold and she’s surprised to see she’s in a bathroom. She yells for someone to open the door. A Nurse opens it and lets her out.

Roshni is shocked to see DD. DD says she couldn’t sleep and had to come. Roshni tells her to take Yash back home. DD tries to go into the room but Roshni says she wants to eat something. DD follows her.

Resham gets to Sid’s bed and lifts the covers. She sees it’s just pillows underneath and screams.
Yash gives the Man the money and returns to the hospital. Sid follows the Man.

DD and Roshni run back to meet Resham outside Sid’s room. DD asks why she’s screaming? Resham says Sid is not in the room. Roshni tells DD to take Resham home. DD blames Resham for ruining the time she came to spend with Roshni!

King of Hearts 9 November 2019 Update ends when Resham tells DD to check for herself. Roshni tries to stop them from going into the room but she’s unable to. Resham lifts the covers and almost faints when she sees Sid lying in bed.

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