King of Hearts

King of Hearts 17 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 17 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 17 November 2019 Update Resham and Gampat are in the Kitchen, cooking. Kesar urges Resham to cook the food properly because DD’s guests are coming over. DD enters the kitchen to supervise what they are doing. She calls Kesar out to give him some instructions. Resham also leaves the kitchen.

Roshni enters the Kitchen and tells Gampat that the food is looking nice. She tells him that DD wants him, so he leaves her alone in the Kitchen. The guests who are business partners, arrive. DD tells Gampat to bring them refreshments. He serves them somedrinks. Resham announces that the table is set.

DD, her guests, and Amol, move to the table and start eating. They all reach for water after just one spoon. The guests tell DD that the food is inedible. They stand up to leave. DD begs them to stay and dicuss business. They tell her it’s not a good day.
As they get to the door, Sid stops them. He’s in disguise. He tells the guests that he’s a famous cook and can make something for them to eat. DD asks who he is? Kesar says he called and requested for a Cook.

Sid tells them to try his food because he’s assuring them that they will like it. He asks why they all look sad? He tells the guests to stay and talk business while he makes dinner. He goes into the Kitchen. Amol looks at DD in confusion. DD warns Kesar that if anything goes wrong, she will hold him responsible!

Resham and Gampat follow Sid to the Kitchen. He tells them to leave him so he can work. He makes a Phone call and tells Bunty to hurry and come over.
The guests are tired of waiting. They stand up to leave. Sid brings the food. He serves them and they take their first spoon with caution but they are impressed. They tell DD that she has the deal now. DD is happy. After the guests leave, DD berates Resham for the food she made.

King of Hearts 17 November 2019 Update

Sid packs his stuff and heads for the door, saying goodbye to them. DD stops him and offers him some money, saying she will always be indebted to him for what he did. He is hoping she would tell him to stay. He says she can call him when she needs him. She tells him to leave his number. He walks slowly towards the door. DD calls him and tells him to stay a while. She tells Gampat to leave immediately! Gampat begs her to let him stay because he has Children to take care of.

Sid begs DD to allow Gampat stay because he doesn’t want to take anyone’s job. DD says Gampat can stay and be Sid’s assistant. Amol looks at Sid with suspicion, wondering who he is.
Roshni tells DD that she will show the new Cook to his room. They go to the Kitchen and laugh about how they were able to carry out the plan. Sid tells Roshni that their job will only be done when DD gets her memory back. He vows that he will help DD get her memory back and he will get rid of Amol!

In the middle of the night, Sid enters the living room but runs back to hide when he sees Amol coming down the stairs with his Phone. Amol goes outside. Sid follows. Amol tells Yash on the Phone that he’s coming to see him. He takes a taxi and leaves. Sid follows in another taxi.

Amol gets to the Police headquarters and bribes one of the Officers at the gate to allow him in. When Amol goes in, Sid tries to get in. The Officer at the gate tells him he can’t go in. Sid shows him the Police Commissioner’s number on his Phone. The Officer says they can’t let him in as they didn’t get any information that he was coming. He sees Amol coming out and he hides.
Next morning, Roshni is helping Sid tie his turban. She asks him why Amol will go to the Station at night? Sid says he has no idea. Roshni asks if he has heard anything from the Doctor concerning DD’s treatment? Sid says the Doctor is not picking his calls but he will go and see him. They hear voices outside. Roshni goes outside to see. She sees some Men decorating the garden. She asks what they are doing? They tell her that DD hired them to get the place ready for the function happening at night.

Resham is in her room watching a horror movie. She hears footsteps walking stealthily past. She takes a bat and beats the person with it. It’s Amol. She apologizes for hitting him hard.

Roshni and DD are arguing in the room. Roshni says she can’t be forced into getting engaged to Amol! DD says her own decision is final and Roshni will get engaged to Amol! Roshni says in that case, she doesn’t think she should stay in the house anymore! She goes into the room to meet Sid. Sid tells her to just agree because exchanging rings doesn’t make her and Amol husband and Wife. Roshni says okay, she will get engaged and even marry Amol. Sid tells her to calm down and eat something sweet.

Roshni asks if it’s all a joke to him! He says it’s not, because it is about helping DD regain her memory. Roshni agrees to attend the engagement on the condition that Sid is the one to put the ring on her finger. They hear someone coming.
DD opens the door to the room and sees Sid serving Roshni a glass of water. Roshni thanks him and tells him to leave. He leaves and Roshni tells DD that she will attend the engagement. DD says it’s a good thing Roshni has come to her senses. She tells Roshni to just trust her.

Sid is cooking in the Kitchen. He wonders how he will be able to put the ring on Roshni’s finger when everyone is there? He looks at the TV and hears a piece of news about a Chickenpox epidemic. He gets an idea.
The family is having lunch. DD tells Amol to invite his father to the engagement. Amol says his father refused to listen to him. DD asks for his number. Amol says he doesn’t want his father to insult DD. DD tells him to just give her the number. Amol looks uncomfortable.
Sid walks in, singing as he serves dessert.

Resham picks a dish but Sid says it’s not for her. He gives her another and serves the one she wanted to Amol then serves Roshni last. Roshni says she doesn’t feel like having dessert. She leaves for her room.

Guests have arrived for the engagement. DD asks for Roshni. Roshni appears, looking sad. Sid is serving drinks. He moves to stand beside Roshni and gives her a signal to remain calm.
Amol comes downstairs, covered in red spots. DD asks what’s wrong? Amol says it’s a rash. Resham tells everyone to watch out because Amol has Chickenpox! She says she saw it on TV and asks DD to move back. Amol insists it’s not Chickenpox but a rash. He tells DD that he doesn’t want to postpone the engagement so he will stay for it and go to the hospital afterward. DD tells the guests that Amol does not have Chickenpox because he’s a Doctor and would know better.
Sid discreetly pours some drops of water on the floor in front of Roshni. Amol takes the ring and moves towards Roshni. He stops just before her and doesn’t step on the water. He takes her finger and is about to slip the ring on. King of Hearts 17 November 2019 Update

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