King of Hearts

King of Hearts 4 September 2019 Zee World Series

King of Hearts 4 September 2019 Zee World Series

The episode starts when Villagers take Sid to Aisha’s house and he meets the place burnt down. Aisha runs into the building, crying.
A Man tells Sid that 2-3 days before the house was burnt down. Her Mum was hopeful to get Aisha, and died of depression when the house caught fire.

Aisha hugs Sid and says her Mum has left her and everyone has abandoned her. What should she do now? Sid asks her not to say that and promises to stay with her forever. He gets teary eyes and hugs her. He gets Roshni’s call asking him about Aisha.
He tells her that he’s coming home and she can tell their baby that Daddy is bringing her a gift, a big sister whose name is Aisha. Roshni is shocked. Sid and Aisha goes from there while a song plays…

DD tells Roshni that she will sleep in her room, tonight. Roshni says there won’t be any need for that because Sid is coming home and he’s bringing Aisha back because her Parents are dead.
DD says she doesn’t want her to sleep in her room and says they don’t know anything about Aisha. She says Sid didn’t make a wise decision in wanting to bring Aisha home!
There is major traffic along the road. The driver tells Sid that a truck broke down and they will be stuck in traffic for a  while.

Sid decides to call Roshni. Roshni stands up to reach for the Phone but immediately doubles over in pain, gripping her stomach. Sid gets worried. She falls on the floor and crawls to get to the door. Sid hopes everything is alright.
She opens it and crawls to the living room. She screams and DD hears her.

King of Hearts 4 September 2019 Zee World Series

DD enters the living room and sees her unconscious.
She yells for Kesar, so they can get Roshni to the hospital!
Everyone comes out of their rooms and help Roshni.

Sid is still trying to reach Roshni but the call is not connecting. He asks his driver to give him his Phone, but he tells that his Phone is not having network. He gets worried and hopes everything is fine.
Roshni is in the hospital and the two families are waiting in the hall.
Raj tries to call Sid but his Phone is switched off. DD tells her Mother that she hopes Roshni is okay. Her Mother begs her to have hope.

Sid finally gets to the house with Aisha and the Maid informs him that Roshni was taken to the hospital, as her condition deteriorated. Sid tells her to look after Aisha. Aisha says she wants to come with him.
Sid tells her to stay at home but Aisha pleads with him.
The Doctor comes out and informs the family that Roshni is okay.
DD takes a sigh of relief and smiles. The Doctor says but we couldn’t save the baby.
DD and Simran break down.
Even Raj is in tears.
The Doctor says Roshni had the miscarriage as a result of stress. Roshni’s Grandmother consoles DD. The Doctor asks them to support Roshni in her toughest time, and asks about her husband?

She says Roshni hasn’t been given the news but her husband would be a good person to break the news to her.
DD Blames Sid for never being around and says she would tell Roshni herself!
She tells Sid’s Parents not to come into the room because the matter doesn’t concern them!
Simran asks how she can say such a thing as they have lost their Grand Child and Roshni is their daughter as well.
Raj calms Simran down. King of Hearts 4 September 2019 Zee World Series

DD goes into the room and Simran breaks down again, asking Raj how DD could be so mean to them.
DD enters the hospital room and Roshni apologises to her for not letting her sleep in the room.
DD tells her it’s fine.
Roshni asks why DD is crying?
DD says it’s over!
Roshni asks if anything happened to Sid?
DD says her Grandchild didn’t make it.

Roshni asks how she can say such a thing when the Doctor just said she was fine? She says she can feel her baby and asks how she can say that?
She gets hysterical, shouting for the Doctor!
DD tells her to get a grip because the baby is gone.
Sid arrives at the hospital with Aisha and sees everyone looking sad.
He hears Roshni shouting and he enters the room.
Roshni says she wants her baby but DD says the baby is gone!
Sid breaks down.

DD grabs Aisha by the hand and drags her out of the room and throws her on the floor.
Sid says she is a small girl. He takes Aisha from her.
DD asks why did he bring this garbage bin here! She says it’s Aisha’s fault that Roshni is suffering, yet Sid still brought Aisha with him!
She says she’s getting frustated seeing her and asks him to take her away from here!
Everyone is crying.
Sid signals to Kritika to take Aisha with her.
Krutika takes Aisha with her. King of Hearts 4 September 2019 Zee World Series
DD starts blaming Sid all over again for not looking after Roshni. She says you have ended everything. I told you that Roshni is unwell and couldn’t take the stress, but you have ignored my sayings!
She says Roshni’s baby died because of him and he’s a Murderer!
Sid is in tears as he asks if she thinks he killed his own Child?
DD says be did!

Sid loses it and says he has not murdered his Child; Roshni is his wife and the baby was his Child, he thinks about the Child every single moment and has planned to give him a good life like a king and would have loved him very much and now DD is accusing him of murdering his Child?
DD says he doesn’t deserve to be a dad and that’s why his Child has died!
She accuses him of taking care of a Street kid over Roshni!
Sid is in tears.

Raj tells DD to stop talking nonsense. DD asks him to keep quiet and let Sid hear the truth! She says she will not look past Sid’s mistake anymore as he has snatched away the most important thing in her life and she hopes that God will punish him for what he did!
Everyone is shocked.
Sid’s Grandmother cries and says the baby was theirs too.
DD walks away.
Sid is weeping.

Aisha begs him to stop crying.
Sid gives her a hug and cries for his baby.
Roshni is lying in bed, thinking of her lost baby.
Sid watches from the Window.
He goes in and sits on the bed next to her.
He holds her and they lay quiet for a while, then Roshni says his Princess is gone. She says he loves her so much, so please tell her that he can’t live without her. She tells Sid to ask her to come back.
Sid starts crying all over again.
He tells her that they need to be strong.
Roshni says she can’t be strong.
Sid tells her they are there for each other and he loves her very much, more than anything else in this world.
He holds her tight.

They cry hugging each other and shares their pain.
Krutika gives Aisha biscuits and asks her to have it.
DD tells her Mother that now Shiv would never come back to them!
She tells destiny is repeating itself, and Roshni also lost a baby like she lost her Son in the past because her husband also didn’t have time for her!
Grandmother tells DD that life only teaches lessons we can bear and DD has to be there for Roshni.
She tells her not to lose hope.
Her Mother leaves the waiting room.

Kritika leaves as well, to get Aisha some water.
DD is alone in the waiting room with Aisha.
DD thinks it’s not destiny’s work, and Aisha is responsible for this. She says Aisha has to pay for this!

She goes to Aisha and grabs her hand.
Aisha tells her to let go because she wants to see Roshni.
DD takes Aisha outside the hospital and asks her to go from here! DD leaves her in the rain.
Kritika returns to the waiting area and starts looking for Aisha. She calls out for her.
Roshni and Sid hear her.
Roshni asks Sid to check where Aisha is. Sid says she must be here. Roshni insists so he goes.
Sid gets to the waiting area.
Krutika tells Sid that Aisha was here, but when she came back, she was gone.
Sid goes outside and sees Aisha really drenched in the rain.
He asks her why she’s there?
DD stares at Aisha asking her not to reveal anything about her.
Aisha lies to him and says she just likes to play in the rain.
DD watches them and She’s surprised Aisha didn’t report her.
Sid asks her to come.
At DD’s house, the Women in both families decorate the house to welcome Roshni home.
DD, Sid and Raj bring Roshni home. King of Hearts 4 September 2019 Zee World Series
Simran smiles to make her smile. Roshni smiles lightly and hugs her Grandmother. Her Grandmother asks her to come. Sid and Raj come with her, while DD looks on.
Her Grandmother gives her a bouquet of flowers and asks what she wants to eat?
Raj tells today is happy hours because of Roshni’s Grandmother.

Roshni says she’s not hungry and just wants to go to her room.
Sam begs her to sit with them for a while because they have a surprise for her.
Simran asks everyone to come. They all sit down. Roshni’s GrandAunt comes and sits on the sofa.
Yash and the two GrandAunts entertain her with a short skit.
Roshni enjoys the skits for a while, then she suddenly gets up and runs to her bedroom.
Aisha tells that Roshni Aunty is still sad. Sid looks on

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