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King of Hearts 6 August 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 6 August 2019 Update On Zee World

Simran tells Nisha that since Roshni came into Sid’s life, there have been problems. He’s being controlled by Roshni and her family, and they have made his life hell! He wanders around just Roshni even after divorcing him, so she wants her to get him out of Roshni and her family’s clutches.

She says Sid still cares for her and searched for her everywhere after she left London with her family and says she is perfect for Sid. Nisha silently listens to her. She says she knows only she (Nisha) can influence Sid positively.
DD gets a Consul Member’s phone call informing her she will be receiving an award, but DD says she may not be in town.
Roshni’s Grandmother asks why She’s not jumping at the offer? DD says she won’t be around. Grandmother asks Kesar why did she lie? He says even he does not know and follows DD. Shiv and Roshni are also surprised to hear that. Roshni asks her dad why her Mum would refuse such an award? Shiv says they need to find out. Mona tells Shiv that she has to go to Sam who has sent for her.

Roshni is having drinks with Sid and his father in a restaurant and asks Sid for favour. Sid says she can take favour from a Waiter, but she should command him with the right. She asks Raj if he has been like this since Childhood? He nods yes. She tells them that DD got a call about an award she’s supposed to receive, but she made up a random excuse not to attend.

King of Hearts 6 August 2019 Update On Zee World

Raj makes a call to the Organizers of the award and he’s informed DD is supposed to come on stage and receive the award then talk a little about it, but she hasn’t gotten back to them. He tells Roshni it is true and asks why DD is rejecting it? She says even she wants to know and needs Sid’s help.
Sid reaches DD’s house and asks Shiv if he remembers any reason? Shiv tells Sid and Roshni that the reason DD doesn’t want to go is that she has always struggled with stage fright and she once ran out in between speech.
Roshni says it’s not possible. Shiv says he has tried in the past to help her get over the fear, but he didn’t succeed.
Sid assures him he will succeed now.
Sid, Roshni, and Raj wait for a restaurant lift. Raj asks Roshni to order her favorite food. Sid says he will eat whatever comes. Raj’s employee informs him that some lady wants to meet him and he leaves.

Sid gets into the lift with Roshni and Nisha runs to get in as well but covers her face. The lights go off and the lift gets stuck. Raj helps to force it open from outside.
Sid gets out and tries to pull Roshni out but the lift is dark and Nisha stretches out her hand ahead of Roshni’s. Sid pulls Nisha out and she falls on top of him. He starts staring her. Raj helps Roshni out and she sees Nisha on top of Sid and gets shocked.
Sid sees Nisha’s face and hugs her. She hugs Raj too and the 3 of them catch up on the past with Roshni standing awkwardly. Sid introduces Nisha as his best friend to Roshni. Nisha says she has found him and says you did a mistake. Sid says you left from here and hasn’t even contacted me. Nisha and Sid mingle well. Roshni looks on.
Raj invites Nisha to join them for lunch but says Roshni will choose the meal.

Sid says Nisha will choose the meal. He puts his arm around her and they walk together with Roshni coming behind them. DD is trying to rehearse her speech at work. Kesar is worried that if she can’t give a good speech, he might end up without a job. He goes online to research for a drug that can help and orders for the Medicine online.
Yash tells Mona that his Sister and brother-in-law were in a major accident and they died.

He is in tears as he says he doesn’t know how he will be able to break the news to their children. He says he has to go to Paris and has to take care of her children. He asks, if Sam will come with him?
She tells him to go and she will wait for him because her presence might make them uncomfortable.
She assures him that they will raise the children together. Yash thanks her and says I am really lucky to have you.
Mona tells Sam that she is proud of her. She says you are taking decision maturely and helping your husband. Sam goes to pack Yash’s stuff. King of Hearts 6 August 2019 Update On Zee World

At lunch, Misha says Sid and Roshni are basically still together even though they got a divorce. She sees they all look uncomfortable and apologizes. Raj asks about her Parents and she starts coughing. Sid gives her water. She then says her Parents passed away.

Sid asks why she never told them and decides to handle everything alone instead? He says she could have called them and asks how it happened? Misha tells about her Parents death in the Malaysian air crash. She gets emotional. Raj consoles her and tells her they are there for her and will give her unconditional love and take care of her. He says everyone is here and more importantly, our Roshni, the daughter-in-law is here. We will take good care of you. Don’t think that you are alone. He asks Roshni, aren’t we are good Parents? Roshni hugs him and says you are the best dad! Misha hugs him too.

Raj says these are my two daughters. Sid asks will you throw me in the garbage and laughs. He asks Misha to pack her bags as he is taking her home. She tries to protest, but Sid says it’s not up for discussion. Roshni says she will take Misha home.

Misha and Roshni arrive at Sid’s house. Simran answers the door and acts like she is just seeing Misha for the first time since they left England. She happily calls Krutika and introduces her to Misha. She says where were you? Roshni says she met her in Raj’s Office. Sid’s Grandmother comes and asks Simran, where is her stuff? She introduces Misha to Grandmother as Sid’s friend then tells the Servant to show Misha to the room.
Grandmother complains to Roshni about Misha’s short dress and says she doesn’t want any other friend of Sid’s in the house asides from Roshni.
She tells Roshni that she’s Sid’s only best friend! Roshni says Misha is Sid’s old best friend. Grandmother says she likes only her (Roshni). Misha overhears them from the room. Sid is at Roshni’s place, having dinner with Shiv.
Roshni joins them at the table.
They overhear Roshni’s Grandmother telling the Servant to pack DD’s tiffin since DD will be returning late. Shiv asks Sid what they will do? Sid says he has a plan to get her to return home early. DD is having a business meeting.
Her secretary comes in to inform her about an important message. DD tells her to speak.
The Secretary reads out a love message from Shiv.

DD is embarrassed. Kesar asks the Secretary to leave. DD apologizes.
The business partner says he understands and postponed the meeting to the following day. He tells DD to go and be with her husband as he respects Marriages.
Sid bets with Roshni that her Mother will barge into the house angrily and go to berate Shiv for the letter he sent to her at work. Roshni bets a thousand dollars with him.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 6 August 2019 Update

DD enters and goes to Shiv to rant. Shiv asks, what happened? DD asks how dare you to send me a vulgar message! He calls her darling and asks her to stop frowning, else she will look older and people have started talking that her husband looks younger than her. Roshni’s Grandmother and Kesar laugh hearing that. DD asks him to shut up!!
Sid enters and asks Roshni what is happening in this house? DD asks him to stop his drama as she knows he is behind all this! Sid says she blames him for everything, even if the volcano erupts, tsunami comes, and so on, she would always blame him for everything. Kesar comments he is right.

DD looks angrily at him. Sid tells Shiv that he has a problem, as he stutters when he’s in front of a crowd. Shiv says he will give him tips on how to overcome stage fright.DD pretends she has earphones on, but she’s actually listening to the tips.

She soon takes off the earphone. Shiv says he will teach him how to face people as he was a Champion debater of his time. He says he should think of people like a photo and he is staring at it instead. Sid mimics.
Shiv tells him if they don’t work for him, then he should imagine the person who is closest to his heart and tell that person all he’s thinking. DD walks out silently. Simran and Krutika try to provoke Misha against Roshni and asks her to get Sid out of Roshni’s clutch!

Misha tells Krutika and Simran that she has come to help Sid, but she sees he loves Roshni and will only act if she thinks Roshni is not good for him. When she leaves the room, Simran complains to Krutika. She worriedly tells her what if Roshni controls even Misha, then she won’t be able to get Sid out of Roshni’s trap! Krutika suggests they set Roshni up so that Misha can see her for who she is. King of Hearts 6 August 2019 Update On Zee World

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