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Married Again 26 November 2019 Update

Married Again 26 November 2019 Update – Sarita is surprised as Divya leads her down from the bus and drives her off to an isolated place. Sarita asks what is she up to? Divya tells that she won’t let her leave, from Raj’s life like this. Sarita says that her life, she can’t tolerate anymore.

Divya says that they nomore have to live as strangers, but as a normal married couple. She takes something out from her scooty, and says that she would put that unfinished haldi, for her, so that she can get married again to Raj, and have a happy married life. Sarita is surprised, as Divya puts on haldi at her, smilingly. Divya promises that till the time she is a virgin, she also would be, and till Sarita gets remarried to Raj, she also wont get married as sarita stands surprised, divya says that this isnt some scene from her serial, but what she feels from her right. She says that she left Raj, and he married her and spoiled her life. She says that she didnt do it intentionally, and would sit at peace only when they can live normally and happily as a married couple.

Married Again 26 November 2019 Update

Sarita looks at her Mehendi, saying that she spoiled her Mehendi for her. she says that Divya is out of her mind to even consider this. She says that she has taken her serial too seriously, and imagined a fairy tale with a perfect ending for her, and says that in real life, perfect endings don’t happen. She says that in real life, when the wife leaves, she doesn’t return back to her husband’s house, and in real life,

The lover doesn’t help the wife to get her husband’s love back. she says that if something wrong happens to her, she would be to blame for that, and god forbid, if Raj finds out, he would beat her up. Divya stops her and says that her Raj cant raise his hand on any woman. Divya asks Sarita for a chance, as she is assured that she would be able to get raj’s love for sarita, and asks her to return home.

Sarita asks what would she say after returning. Divya asks her to say anything, that she came back for Raj. She says if she doesnt understand anything, then she shopuld be quiet and bear the taunts that she knows would follow, as she has done all these years. She assures sarita that they would be successful.

She gives her number to Sarita saying that she hopes that she would call, till her last phera. Sarita leaves without answering, while divya keeps asking if she would call her. Divya says that she knows that Raj is adamant, but only she can make him change his mind, and that she should decide keeping this in mind. Sarita quietly takes her luggage, and taking an auto, drives off. Divya stands alone feeling dejected.

Raj is angry at his helper, while he tries to tell him to get his wife back. He asks him to go and mind his own business. Raj notices a yellow spot on his face, in the mirror, and is taken back to the time when he used to romance Divya. He tries to get naughty with divya, in their makeup room. As raj remembers it, he wipes it off, with the running tap water.

Gaurav’s mother is excitedly dressing him up for the wedding, saying that she’s even more happy than when he was born. She says that when choti Bahu comes, she would fill the gap, that his father has created, when he went at an untimely manner. she hopes that his life partner never does what his father did to her. She teases him that he would forget his mother once his wife comes. She is called by someone and she leaves. Married Again 26 November 2019 Update

Gaurav gets Rohan, Divya’s brother’s call. Divya’s brother informs Gaurav, that Divya went somewhere after the mehendi ceremony. Gaurav is surprised and tensed. But just then, they see divya coming, and rohan informs gaurav too, who is relieved but tensed nevertheless. They all tell Divya that they had gotten extremely tensed and informed gaurav too.

They ask her to get ready, as they already are running late. As she goes to get ready, she thinks that she would wait for Sarita’s call, till the last minute. As she comes back, sarita is as usual taunted by everyone in the family. Sarita says that she had gone due to her son, and returned also due to him only, and not for them.

Sohan’s wife says that raj’s happiness disappeared when she came into his life. Her daughters too begin to order her around, and they are stopped by granny, who tell that sarita isnt lazy, but her daughter in law is.

She goes on to taunt sohan’s wife, and asks her to give her a hot oil massage. As she continues to rant, they all listen silently. she looks at sarits and calls her to come and give her a hug. She is very happy that she returned. as sarita comes forward tro meet her, she trips and lands in Raj’s arms, who hold her from falling. They again enter into an eyelock. raj makes her get up, and leaves, while sarita watches on.

As divya is worried, her sister and sister in law come and compliment her on her beauty, even though they have seen her dressed as a bride on the tv screen. While they are very happily announcing Gaurav’s arrival, She remembers her talk with sarita, and hopes that she calls.

As raj enters, sarita sees him come and go in the bathroom for changing. Shje thinks that tbhis is their only conversation, thge sound of the door opening, the footsteps, the fan’s humm, and the utensils clanking, and an absolute silence otherwise. She says that she has been listening to this silence where no chil’d laughter in expected. she wonders what miracle would Divya do.

Sarita thinks whether she is right in giving her husband’s lover the right to settle things between her and raj, and if in this changing world, Divya, the lover would be able to get things right between her love and his wife. The screen freezes on her and Divya’s tensed face.

Guests arrive at the wedding of Gaurav and Divya..! All clap as Divya arrives on a beautifully decorated crane..! Divya is escorted to the wedding altar by her Sis in law sis..! The wedding rituals begin…n so do the firecracker show!

All talk about the grandeur of the wedding…! Raj is driving and finds two people fighting..! Raj asks why fighting for a girl? The passerby says..they are fighting for Choti Bahu…n that these two people think..she will come n marry them instead of her real groom! Raj is stunned n then walks inside the wedding venue!

The security asks who is he? Raj says.. to ask Divya who he is..! Raj walks inside..n towards the wedding altar..! He watches everyone enjoying the proceedings..! Raj glares at Divya…! Divya keeps looking at her moby…! Raj is in tears…Divya feels uncomfortable..!

Pandit asks Divya to put her hand in Gauravs..! Raj watches and fumes..! He recollects Divya telling Raj that..he is hers.. n to dare not think of becoming anyone elses..or she will kill .. the girl.. then him ..n then herself…! Married Again 26 November 2019 Update

Press is covering the wedding proceedings, Divya keeps looking around ..! Raj recollects how Divya had said..that finally she can tell everyone that Raj n she are engaged n she belongs to him..n he belongs to her..! Raj recollects Divya telling that he marries just for drama .. when will he marry her for real? Pandit notices Divya looking lost n asks her to focus. n shares the next ritual n Divya follows..! Raj keeps fuming watching the whole thing! The fire in the havan is lit for the wedding !!

Rajs dadi comments seeing Sarita that .. she has spent half her life waiting for Raj..! She calls Sarita to her and asks why she went n then came back? A while later she says.. if Sarita doesnt wanna answer.. its ok. .n its good ..she returned coz…Bhagwan ke ghar der hai. .andher nahi! She says. .one day..

Raj’s heart will melt in front of her efforts..! Sarita says..that day will never come! Rajs dadi says..if that day was not gonna come.. she won’t have returned! She says when life looks dark n all alleys are dark …Lord guides one to the alley where a few steps ahead there is light! She says..that we are fools not to focus on future.. but she should keep her eyes open n not refuse a second chance! They overhear a bike noise n dadi goes to sleep..!

Sarita comes out n watches Raj pouring water on himself from the well..! She is shocked..! Raj keeps pouring water on himself..recollecting how Divyas hand was in Gauravs.. Pandit says. .now its time for the ‘Gathbandhan’ then ‘Jai Mal’..! Divya is hesitant to put the varmala on Gaurav but finally does..! All clap..!

Raj keeps pouring water on himself..! Sarita recollects Rajs grandmas words…of light at the end of the dark tunnel..! Sarita recollects Divya words that only she knows how to change Rajs mind.. n decision…! Pandit explains the meaning of the first phera..! Pandit says next the bride is to put her feet forward for the pheras..! Right then Divyas moby rings..! Divya stops walking..! All stare at the moby n then at Divya ..confused..!

Divya receives the call …! All watch shocked and surprised..! Gaurav is stunned..! Sarita tells Divya that she has made a decision .. n accepted that only Divya can change her destiny .. and bring happiness in her life..! Sarita says..she is gonna take a big step.. by trusting her hubby’s lover..! She says..Divya is the only woman who can do this.. ! She asks Divya if she can fulfill her promise? Divya looks at Gaurav..n says.. Sarita has trusted her..n she wont break her trust..n will come to fulfill her promise..! All look shocked..! Sarita is in tears..! Married Again 26 November 2019

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