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This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World Series

This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update - Zee World

This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World

The episode starts with Prithvi pushing Sherlin on the bed, Preeta enters and sees them together, Prithvi tries to pretend that was only consoling Sherlin because she was crying, Prithvi says that “I was only passing by when i saw sherlin crying because she just came back from the hospital”. Preeta sees the room which has been turned upside down, she thinks that Sherlin might have done this because she must have been feeling hurt.

Prithvi says that both Karan and Rishab are very rude but he still came to check on Sherlin because he is a good person. Preeta asks him why the door was locked, he says that he did it so that no one would come to know that Sherlin is crying and be worried. Prithvi gives her the phone.

Preeta thinks that she did not hear sherlin cry when she was standing outside and Prithvi is saying that she was crying all the time, Prithvi notices that Preeta is doesn’t believe his story

Karan and Rishab are both laughing at a joke when Shrishti and Sameer come and say that they could not find Manisha and Rithwik, Rakhi comes and tells them that she saw both Manisha and Rithwik and they were really close, she explains and they discuss that they will be fighting because she did not know of the plans Rithwik had made.

This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Shrishti and Sameer take this task to keep an eye on both of them and they leave. Rakhi asks Karan if he found the reports Karan says that he did not, she goes to find them, Rishab asks him if they are positive, he says that he is not sure and will check first. Sherlin pretends to cry, Prithvi goes to her and tries to calm her down, Preeta does not like this and says thinks that it is because Karan made her doubtful or because he is really doing something wrong, Prithvi realizes this and turns back asking her what the matter is, she says that she has to leave.

Prithvi tries to flirt with her but is unsuccessful, she says that she has to go and leaves. Prithvi also comes with her but she ditches him and he goes back to Sherlin, they both plan and decide to work carefully, She says that she knows that he is really starting to love Preeta, he denies it but she said that she can see that he has started to love Preeta and it cannot be so because he has to leave her.

Manisha is not convinced with Rithwik and says that he cannot trust the Luthras. Rithwick however says that they have to join hands with the Luthra’s because they are very rich, she says that it cannot be that he got the deal because of his experience and it was because of the accident that he got into, she is still not convinced and very confused.

This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update

This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Shrishti and Samer are outside the room eavesdropping on Manisha and Rithwick’s conversation. they hear that Manisha and Rithwik both have very opposite views, she doesn’t listen to him but he makes her realize that they have to get out of this mess because Prithvi will never give them any money, She realizes this and agrees when he says that she got into this mess because of him and must trust him once again, she agrees, Sameer and Shrishti are very excited to hear this news and goes to tell Rishab.

Karan is walking in the hallway and thinking of how he will find the reports, accidently he spoils the decoration and gets very nervous fearing that Rakhi will scold him now, he decides to fix it by himself but is unable to do it saying that it is a girls thing, Preeta from behind say that he is wrong, Karan is scared and says that Men can do only things that require strength like playing Cricket, she however says that there is a women team now, he must not consider girls to be less than anyone, he asks her why she is always fighting with him? This is Fate 21 May 2019 Update – Zee World

Preeta says that he is the one who starts it and she cannot help it. He says that he is right and girls cannot do everything, she reminds him of how she defeated him in a cricket match, he is angry saying that she remembered his defeat and leaves, she goes after him and cheers him, he ask where she went, she says that she went to Prithvi, he asks if he was with Sherlin, she does not say anything, he say that he has said it before and will say it again that Prithvi is not a good person.

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